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First off the writing s good Cole was stunning, even standing still he gleamed like a piece of golden technology, and when he moved, he cut the air like a rain of knives Erotic and exotic That s talent.
Fosse himself is gigantic Guy is a good dancer who creates a whole new style in work like Sweet Charity, Chicago, and All that Jazz and segues into narrative fare like Lenny and the dark and impactful Star80.
Almost all these types of men end up failing personally In some respects, Fosse is no different He was a philanderer of the highest order, and he loved to play the dark, talentless lad who was constantly proclaiming his inadequacies An action Neil Simon rightly nailed as an artist whining to get validation.
However, even here, Foss How much time do I have asks Bob Fosse at the start of Sam Wasson s biography of the director and choreographer Sixty years, as it turns out, as Wasson s chapter headings turn into a relentless countdown of the years and later, minutes left before his last, fatal heart attack It s an effective device, for who among us is not a ticking timebomb with an uncertain expiration date Wasson s narrative expertly researched, exhaustively documented is as gritty and sometimes as knowingly vulgar as his subject Its thoroughness, however, is somewhat undermined by a lack of any kind of post mortem evaluation of Fosse s legacy Of all his contemporaries, it s Fosse whose name is a household word, and whose style is inseparable from his name Wasson, however, is so hellbent on ending his work with Fosse keeling over dead in the streets that his countdown gimmick undermines his sub Than A Quarter Century After His Death, Bob Fosse S Fingerprints On Popular Culture Remain Indelible The Only Person Ever To Win Oscar, Emmy, And Tony Awards In The Same Year, Fosse Revolutionized Nearly Every Facet Of American Entertainment, Forever Marking Broadway And Hollywood With His Iconic Style Hat Tilted, Fingers Splayed That Would Influence Generations Of Performing Artists Yet In Spite Of Fosse S Innumerable Achievements, No Accomplishment Ever Seemed ☆ Fosse ñ Download by ¼ Sam Wasson To Satisfy Him, And Offstage His Life Was Shadowed In Turmoil And AnxietyNow, Bestselling Author Sam Wasson Unveils The Man Behind The Swaggering Sex Appeal, Tracing Fosse S Untold Reinventions Of Himself Over A Career That Would Spawn The Pajama Game, Cabaret, Pippin, All That Jazz, And Chicago, One Of The Longest Running Broadway Musicals Ever Drawing On A Wealth Of Unpublished Material And Hundreds Of Sources Friends, Enemies, Lovers, And Collaborators, Many Of Whom Have Never Spoken Publicly About Fosse Before Wasson Illuminates Not Only Fosse S Prodigious Professional Life, But Also His Close And Conflicted Relationships With Everyone From Liza Minnelli To Ann Reinking To Jessica Lange And Dustin Hoffman Wasson Also Uncovers The Deep Wounds That Propelled Fosse S Insatiable Appetites For Spotlights, Women, And Life Itself In This Sweeping, Richly Detailed Account, Wasson S Stylish, Effervescent Prose Proves The Ideal Vehicle For Revealing Bob Fosse As He Truly Was After Hours, Close Up, And In Vibrant Color There are only two Lords of the Dance, IMHO Balanchine and Fosse I haven t read a biography of Balanchine but he had a talent for showing us who he was in newspapers and magazines Frankly, I don t want to know about him lest it further ruin my appreciation for his genius Fosse has created almost the same problem This exhaustive biography lets us see the damaged, insecure, womanizing, pill popping, manic innovator who created and gave his name to a particular style of dance He was tough, demanding but, unlike Balanchine, people adored him He could talk almost anyone into anything As a biography, this was a page turner assuming you care about the subject If it has a failing it s that I never understood why I have never been so happy to come to the end of a book as I was when Fosse ended It is a well researched and written book but I so disliked Bob Fosse after the first 5 pages that it wouldn t matter how brilliantly the book was written I have been watching clips of his dances between reading the book and have enjoyed those immensely but as a person I couldn t stand him and really have a hard time understanding why women would fall in love with him, marry or live with him and just accept his cheating on them all the time I don t care what he suffered growing up that gives him no excuse for his disgusting behavior.
Serving as the basis for the 2019 FX limited series Fosse Verdon, here is the story of two larger than life performers who spent over thirty decades as collaborators, partners, sounding boards and husband and wife.
↠´ Fosse ↠´ Awesome bio Well documented and comprehensive, this extensive analysis of Bob Fosse makes a compelling case that Fosse s love hate relationship with sex and show business stemmed from his too young immersion in vaudeville and burlesque environments Those adolescent trauma s help to provide insight into why Fosse was obsessed with sex in his choreography but felt inferior as an artist because of it and how they in turn drove his obsessions and pushed him into such bold theatre and film Hearing his gut punched reactions to Michael Bennett s A Chorus Line and Dreamgirls was both obvious and revelatory The details which which Wasson has surrounded each show illuminates them in ways that makes thirty year old theatre fresh I ve been a Fosse fan since seeing Fascinating Riveting Unsettling Other words that end in ing If you re only going to read one 600 page book about Bob Fosse, make it this one.

One of the biggest problems with a book about a dancer choreographer is that no matter how colourful the descriptions and Wasson REALLY likes description you can t see the performances I found myself going over and over again to YouTube to look for clips so that I could actually see what was being described I almost wished that this had been done as a documentary, rather than a written biography.
My background in addition to writing is in theatre, and my love for Broadway knows no limits, and so I ve been a fan of Bob Fosse s work, and his style, for years Yet it amazed me how much I didn t know the projects he worked on that I hadn t heard of the projects he worked on and then abandoned and especially, the heart of a performer who wanted to be a star, and had to set In some ways I think I know the author of Fosse, Sam Wasson, about as well as he wants us to know the mercurial, obsessed genius fraud friend lover motherfucker that apparently was Bob Fosse As much as Fosse possessed others in his ceaseless search for art through love or was it love through art Wasson is equally obsessed with his subject, seemingly trying to creep into his skin, to bring us as well to be co inhabitants with him so that he, and we, trudge merrily along through the emotional wreckage of Fosse s life He often succeeds in letting us inside this very complex artist, but I would have wished for of the journalist s or historian s craft in writing this story Example the book begins with the first chapter heading, Sixty, so we know this is a countdown in years to a death foretold Well and good But when he does die, so does the book The women wives, lo