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I adore My Year of Epic Rock Nina, don t you just adore the name , is a insecure young adult who can t for the life figure out why her best friend isn t her best friend any I thought Brianna was a horrible person Who would do that to a friend I loved Ninas family Her parents are so caring Her mom is super sweet and loves to bake When they were talking about cookies, I wanted to go to the supermarket and buy cookies I needed cookies I needed the cookies her mom baked All of the other characters were great too Not a lot of depth to them, but with 195 pages I didn t expected it to be there and really, it wasn t necessary The plot is simple, but just so sweet Because the book is so short, I don t want to give away a lot I will say, when you start reading My Year of Epic Rock, you will read it in one sitting So, get some cookies and read My 3.
8 stars This was so freaking cute I loved reading about Nina moving on and finding true friends The rock band part of this book was so fun to read I learned so much about what its like to live with a life threatening allergy I genuinely laughed out out at some parts Overall this was a super sweet and fun read.
I am sooooo happy I bought this book on a whim, it was fabulous It was fun, it was sweet, it was hilarious And also, for me at least, very relatable Yes relatable, I may not have an egg allergy, but I do have a peanut allergy and some other stuff as well, yay I also have an epipen with me on hand at all times I know that it at times can be difficult to ask what the ingredients are in x recipe I know also that people will look at you weirdly, or will treat you different if you mention you have allergies So yeah, I could understand the girl, I could also understand her frustrations and her fears The author really did a terrific job on describing how it was to have an allergy But not only that, also when our MC eats something bad, what happens I am I wish I had this book when I was younger See, younger me had all these allergies peanuts and eggs like Nina, but also lots of others and was constantly told, OMG, you can t eat shrimp Or peanut butter Or ice cream I feel so bad for you You re really missing out And I d just nod my head and turn back to my allergy friendly food I never had anyone my age that could relate, but my friends were always kind enough to not pack peanut butter sandwiches or at least warn me when they did But anyway, I really enjoyed My Year of Epic Rock It was honest and everything about her allergies and how she felt and dealt with them felt real to me Yes, it s definitely written for younger kids, possibly elementary school kids, but I think that anyone who s had to carry around an EpiPen everywhere they go would appreciate Nina s ☆ My Year of Epic Rock Ø My Year of Epic Rock was supposed to be my escape for a couple of hours fun time read Don t get me wrong it completely fulfilled that part of the deal but I was surprised but how much I enjoyed this book.
After the summer holiday s Nina s best friend has replaced her with the allergy free new ish girl I had a friend term applied loosely like that when I was growing up so I completely understood Nina It really hurts, particularly because you never get an explanation.
What I liked about Andrea Pyros writing is that all the characters Nina, her friends, Nina s family come across so believable The book is narrated by Nina but you still get everyone s personality and there are some really good ones I was particularly fond of Nina s m

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When I saw My Year of Epic Rock by Andrea Pyros show up on NetGalley, I knew immediately that I had to read it I love books about music, friendship, and fitting in These are the type of realistic books that appeal to my daughter and her friends right now, and that I have no trouble selling to kids looking for recommendations It is always nice to find one that is especially well done and is truly relatable to the kids who read it I think My Year of Epic Rock is one of those for sure.
Nina s voice is spot on seventh grade girl It is genuine in every way possible, as is Nina s journey of self discovery through the rocky start of the school year Who hasn t weathered the pain and heartbreak that comes from a friendship changing or ending due to the trials of growing up It is a story so many people can relate to, and th A great book for the 10 13 year old, about a girl who gets dumped by her BFF and struggles with food allergies But any kid that age can relate to the friend dramas, the politics of middle school and the seemingly endless struggle to find the balance between fitting in and finding your own identity.
The characters are realistic, the dialogue fun, and the conflict so close to home for anyone who s been an adolescent.
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Well now this was really cute It s a short, quick read and not too deep, but it s a lot of fun and a nice light read that s a bit fluffy but doesn t erase the realities of a pretty serious situation I honestly think this is great for the age range It was still a lot of fun for me as an adult, but it reminds me so much of books I read as a kid It s just sweet and fun and not too heavy.
The author has a child with allergies and I think reading it as an adult it does come acrossas written from that experience than from someone s personal experience but I could be wrong here In a YA that would probably bother a little , but in MG I think it s fine In this especially, it allows for a littleopportunity to show a parent s perspective that a chil Check out my book blog forbook reviews and other bookish posts I have a peanut allergy and I don t think I ve ever read a book where the main character also had a peanut allergy Thus I was intrigued in My Year of Epic Rock I wanted to have some kind of representation for once I am not anaphylactic though, which the main character is Another part that intrigued me was that a group of children decide to start a rock band.
It meant so much to me to read about a character who worries about what s in her food when she s out of the house Sometimes people forget, sometimes they act all angry and annoyed when you mention you have to be careful Sometimes you yourself forget because you are so used to eating the nu Life Was Like A SongNina Simmons Song Would Be You Can T Always Eat What You Want Peanut Allergies, Ugh But That S Okay, Because As Her Best Friend Brianna Always Said, We Re All In This Together Until The First Day Of The Seventh Grade, When Brianna Dumps Her To Be BFFs With The Popular New Girl Left All Alone, Nina Is Forced To Socialize With Her Own Kind Banished To The Peanut Free Table With The Other Allergy Outcasts ↠´ read ð My Year of Epic Rock by Andrea Pyros ☆ As A Joke, She Tells Her New Pals They Should Form A Rock Band Called EpiPens Get It Apparently, Allergy Sufferers Don T Understand Sarcasm, Because The Next Thing Nina Knows She S The Lead DrummerNow Nina Has To Decide Adopt A Picture Perfect Pop Personality To Fit In With Bri And Her New BFF Or Embrace Her Inner Rocker And The Spotlight WellCall Me A Rock Star, Maybe