Trailer ð Annihilate Me Vol. 4 (Annihilate Me, #4) PDF by ↠´ Christina Ross

First and foremost, let me say that I feel cheated I hate when an author publishes a book and only 68% of it is the book and the rest is information regarding other books This is the case with Annihilate Me volume 4 Alex and Jennifer have been living on his personal island with his Executive Secretary, her husband and son They are in hiding until which time they plan to return to Manhattan and uncover who has been making threats upon their lives.
After a month, they decide to return and hold a press conference Once again Jennifer receives a text message and a photo threatening her Jennifer has missed her BFF, Lisa, terribly and wants to know the status of her relationship with Tank While she is fearful of getting hurt, Lisa decides to make a decision regarding her relationship with Tank.
While out on a shopping trip, Jennifer is held at knife point and t Oh this book The whole series deserves MORE then 5 stars If you haven t read The Annihilate Series, IT IS A MUST The chemistry between Jennifer and Alex just continues to grow hotter, and with a psycho after then both, they head off to hiding at Alex s private island In this book they come out of hiding to bring out the Rat Lots of close calls and false hopes in figuring out who wants them dead and why Alex is prepared to let Jennifer go, if that s what it will take to save her life But is it enough The psycho is getting closer and the focus is on Jennifer, a party, a rooftop garden, and a killer after Jennifer, will Tank and Alex get to her in time I received this ARC from the Author for an honest opinion , to which I have to thank her for , it s been a pleasure and a privilege to read this book I enjoy it from beginning to end In Annihilate Me vol 4 Alex Wenn and Jennifer leave their hideaway Island and come back to the city to face and find who is been targeting them With the help of our dear Mrs Blackwell , Tank and a team of security they try to draw out the rat that is out to kill them But will their relationship survive the attempt on Jennifer s life or will Alex let her go in order to keep her safe With so many enemies I was biting my nails , the suspense was killing me , we get so much action , cat fights and I laughed out loud just to see when Jennifer pu This was a great book I had a chance to read it since I was an ARC winner It made my week that I had a chance to read the novel earlier than most It was a pretty good book You had the suspense and mystery It was an unexpected twist to know who the perpetrator was I loved how strong the connection was between Alex and Jeni It is just as stronger and intense as I thought it would be I also liked how Blackwell is in this book She really comes out and I am grateful for that I loved the ending to the book It tied all loose knots But what really surprised me was the mentioning of a new series that revolves around Lisa and Tank I am so excited woohoo Four In The Best Selling Annihilate Me Series You Must read The First, Second And Third Volumes Before Reading Book Four Each Book Is A Full Length, , Word NovelThe Staggering Conclusion Of The Annihilate Me Series Finds Jennifer And Alex Fighting To Learn Who Is Threatening Them, Why They Re Being Threatened, And How To Possibly End It Before That Threat Leads To The End Of Their Own LivesThe Annihilate Me Series Began About The Business Of Love But Now, With Trailer ð Annihilate Me Vol.
4 (Annihilate Me, #4) PDF by ↠´ Christina Ross So Much Money And Lives At Stake, It Must Consider Just The OppositeThe Business Of Death

I ll be honest DNF I actually fast forwarded to find out who did it and then stopped I was so bored of the series by this time but I did want the deets on the killer Wow, that was completely anti climactic and it would have been nice to have that person actually in the previous books But that would require effort on Ross part And that is clearly out of her capabilities So over this author.
What happened here I was showered, no, I was drowned in meaningless dialogues.
Everything the second book promised started watering down and was a lukewarm martini in my hands.
Annihilate Me Vol.
4 (Annihilate Me, #4)
☆ Annihilate Me Volume 4Christina Ross 5 starsBEST ENDING EVER Big ask I know, but this is the absolute perfect ending to a series I fell in love with This will no doubt be a re read for me in the future Heart stopping, and brutal yet sweet and romantic While attempting to discover who is responsible for the death threats towards Alex and Jennifer, his faked death has them moving to a deserted island to assume the duties of his company Keeping hidden will hopefully bring out the would be murderer After a couple of weeks, they make the decision to return to Manhattan and their lives The time away has rekindled their feelings and I expected there to be a billionaire baby, but no It left a heated presence to this sweet couple Now home Alex and Jennifer will face the killer, but not withoutthreats, andviolence The killer is hell bent on de This was a bit predictable I just don t think I ll continue with Annihilate Him.
What a disappointment Seriously what is wrong with these people I really enjoyed the start of this series, but it just kept getting worse I really had to force myself to keep reading this book I won t read the next ones, which is something for me, I never don t finish a series I m OCD about it but I just can t stomach anyof these characters First, Jennifer has become so overly confident she has been dating this guy for 2 months and suddenly she is helping him run his billionaire dollar company, and acting better then everyone Doesn t sound like a lovable person to me Then there is Alex s sudden flop on Diana, his wife his supposedly adored he then goes and compares Jennifer and Diana to Jennifer It was horrible And what was with that whole foray into spanking for Alex and Jennifer A woman who has been violently