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November 26, 2018 Zucker Ella starrte auf den Teewagen.
Zucker K the reichte ihr nicht die Hand, keine herzliche Geste deutete sie an, keinen Gl ckwunsch sprach sie aus, sie drehte sich auf dem kaum vorhandenen Absatz ihrer mongolischen Schuhe um und verschwand Sie denkt bestimmt, sie macht dir eine Freude.
Sollte das ein Trost sein Glaubte Thomas wirklich, K the wollte Ella mit dem Zucker eine Freude machen Die Geschichte der Geschwister Ella und Thomas, die im Haus ihrer Mutter, der Bildhauerin K the aufwachsen Ende der 50er, Anfang der 60er Jahre, Ostberlin Der M ggelsee K the hat noch zwei weitere Kinder, aber sie leben in einem Heim und kommen nur sehr selten zu Besuch Die V ter sind im Leben dieser Familie nicht mehr anwesend Daf r gibt es einen Untermieter, der sich an Ella heran macht und sie missbraucht, regelm ig Der ihr droht, wenn s Mir hat diese Buch nicht gefallen Ich mag nicht die Geschichte dieser abwesende Mutter und manchmal morbiden Beziehung zwischen den beiden Br dern, und diesemhistorischen Kontext Ich mag es nicht der Weg oder die Art, in der es geschrieben wurde Alle sprechen gut aus dem Buch des Franck Mittagsfrau, ich denke, ich werde es lesen, um ihre letzte Chance geben, aber ich wollte nicht, dass f r alles.
To me this book was awful I do not like is the history of this absent mother and sometimes morbid relationship between the two brothers, and especially in that historical context I do not like the way or style in which it was written All speak good of the other book by Franck Mittagsfrau, I think I ll read it to give her last chance, but I m not looking forward to it.
A me questo libro The State as MotherThomas and Ella, ten and eleven respectively, work all day to get the house ready for their mother, who has been away She hardly notices, and only reproves them for picking flowers from the garden Thinking to run away, they take an old boat out on the lake by their house in the eastern suburbs of Berlin, and return in the morning frozen almost to death Their mother is not even aware that they had gone Julia Franck has already introduced us to one monster mother in her best selling novel The Blindness of the Heart, although that book ends by showing that the apparently callous act of abandoning one s child in a train station may have had a loving reason But there is no such reason in the actions of this single mother, a sculptor named K the, living in East Germany in the years immediately before and af Two children, Ella and Thomas, ages 11 and 10 respectively, are left at home for weeks when their absent mother does her work for the country But when she returns, instead of acknowledging the good work they ve done bringing the place to sparkling standards, all she does is criticize them for wasting cleaning liquid This continues, and gets increasingly worse the heating is turned off, and the door to the coal cellar is locked There s not much money, and there s certainly no love There s work at a stone quarry where the workers take it out in a horrible way for being a rich and good at studies Horrifyingly, a blind eye is turned to the sexual abuse that happens right under the mother s nose and implications are that she knows about it I look at this book as confirmation of all the worst things I ve supposed Communist East Germany capable of I know pr nicht immer einfach zu lesen, weil man mit den beiden Kindern leidet Ein Zeitbild aus der fr heren DDR und dem Schicksal der beiden Kinder.

I don t know if it s the writing or the translating or the era 1950s Totalitarian East Germany or the combination of factors, but I just did not understand this book Thomas and Ella grow up neglected by an artist named Kathe throughout the book I was confused as to what their relationship was it seems they are Kathe s son and daughter but she refuses to be their mother, also there are twins she abandons There were fragments of story lines I was able to follow intermittently but it was frustrating the way each was so abruptly discontinued and at odds with the others This author s style seems to be ambiguity and non sequitur I was further irritated by grammatical errors Kathe nodded and her smile turned to fiery earnest we are do Í Rücken an Rücken Í It s the 50s and 60s, the early years of the German Democratic Republic The siblings Thomas and Ella live with their mother K the in a sprawling old villa in East Berlin.
K the works as a sculptress and is passionate about socialist ideals but her privileged and bourgeois background alone make her suspicious in the eyes of the State Security who ve stationed a mysterious lodger with the family.
K the is a harsh mother, cruel and neglectful and in a way sacrifices her children to the new socialist order.
Thomas and Ella have formed a strong bond and look out for each other but life is a struggle in their little dysfunctional unit.
Ella tries to rebel, she is a wild, free spirit, but after being sexually abused by the lodger is pitched into a life of low self esteem and fai This is a strong, innovative but very depressing novel It s set in East Germany in the 50s and 60s, as the Berlin Wall is being built It centers around Thomas and Ella, who are ten and eleven as the novel begins, and eighteen and nineteen at the end of it Their mother, Kathe, is an artist independent, dynamic, politically active, and emotionally abusive She treats her children basically as servants This novel conveys the risks of growing up in a house where nobody is really looking after you The two children have each other, and try to protect each other, but there is little they can do Ella is sexually abused by her mother s lodger, who is some sort of government official Thomas has dreams and ambitions, but is hyper aware of the Wall that is being built around him, cutting off his options, and he is shuttled into work that is d Es kann doch nicht alles schlecht seinDie Geschwister Ella und Thomas wachsen in der Nachkriegszeit in Ost Berlin auf Sie haben zwei j ngere Zwillingsschwestern, die die Mutter aber ins Heim oder zu Pflegeeltern gegeben hat, weil ihr vier Kinder irgendwie zu viel sind Arbeiten muss sie schlie lich auch Daf r hat K the, die Mutter, ein Zimmer an den Untermieter vergeben, der Beziehungen nicht nur zu K the, sondern auch zur Stasi und zu Ella unterh lt Thomas ist K thes Liebling, soweit diese k hle und ichbezogene Frau einen Liebling haben kann F r ein Studium vorgesehen, muss Thomas jedoch eine Art Arbeitsdienst in einem Bergwerk ableisten Von den anderen Jugendlichen dort verlacht, geh nselt und gemobbt, bricht er den D Moving Story Of A Brother And A Sister Caught In The Tide Of The Cold WarK The Is A Jewish Sculptor Living In East Berlin A Survivor Of The Nazi Era, She Is A Fervent Socialist Who Has Been Using Her Political Connections To Secure Significant Commissions Devoted Entirely To Success, She Is A Cruel And Abrasive Mother To Her Children K The Barely Acknowledges Ella S Vulnerable Loneliness And Thomas S Quiet Aspirations, And Her Hard Nosed Ö read ↠´ Rücken an Rücken by Julia Franck ä Brutality Forces Her Children To Build An Imaginary World As A Shelter From The Coldness That Surrounds Them But The Siblings Find Themselves Enclosed By The Berlin Wall, And Unable To Pursue Their DreamsHeartbreaking And Shocking, Back To Back Is A Dark Fairytale Of East Germany A Moving Personal Story Of Love, Betrayal And Disillusionment Within A Single Family That Reflects The Greater Tragedy Of The World Around Them