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Debra Hollands books agin delight.
There s no doubting I love to read That said,what ever I ve readhowever the seriousness,I return to a feel good book by ms.
Holland The Montana series s always leave me feeling alls well with my world.
If you ve not tried any,I invite you to,they areAddictive tho I warn you Because I have read others in the Montana Sky series, I was especially interested to see the town in an earlier decade Mail order brides is one of my favorite romance tropes and I wasn t disappointed Trudy has such high ideals and her patience and love is tested when her new reality in her life with Seth doesn t meet with her expectations A gentle romance blossoms and watches the changes brought out by love is affirming.
ORDER BRIDES OF THE WEST Is A New Series Created In Collaboration By USA Today Bestselling Authors Debra Holland And Caroline Fyffe Well Bred Socialite And Bride To Be Trudy Bauer Arrives At The St Louis Based Mail Order Brides Of The West Agency Full Of Excitement For An Adventure Of A Lifetime She Befriends The Agency S Maid, Evie Davenport, And The Two Form A Strong And Lasting Friendship They [Debra Holland] × Mail-Order Brides of the West: Trudy [journalism PDF] read Online Ú Vow To Stay In Contact Through Letters When Evie Takes Hold Of Her Destiny And Arranges A Marriage On The Sly Each Brave Young Woman Is Ready To Face Whatever An Unknown Groom And Life In Montana Can Throw Her WayIn Holland S Book, Bride To Be Trudy Bauer Rides The Train To Sweetwater Springs, In A Montana Sky Novel In Fyffe S Novel, House Servant Evie Davenport Travels By Stagecoach To Y Knot, Montana In A McCutcheon Family Novel Through Their Correspondence, The Friends Keep Each Other Abreast Of Their Hardships, Trials And Tribulations Some Of Heartbreak, Some Of Lovebooks One And Two Are Only The Beginning Watch For Exciting Mail Order Brides Of The West books To ComeMail Order Brides Of The West TrudyMail Order Brides Of The West Evies Montana Sky Series In Order Wild Montana SkyStarry Montana SkyStormy Montana SkyMontana Sky ChristmasPainted Montana Sky Mail Order Brides Of The West Trudy This is the first book I ve read by Debra Holland and won t be the last This was one of the better sweet mail order bride western romances I ve read It was historical accurate and the author paid attention to the details I appreciate that Actually, I really liked her writing style Even with it being a clean romance sparks flew between the hero and heroine That isn t always the case in sweet reads.
Trudy becomes a mail order bride to avoid marrying her boring neighbor and goes to Montana to marry a farmer Seth sends for a mail order bride after he finds out the woman he s cared for has run off with another man I liked both Trudy and Seth they were likeable but human.
I was a little disappointed with the lack of outside plot There was bad blood between Seth and a rancher in town but it never materialized into anything Also, I thought I am loving the books about Sweetwater Springs This is the third book that I ve read I feel like I m a part of the town Debra brings the characters to life It s nice to get some updates on the other characters from previous stories I can t wait to read the next story.
These books are a little like my Hallmark channel of books This is the first in the mail order bride series which is a theme that intrigues me This one is a simple story about Trudy and Seth getting to know each other and finding love A nice story and one I d recommend to anyone looking for a light read.
Ý Mail-Order Brides of the West: Trudy ó LOVE NEVER FAILSThe story of Trudy will read well as a stand alone and even better if you have also read Caroline Fyffe s stories on other mail order brides from the same Matrimonial agency, with brides by the names of Evie, Kathryn, and Heather Several of the other mail order brides may be mentioned in the story, but not reading about them prior will not hinder the understanding of the friendships developed There are severalstories in this series by Debra Holland, including Lina, Darcy, Prudence, and Bertha Mrs Seymour seems to have a special talent for matching the right bride to the gentleman seeking a bride.
Trudy Bauer of St Louis, Missouri will accept the offer for marriage from Seth Flanagan of Sweetwater Springs in the Montana Territory She will travel by railroad to her new home along with a substantial Trudy and Seths story is an excellent start to the series This was a slow paced, easy western feel good romance Seth was infatuated with a saloon girl who ran off and married someone He saved face with friends by saying he had been corresponding with his intended Of course, he wasn t, enter Mail Order Brides of the West and adventure seeking Trudy The author allows you to focus on the couple without the interference as much I love these things sex, drama, and action There was the potential for all three to occur, but the Author kept things above board and Trudy s skirt down Even with the McCurdy and or Lucy Belle situations, the Author kept things light I think what I enjoyed most was the Epilogue It was c

Trudy Mail Order Brides of he West by Debra HollandA touching historical romance that starts the Mail Order bride series by Debra Holland and Caroline Fyffe.
The women all have their own reason to become a mail order bride as do the men.
This story shows the strength and courage each must face discovering the West and finding love in their new husbands Well written and encouraging A little bit of glosssing over the hardships like no indoor plumbing but to tell the truth, we don t need to know the gritty details to know these women had courage Having read most of the Sweetwater Springs books but not these mail order brides, it was fun to visit the town before the addition of the bank, the hotel and meet a young Nick.
Sweet, lov First let me say, I read listened to this book in audio format via audible.
com I always choose audio books when possible as audio breathes life into the books With multiple voices and accents and excitement in all the right places, not to mention audio books leave us hands free to do other things while reading make great companions on long road trips This book is about an mail order bride company set back in the late 1800s Back then that s how many people got married A young woman named Trudy Bauer has decided she wants a husband and heads to the Mail Order Brides Company It is there that Trudy makes friends with the woman running the operations there and she gets a man right away to marry Trudy gets on a train along with half of her fathers house and heads for Sweetwater, Montana Trudy