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From New York Times And USA Today Bestselling Author Aleatha Romig Comes The Much Anticipated First Companion To The Suspenseful Thriller About Secrets And Deception, Passion And Love, And Choices And Consequences What Was Tony Thinking Control Acquisition Domination Love Behind His Eyes Consequences Explores Significant Scenes As Well As Behind The Scenes Moments From The First Book Of The Consequences Series Not A Total Re Write, This Companion Explores The Mind Of The Man Who Thought He Set The Rules And Delivered The Consequences From [ read Online Behind His Eyes - Consequences ☆ ornithology PDF ] by Aleatha Romig º The Beginning Anthony Rawlings Has The Perfect World Money, Influence, And Power Everything In His Life Is And Has Always Been Planned, Executed, And Predicted Until Claire How Long Can He Deny What Is Right Before Him Experience The Rare Opportunity To See This Esteemed Man S World Change, From Behind His Eyes It Is Always Darkest Before The Light Through Significant Scenes, Experience The Dark Journey Into The Mind Of The Man Who Believes That He Controls Everything Yet Controls Nothing Share His Thoughts As Glitches Are Overcome And Accidents Are Survived For The Avid Reader Of The Consequences Series, It Is Recommended That This Companion Be read After Consequences, Truth, Convicted, And Revealed For Insight Into The Man WhoOnce Upon A Time, She Signed A Napkin That He Knew Was A Contract As An Esteemed Businessman, He Forgot One Very Important Rule He Forgot To read The Fine Print It Wasn T An Acquisition To Own Another Person As He D Previously Assumed It Was An Agreement To Acquire A Soul Aleatha Romig, Convicted Welcome to the Dark Side Part 1 The tragic or the humorous is a matter of perspective Arnold Beisser Definitely, true.
Maybe that it is why I caught myself smiling when I was reading this book Guiltily smiling of course, but still I was smilingThe sun was setting and I was home He didn t respond The silence grew He wanted her He wanted to tell her he was sorry he overreacted but that wasn t him He couldn t Anyhow, this is not a standalone book It complements the book Consequences , the first book of the series So you know what you are getting An invitation to the dark zone, inside the mind of Tony.
Still when I was reading the events of the accident , I freaked out onceBut when I finished the book, I realized that I liked the combination Tony Rawlings Sadist Monster Misguided Fool and Claire Nichols Masochist Martyr Perceptiv 5 Back to Despising Tony Stars But a must read anyways What can I say I knew that reading this book would take me back the place when I was disturbed by reading Consequences 1 I had to contact Aleatha about this evil man she created and then I had to read a happy book after reading Consequences because I was so upset Then I went and read Truth and damn if Aleatha didn t turn my opinion of Tony around 360 Then she went and wrote Convicted and well.
Team Tony Forever.
I was leery about getting into Tony s head I love him now but I knew that I would go back to hating him too I know that he had issues and was so messed up by his family but still, reading it through his eyes, brought me back to that place that I wanted to rip Tony apart and make him have his very own accident Reading how manipu 4 I STILL heart Tony stars This was not designed as a retell of the entire novel CONSEQUENCES from Anthony Rawlings perspective and as such, will not make sense on it s own It was meant to share significant scenes and behind the scenes information A warning from the author Basically, if you haven t read the Consequences series, you should not read this book until you first read the original series How many of us hated Tony after Consequences I grew to love Tonyandafter reading each book I am proudly Team Tony, but after reading the first book, my feelings were mixed I hated him a lot of this book and wondered WTF he was thinking I did grow to love him in Truth, and evenin Convicted Well, now I know WTF he was thinking in some parts at least This isn t a total rehashing of Consequences, but we get many of the key scenes from Tony s perspective It was a basic psychology operant condition 5 stars for WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU, TONY My face when i heard there was going to be a 4th book And here is the story told from Behind His EyesOnce upon a time, he signed a napkin that he knew was a contract As an esteemed businessman, he forgot one very important rule.
he forgot to read the fine print It wasn t an acquisition to own another person as he d previously assumed It was an agreement to acquire a soul Tony had been observing Claire from afar.
and she was just another name on his list just a namenot a person But she was different and he found himself drawn to her, wanting to know Claire was something of a fantasy.
but then he remembered the promise he made to his grandfather.
Not just them hell no They took away my world They took my family Their damn kids, their kids, and their kids kids.
they ll all face the consequences of their actions The vendetta ha CONSEQUENCES FANS This is Tony s POV You ve experienced the CONSEQUENCES, you ve learned the TRUTH, now you know who was CONVICTEDthe time has come to see it from TONY S point of view Each novella will be a collection of significant scenes, from each book, of the CONSEQUENCES Series These will not be full length novels and won t retell the entire series only significant scenes, and because you asked for itBehind His Eyes will also contain timelines and family trees.
It has been said that to truly understand a person, one must walk a mile in their shoes BEHIND HIS EYES will be the rare opportunity to step into Anthony Rawlings Gucci loafers and experience the Consequences from his perspective.
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5 sWarning before reading this book, make sure that you have read the first three books of the series as this book is full of spoilers So, obviously, this is Tony s POV for Consequences As is mentioned, it s not really a full book but a companion If you were to read this book, you would be confused Especially because it s told in coordinating chapters and not all the chapters are included I m also not doing a regular review If you want that, you can check the reviews for Consequences.
I m just going to highlight a few points There are a few new things but the same basic story The main point is getting to know the real Tony I knew this book would be toughI just was not prepared for how cruel Tony really is.
One of the problems is that by reading the three prior books, you get to s SPOILERS The Book Bar s sneak peek into Behind His Eyes BEHIND HIS EYES teaser made byIf These Boobs Could TalkBook Blog THE COVER IS HERE Behind His Eyes is COMING JANUARY 14, 2014BEHIND HIS EYES CONSEQUENCES is a dark journey into the mind of the man who believes that he controls everything and controls nothing Because there isto learn about a man who Once upon a time, signed a napkin that he knew was a contract As an esteemed businessman, he forgot one very important rule he forgot to read the fine print It wasn t an acquisition to own another person as he d previously assumed It was an agreement to acquire a soul Aleatha Romig CONVICTED Yep Only a million read throughs and then off to the editor I might just make my self imposed deadlineAleatha Romigoh my god I want this book right now No plot spoilers for the series This review is my feelings about the man that is, Tony Rawlings, and my thoughts about Behind His Eyes.
Behaviors have consequencesGoosebumps Once upon a time, a man signed a napkin, that he knew was a contract.
For Tony lovers out there, and I know there are many, this book is a dream, an absoluteMUST read RIGHT NOWSo that s what I did Good grief Tony What were her limits Could she be broken Behind his eyes should be readonly afteryou ve read and enjoyed the ENTIRE Consequences series.
It s a, dark journey into the mind, of Tony Rawlings and it s not always pretty, but going into this read, reading the opening intro, the author gave me goose bumps That s her genius If you ve not experienced this series WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR I m one of those people who loved Tony from the start His cha I don t know how to put my feelings into words here There were too many emotions, too many thoughts running through my head while reading this Anthony Rawlings was a total psycho Reading this book reminded me of how much I hated him in Consequences I can still remember how Claire was feeling, hopeless and helpless Even though this is his POV, I couldn t be sure and felt a little confused on whether he really loved her or not Of course, I know he said he loved her but seemed like he had always had some plans to test and prove her obedience Would she be happy with this kind of love I didn t know I wasn t even sure if this affection came from his true feelings for her or it was just because he used to her I felt so sad for Claire He d brought her to Iowa to pay the penance of her family s sins, but during her sentence she d won him over Oh, he d changed her, but s