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I didn t like it Every time I turned a page I gotscared.
I love a great mystery And I love the settings in David A Kelly s Ballpark Mysteries Whether you re a baseball fan or not, just reading about the major league parks is intriguing The title The Missing Marlin drew me in How can a great big fish be missing The actual marlin in the story is an interesting twist Kate and Mike are appealing characters who read like regular kids except for their adventures that any second fourth grader will want them as best friends The extras in the back are an added bonus Who knew there was a Bobblehead Museum at the Marlin ballpark S The Eighth Inning The Missing Marlin Is BookIn Our Early Chapter Book Mystery Series, Where Each Book Is Set In A Different American Ballpark Mike And Kate Are In Miami Visiting Kate S Uncle Oliver And The Miami Marlins Ballpark, Of Course Uncle Oliver Is In Charge Of Keeping The New Fish Tanks At The Ballpark Fully Stocked, But Strange Things Keep Happening Kate Swears She Saw An Endangered Sea Turtle In One Of The Tanks Then Some Of Uncle Oliver S Rare Fish Go Download Epub Format Ï The Missing Marlin (Ballpark Mysteries, #8) PDF by Ï David A.
Kelly Missing, Including His Favorite, Marlin Something Fishy Is Going On In Miami The Missing Marlin Includes Several Pages Of Dugout Notes, Fun Facts About Miami S Recently Built Ballpark With Its Homerun Statue, Fish Tanks, And Swimming PoolCross Ron Roy S A To Z Mystery Series With Matt Christopher S Sports books And You Get The Ballpark Mysteries Fun, Puzzling Whodunits Aimed At The Younger Brothers And Sisters Of John Feinstein Fans It was a great book becaus I love baseball Another winner in the Ballpark Mysteries early chapter book mystery series This time the cousins are in Florida They snorkel and watch baseball at the Marlins ballpark We join them in looking at the amazing fish tanks behind home plate, and in helping solve a mystery involving missing fish.
I received this book for free from the Goodreads First Reads program Thank you With its solid storyline, a cast of engaging characters, and a trip outside the Miami Marlins stadium to a reserve for animals rescued from poachers and smugglers, which ties cleverly into the main mystery at the ballpark, this is one of the better books in this entertaining series for kids read our full review, here à The Missing Marlin (Ballpark Mysteries, #8) à A good read, but I did not find this ballpark as interesting as some of the older ones that exist Also, I didn t feel that the story meshed as well with the ballpark as the previous stories in this series.
Cutest one yet read by Kimberly

Great series Two kids go to ballparks all around the country and their activities reflect that city team Here they eat Cuban sandwiches instead of hotdogs Also the real fish tanks are described and the mystery surrounds a special missing fish Notes at the end are great facts about that team or ballpark.
There is a lot of facts about the ball park