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Rezension An dieses Buch bin ich vollkommen ohne jegliche Erwartung herangegangen Trotzdem hat das Buch es geschafft, irgendwie noch schlechter zu sein Denn auf den ersten 225 von 230 Seiten passiert nichts Die einzelnen Kapitel, die manchmal nur eine und selten mehr als vier Seiten lang sind, sind kaum zusammenh ngende Aneinanderreihung derselben Dinge Es geht um das Beschaffen von Drogen, das Konsumieren von Drogen, Schl gereien und andere Gewalttaten, Partys, Alkohol und Sex wobei die Charaktere nicht einmal wirklich Sex haben, sondern sich einfach nur in aller Vulgarit t dar ber auslassen, dass sie jedes M dchen gerne ins Bett bekommen w rden Mehr Handlung hat das Buch nicht, bevor es dann mit einem kurz zusammengefassten, vollkommen aus dem Zusammenhang ge I didn t hate this book It kept me hooked till the end and the writing style was good at least for one character But there were so many issues with this book.
I don t know much about what American high schools were like back in early 2000s but this author made it seem as if all rich kids cared about was money, drugs, parties, alcohol, and sex.
We are told the story of an entire week from the perspective of many characters, yet, with the exception of the main character, every character felt like the previous one with the only difference being their situation That was the only thing that kept them from blending into one another.
All these rich kids cared about was when they are going to get their next drug and when they can have sex with someone The author tries to portray them as just lonely rich kids who have no love or attention from t Twelve Franais Dictionnaire Anglais Reverso From The Delphi Process Emerged Twelve Main Research Themes Le Processus Delphi A Permis De Dgager Douze Principaux Thmes De Recherche Conducting Parallel Negotiations With Twelve Twelve FilmAlloCin Twelve Est Un Film Ralis Par Joel Schumacher Avec Chace Crawford, CurtisCent Jackson Synopsis Des Adolescents Riches Et Dsabuss, Des Ftes Sans Joie, Des Parents Absents, Un PeuTraduction Twelve Dictionnaire Anglais Franais Larousse Twelve Traduction Anglais Franais Retrouvez La Traduction De Twelve, [ Pdf Twelve Ê emergency-services PDF ] by Nick McDonell Ö Mais Galement Sa Prononciation, La Traduction Des Principaux Termes Composeacutes Partir De Twelve Twelve , Twelve , Dictionnaire, Dfinitions, Traduction, Sectionexpression, Conjugaison Twelve Traduction Franaise Linguee De Trs Nombreux Exemples De Phrases Traduites Contenant Twelve Dictionnaire Franais Anglais Et Moteur De Recherche De Traductions Franaises Twelve Film,Wikipdia Synopsis Des Adolescents Riches Et Dsabuss, Des Ftes Sans Joie, Des Parents Absents, Un Peu De Dope Pour Le Grand Frisson Et, Parmi Eux, White Mike Chace Crawford , Jeune Dealer Qui Vient De Quitter Son Cole Prive De L Upper East Side New York TwelveIMDb A Young Boy, With Help From His Father, Lets Nothing Stand Between Him And His Dream To Play In The Little League World Series Ocean S Twelve FilmAlloCin Ocean S Twelve Est Un Film Ralis Par Steven Soderbergh Avec George Clooney, Brad Pitt Synopsis Trois Ans Ont Pass Depuis Le Braquage Historique Du Casino Bellagio De Las Vegas DepuisMed Vet Produit D Hygine Twelve TVM Caractristiques Produit D Hygine Oculaire Pour Animaux La Cyanocobalamine Vitamine B Est Un Cofacteur Essentiel Pour La Multiplication Cellulaire Ocean S Twelve Streaming Vf Complet HD Gratuit En Franais Oceans Twelve Trois Ans Ont Pass Depuis Le Braquage Historique Du Casino Bellagio De Las Vegas Depuis, Danny Ocean Et Ses Associs Se Sont Disperss Dans La Nature Avec L Intention De Mener Une Existence HonnteRemari Tess, Ce Dernier Jouenumber WikipediaTwelve Is The Natural Number Followingand PrecedingThe Product Of The First Three Factorials, Twelve Is A Superior Highly Composite Number, Divisible By And The author hadn t even started college when he wrote and published this book The book was published with ease because his parents are rich New York socialites in the publishing business At the time when I read this I had great dreams of becoming a young, successful writer, so I wanted to see if the kid had talent or if he just had money and access I did like reading the book, but I m not sure how much talent was involved I don t believe he s written anything since I mean, maybe he is talented, as so many unpublished writers are, but I have no doubt that this story would still be saved on someone s computer had his parents not been in the field.
my teacher whyare we supposed to be shocked that rich white teens from the upper east side think about sex and drugs all the time we been knewthe twist or whatever you wanna call it, was so weak and described in 3 pages or less.
i had to sit through all of white mike s random, completely unrelated flashbacks for this and why was that scene with andrew and sven in there if it s never mentioned again the only reason i gabe this 2 stars instead of 1 is because it was a pretty fast read so A poorly written book by up and coming writer Nick McDonell The guy was 17 years old and it showed in his writing It was the sort of thing that you think is genius when you re a kid and writing is your passion What convinced me to buy the book is the wonderful reviews in New York Magazine and the blurbs in the back, featuring one by Hunter S Thompson and Joan Didion What the back cover doesn t mention, however, is that these are friends of his parents I find it sickening that they would use their fame to promote a horrible writer I would likely drink a gallon of gasoline and then smoke before reading this book again.
á Twelve » A gallery of insights into edgy teen lives as opposed to a believable narrative with a climax It fell flat for me, but 2 stars because the writing style was good.
The book s climax doesn t come until the last ten or so pages, but it still was able to hold my attention One of the amazing things about this book is that it was written by a seventeen year old boy His writing seems beyond what most seventeen year olds could do Even though the story is based around drugs, sex, and partying, McDonell is able to take us into the story of a coming of age and hardships of young adults The main character White Mike does not really fit in with the rest of the characters because he has experienced too much However, he is still connected to their world He is their drug dealer We see kids losing themselves to exterior pressures and falling deeper into a hole that they won t be able to get out of Definitely very intense and I wouldn t recommend it for everyone The book is shocking and held my attention

I don t understand why this book was such a sensation when it came out Okay, I sorta do the author was only seventeen, his father is a rich publishing figure and Hunter S Thompson wrote a blurb However, none of that makes this a good book In fact, I couldn t stand it.
I don t think Nick McDonell is without talent, but this book definitely betrayed his age It was like he was trying to prove how grown up he was by writing about all the sex and drugs And I thought the ending is horrible It was like McDonell just got tired of writing about these people and decided to blow them away in a smashing Rambo style shooting much like the video games adolescent males enjoy so much.
In conclusion blech Try again in about ten years, Mr McDonell And I m no Skip the nearly straight to DVD movie with A list actors and read this book I m stunned by all the negative reviews White Mike takes a year off from his over privileged life to defer an ivy league education and work Needing only a supplier, a beeper and his never ending prep school connections, he walks the streets of New York to collect cash in exchange for drugs Near the beginning, another dealer, much like Mike, dies in a violent and bloody deal gone bad in Harlem and the wrong guy is arrested That deal s connection to White Mike eventually surfaces, but it s Jessica the teen slut s first trip on Twelve, a drug she describes as a combination of ecstacy and cocaine that lends its name for the title Taking place in the two weeks of a high school s Christmas break, you will feel White Mike s self imposed isolation, even a