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Review to come I love this book Even though Ella Enchanted is Gail Carson Levine s most well known book, I think that The Two Princesses of Bamarre is her best book It s really exciting, but also well written If you love Ella Enchanted, this is the book for you.
Year Old Addie Admires Her Older Sister Meryl, Who Aspires To Rid The Kingdom Of Bamarre Of Gryphons, Specters, And Ogres Addie, On The Other Hand, Is Fearful Even Of Spiders And Depends On Meryl For Courage And Protection Waving Her Sword Bloodbiter, The Older Girl Declaims In The Garden From The Heroic Epic Of Drualt To A Thrilled Audience Of Addie, Their Governess, And The Young Sorcerer Rhys But When Meryl Falls Ill With The [ Pdf The Two Princesses of Bamarre ↠´ harlequin-romantic-suspense PDF ] by Gail Carson Levine ¿ Dreaded Gray Death, Addie Must Gather Her Courage And Set Off Alone On A Quest To Find The Cure And Save Her Beloved Sister Addie Takes The Seven League Boots And Magic Spyglass Left To Her By Her Mother And The Enchanted Tablecloth And Cloak Given To Her By Rhys Along With A Shy Declaration Of His Love She Prevails In Encounters With Tricky Specters Spiders Too And Outwits A Wickedly Personable Dragon In Adventures Touched With Romance And A Bittersweet Ending WrensReads Review Starting off the new year correctly with a book about two sisters One sister is a courageous blonde ready to find the cure to Sir Grey Death and the other is a brunette who is a coward who has to find her strength.
Meryl is the older sister She dreams of fighting the dragons and rescuing her people from all the foes, including those small enough like Sir Grey Death.
The Grey Death is a long, drawn out processes that eventually kills its victim With the cure prophesied, there is hope that sometime, someday soon, someone will find it.
Addie is a coward She is terrified of spiders and she is terrified of losing her sister to her adventures But when her sister comes down with the horrid Grey Death, she must find it in herself to go out and find the cure since her good for nothing father The King won t.
I love this storythan anything Gail Carson Levin This book is so good It did take me a while to get into it The first half or so of the book is kind of slow going Two sisters One is bold One is shy Yawn.
But then in the middle, when the shy sister has to leave the castle to save her beloved sister s life, it gets REALLY exciting Specters Gryphons Dragons Battles WOW I could hardly put it down at that point.
There s also a story within a story, a legend of the kingdom, and it is as well done as the main story.
The almost end had me bawling, thinking about my own sister and how terrible it would be to lose her.
I don t typically get into stories about princesses As Boots of the Coup says, Tell your teacher I said princess are evil How they got all their money was to kill people But I can stomach the feisty, sma I ve grown up with this story To say that it has had an impact on my life is an incredible and unforgivable understatement Everyone knows this author because of Ella Enchanted, but I believe that this book is much, much greater It has romance, monsters, action, magic, and adventure all things that people look for and enjoy in a good book But what really makes this story great is not any of those things What makes it great is how a young woman who is afraid of everything ventures out into a dangerous and terrifying world that would scare even the brave in order to save her sister even though there is a very high chance she might die in the attempt Speaking as someone who has a lot of experience being afraid, this story is inspiring and very relatable in so many important areas Because even those of us who are afraid of a great many ✓ The Two Princesses of Bamarre ✓ I actually liked this one better than Ella Enchanted or Fairest Now one of my fave fantasy stories

Loved the sibling dynamic of this book I read this years ago, but that still sticks out to me.
I love the part where she is about to lunge in the dragon cave and something holds her down and she struggles then when she stops hse realises that if she had lunged, the 7 leage boots would have smashed her into the cave wall I applied this to Heavenly Father trying to tell us what to do and we stuggle, and don t do it Then when it s through, we realise what would have happened if we had done that thing or we do it and we feel foolish afterwords I love the tensity Addie s courage campared to Meryl s.