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With a fantastic premise and an overall interesting plot, I can see why The 100 has already been signed on by CW as a TV series If only it was tightened up with better character development and a stronger dedication to world building instead of establishing the romantic angle, it could have been a real page turner Nevertheless, it s interesting enough to warrant a read I believe its success will lay in the TV series, however.
100 teenagers are to be sent to earth after humans evacuated it 300 years prior due to a nuclear war After only a brief introduction, we embark on this unnerving trip to a now foreign planet While I enjoyed this quick drop into the big picture, I was left feeling like I d missed the chance to get to know these people beforehand We do get flashbacks throughout the book, which I first assumed would give us insight into the world and its character I didn t hate this I thought I would but I didn t.
I think if I hadn t already watched the show, and loved these characters I would have been extremely annoyed and frustrated with them But since I went into the book with love of the characters and the world, things that typically would annoy me didn t But yeah I honestly only liked this because I love the show so much and because I FINALLY got a Bellarke kiss No One Has Set Foot On Earth In Centuries Until NowEver Since A Devastating Nuclear War, Humanity Has Lived On Spaceships Far Above Earth S Radioactive Surface Now, One Hundred Juvenile Delinquents Considered Expendable By Society Are Being Sent On A Dangerous Mission To Recolonize The Planet It Could Be Their Second Chance At Lifeor It Could Be A Suicide MissionARKE Was Arrested For Treason, Though She S Haunted By The Memory Of What She Really Did WELLS, The Chancellor S Son, Came To Earth For ✓ The 100 ↠´ Download by á Kass Morgan The Girl He Loves But Will She Ever Forgive Him Reckless BELLAMY Fought His Way Onto The Transport Pod To Protect His Sister, The Other Half Of The Only Pair Of Siblings In The Universe And GLASS Managed To Escape Back Onto The Ship, Only To Find That Life There Is Just As Dangerous As She Feared It Would Be On EarthConfronted With A Savage Land And Haunted By Secrets From Their Pasts, The Hundred Must Fight To Survive They Were Never Meant To Be Heroes, But They May Be Mankind S Last Hope OMG This book Bellarke FEELS If you watch the show and you re a Bellarke shipper you ll love it There were characters missing from the show,like Finn or Jasper and Raven BUT we had others to keep us company Glass and Luke are so cute and their story is amazing Octavia is less fierce in the books And we had lovely POVs of lots of different characters,so that was interesting Now the important stuff BELLARKE BELLAMY AND CLARKE CLARKE AND BELLAMY OTP I adore them so much Beautifully written book,easily read,small and satisfying LOVED IT One of the fav books I ve read this year The idea is so new and unique its perfectly plotted and the characters are well developed and not TSTL Clarke is strong and badass, Bellamy iswell.
HOT The chemistry between them is so adorable I liked Wells too And the tv show is soo good I think about this book all the time, and to this day, I cannot actually believe this book spawned the first two seasons of The 100 How did the tv shows creators make anything half decent out of this shitshow A quick list of the reasons the book doesn t live up to the tv show Clarke is not a badass with complex morality she s a shallow, undeveloped prop for a love triangle because that s what we needof in YA Bellamy and Clarke have crappy romantic development I don t even ship them hard in the show but their relationship is fucking beautiful as a friendship too Here, their relationship is creepy and based entirely on his abs Hate it Wells is basically a creepy stalker, rather than a guy who wants Clarke to be happy even if he can t be a part o ↠´ The 100 ¹ DNF at 182 pages It s not bad, it s just not terribly engaging, and there are too many POVs Best to stop at this line There was no drug strong enough to repair a broken heart

Let me pre ample this review by saying I adore the TV show The 100 A lot of this, I will admit, has to do with this BUT a greater part of that is because I think it does a superb job of showcasing humanity s strengths and weaknesses To say that Morgan s novel does the same would be a lie Where the show is about survival, the book is primarily about human stupidity and the ridiculous shit we will do for love I have often said I am not a romantic person, this is not entirely true The truth is that I am a realist first and a romantic second What this means is that I would do anything for love, to a point Morgan s The 100 crosses that point by leaps and bounds To be clear I would DIE for those I love, I would LIE, I would p I m gonna feel like a dick for saying this, but watch the show instead.
I m really utterly fascinated with the differences they made to the material, and I honestly feel that the television adaptation made it a much stronger work story I could write a lengthy essay on every single change, but won t, to spare you I can really only recommend the book for die hard fans of the show which is what I have become, ahahahahahahaha sob and who may wantfrom their faves, specifically POV chapters from Clarke, Bellamy, and Wells They all have a lotbackstory flashbacks which are pretty great and gutting, and the one thing I did love in the book that wasn t in the show was certain details about characters past crimes guilt Literally every single character has some kind of darkness in them which I appreciated There are some extra worldbuilding details My recaps of the show Episode 1 The Embodiment of StupidityEpisode 2 To Survive, Be IdiotsEpisode 3 Everyone is Valuable, Except The Guy I HateEpisode 4 Double Standard Much This shit is going to be a TV show was the first thing I thought of when I turned the last page of this book.
I was initially interested in 100 by Kass Morgan when I found out it was going to be adapted into a TV show on CW channel I think I may have got this wrong, so please correct me if I got it mixed up As I have mentioned over and over again in my reviews, Dystopia and Post Apocalyptic remain as my favourite genres ever, so it s a no brainer that I really wanted to get this book as soon as it was out Conspiracies Suspense Thrills I was expecting these all And yetLike many others b