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Final Letters: From Victims of the Holocaust (From the Yad Vashem Archive) ☆ How does one rate or review letters, sometimes written not long before they died? I was so struck by the bravery and stoicism of these people and some of their letters absolutely broke my heart.
\od bless those who passed these letters on.
sometimes YEARS later.
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This was a vey short read, but a powerful one when you consider the odds of these letter ever seeing the light of day, much less to be read in California in 2014.
AMAZING!!! Sometimes I felt like I was invading their privacy because some letters were very personal.

A collection of letters and notes written by Holocaust victims, most but not all of them Jews, shortly before their deaths.
Some are proper letters that were mailed to relatives in other countries (chiefly America and Palestine), some are postcards sent from camps, and some are just scraps.
A few were actually thrown from the cattle cars en route to the extermination camps, and Good Samaritans found them and mailed them.
Each letter is prefaced with a little note about who wrote it, their ultimate fate (if known), and sometimes photos.

The content of the letters varies.
While many of them are explicit farewells, in some cases the authors were unaware that they were being sent to their deaths.
One letter at the end of the book describes, in the most graphic terms, sexual abuse of Jews perpetrated by Germans and Lithuanians.

I would recommend "Tens of thousands of our fellow nationals have already left the country almost barefoot and naked.
Now our turn has come" (pg 25)

"There is no escape.
Tonight or at the latest tomorrow it will be our turn.
At seventeen I have to face certain death.
" (pg 45)

"I am just begging you to find our only child if possible and to take care of her.
" (pg 67)

Letters sent to loved ones, left in churches and other buildings and tossed from the trains in the hope of someone finding them and posting them.
Most are resigned, some are hopeful, all are heart wrenching.
Some from Jews, some from sympathetic Gentiles, some from parents and some from sons and daughters.
Only the last two or three hold any details of the atrocities perpetrated on these people, and these letters made me, literall