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But everyone has at the start two parents, which means four grandparents, and eight grandparents, and so on until many generations back you owe your blood to thousands of people Had the queen been destined for a tennis career rather than for the throne, she might have appeared at Wimbledon as Mrs Saxe Coburg Gotha Schleswig Holstein Sonderburg Glucksburg.
Are Much Than Convenient Identity Tags They Are Windows Into Our Families Pasts Some Suggest Ancestral Trades Butcher, Smith, Roper Or Physical Appearance Long, Brown, Thynne Some Provide Clues To Where We Come From McDonald, Evans, Patel And Some Rymer, Brocklebank, Stolbof Offer A Hint Of Something Just A Little Exotic Or Esoteric All Are Grist To The Mill For David McKie Who Sets Off On A Journey Around Britain To Find Out How Such Appellations Have Evolved And What They [David McKie] ✓ Whats in a Surname? [go PDF] read Online ✓ Tell Us About Ourselves En Route He Looks At The Surname S Tentative Beginnings In Medieval Times, And The Myriad Routes By Which Particular Names Became Established He Considers Some Curious Byways The Rise And Fall Of The Multi Barreled Surname And The Victorian Reinvention Of Embarrassing Surnames Among Them He Considers Whether Fortune Favors Those Whose Surnames Come At The Beginning Of The Alphabet, And He Celebrates The Remarkable And The Quirky, From The Fearsome Ridley The Cry Of Which Once Struck Terror In The Hearts Of Northumbrians To The Legend Encrusted Tichborne, Whose Most Famous Holders Were Destined To Suffer Centuries Of Misfortune And Controversy Elegiac And Amusing By Turns, He Offers A Wonderfully Entertaining Wander Along The Footpaths Of The Nation S History And Culture, Celebrating Not Just The Smiths And Joneses Of These Islands But The Chacepots And Swetinbeds, Too An interesting book on surnames in Britain their history, origins, geography and current spread The author writes entertainingly about something we all have and use although as he notes, 21st century familiarity uses first names in most communications where perhaps 60 years ago surnames, particularly for men were extensively used women generally enjoyed the courtesy of their title for men it was the bare surname Well worth reading.
A lighthearted entertaining look at surname origins, patterns, trends and transformations through the ages Some stunning examples of them.
ã Whats in a Surname? ã Not a list of surnames and derivations, but a lively and engaging history of the British surname including ones in novels.

Choosing to concentrate on just half a dozen places the author analyses the distribution, rise and fall of local surnames, casually interweaving details of how surnames came to be Entertaining, though not quite what I expected Especially in Kindle format, this isn t an easy book to dip in and out of as a reference book, it s definitely a book to read as a linear discourse.
Interesting Good amount of information in this book.
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