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The late Victorian novelist George Gissing 1857 1905 is best known for New Grub Street and The Odd Women , two books that he wrote in mid life Other that these two novels, Gissing s works frequently are difficult to find Interested readers frequently must search for dubious offprint editions This is particularly the case for Gissing s earlier books which have a strongly personal, autobiographical component Of his first seven novels, six are set among the working class poor of London.
A small English publisher called Victorian Secrets has assumed the role of publishing Victorian novels that tend to be forgotten, including several novels of Gissing In 2010, Victorian Secrets published Gissing s rare first novel, Workers in the Dawn , followed in 2011 by Gissing s third novel, Demos Victorian Secrets has now published Gissing s fifth novel, Thyrza , written in ì ThyrzaThyrzaby George Gissing After Demos Gissing felt he still had another working classnovel in him this time he wanted to concentrate on workinggirls and the way they were exploited Gissing s novels aregrim and depressing because they mirror his own life LikeErgemont and Gilbert Grail, Gissing felt the way to elevateworkers and lower classes was through literature and books earlier in Thyrza Grail had sadly shook his head because his two companions Bunce and Ackroyd had professed interest only in scientific books.
Earlier in his life Gissing had married a young prostitute,Nell Harrison, in order to teach and educate her but by the time Thyrza was being sent to the publishers Nell was now one of theshunned, drunken women whom Gissing describes in the book, certainly not the heroine.
Thyrza is the beautiful petted younger sister of Lydia Trentwho along with Thyrza works as a hat trimm

For all those interested in Victoriana, Gissing might be your man He called this his personal favorite and of the works I have read by him, I have to agree There is much romance about the Victorian age, but not much romance about the poor of London at that time This is a story about Thyrza Trent who represents a poor woman in England who would have had the intelligence to do many things if she had only had the money The gulf between the haves and the have nots is at the center of this book Thyrza is in love with a man above her station and he is in love with her but, through the tenor of the times and because of betrayal, it is not to be It just wasn t the done thing to marry out of your class Thyrza is loved by Gilbert Grail, who is of her class, but she cannot return that lov Published In , Gissing Intended Thyrza To Contain The Very Spirit Of London Working Class Life His Story Tells Of Walter Egremont, An Oxford Trained Idealist Who Gives Lectures On Literature To Workers, Some Of Them From His Father S Lambeth Factory Thyrza Trent, A Young Hat Trimmer, Meets And Falls In Love With Him, Forsaking Gilbert Grail, An Intelligent Working Man Who Egremont Has Put In Charge Of His LibraryIn A Tale Of Ambition, Betrayal And Disillusionment, Gissing S Heroine Aspires To Purity And [George Gissing] ¾ Thyrza [dyscalculia PDF] Ebook Epub Download ¾ Self Improvement Trapped By Birth And Circumstance, She Is Unable To Escape Her Destiny Thyrza Trent Is The Embodiment Of Gissing S Preoccupation With Sex, Class And Money, And Through Her He Exposes A Society Instrinsically Opposed To Social MobilityIn A Letter Gissing Wrote, Thyrza Herself Is One Of The Most Beautiful Dreams I Ever Had Or Shall Have I Value The Book Really Than Anything I Have Yet Done Contemporary Critics Praised Gissing S Profound Knowledge Of The London Poor And His Courageous Presentation Of Truth His Unforgettable Portrayal Of Urban Poverty Describes The Meanness And Inveterate Grime Of The Caledonian Road And A Lambeth Redolent With Oleaginous MatterThyrza Is A Powerful, Shocking And Unforgettable NovelThis New Scholarly Edition, The First For Over Twenty Five Years, Includes Critical Introduction By Pierre Coustillas Author Biography Select Bibliography Explanatory Endnotes Specially Commissioned Maps Of London And Sussex Essay On Thyrza S Geography By Richard Dennis Essay On Gissing S Revision Of Thyrza By David Grylls