æ The Last of the Demon Slayers (Demon Slayer #4) ↠´ Download by Ô Angie Fox

New York Times Bestselling Author Angie Fox Lizzie Brown Would Just Like To Have One Normal Date Instead She Gets A Towering Inferno With A Message Her Long Lost Dad Is A Fallen Angel In Danger Of Becoming A Demon Not Good Especially Since She S A Demon Slayer Her Grandma Advises Her To Stay Out Of It Her Sexy As Sin Shape Shifter Boyfriend Would Much Rather She Devote Her Attention To Carnal Pursuits And Her Dog S One Demand Is For Bacon After All æ The Last of the Demon Slayers (Demon Slayer #4) ↠´ Download by Ô Angie Fox He Can T Train His Pet Dragon On An Empty Stomach But Lizzie Knows There S No Other Choice But To Hop On Her Harley And Help Her Father Even The Search For The Truth Brings A Bad Boy Slayer Back Into Her Life And Leads Her Into The Middle Of A War To End All Wars Want A Sneak Peek Be Sure To Check Out The Look Inside This Book Feature At The Top Left Of The Page Where You Can Preview The First Three Chapters Urban Fantasy Romance Available By Angie Fox BIKER WITCHES SERIES Urban Fantasy Paranormal Romance BookThe Accidental Demon Slayer FREE On BookThe Dangerous Book For Demon Slayers BookA Tale Of Two Demon Slayers BookThe Last Of The Demon Slayers Novella I Brake For Biker Witches BookMy Big Fat Demon Slayer Wedding Novella The Tenth Dark Lord A Leaping Lizzie And Dimitri S First Christmas Coming December ,BookBeverly Hills Demon Slayer Coming Soon The MONSTER MASH SERIES Urban Fantasy Paranormal Romance BookImmortally Yours BookImmortally Embraced BookImmortally Ever After Find Urban Fantasy Romance Author Angie Fox Online Visit Angie S Website At Angiefox Follow Angie On Twitter At Twitter AngieFoxauthor Join Angie On Facebook At If You Enjoy Reading Angie Fox S Urban Fantasy Series, Consider Adding Yourself To Her Email List To Keep On Top Of New Releases, Contests And Other Fun Things Signing Up Is Easy Just Visit Angiefox Contact Lizzie Brown, Demon Slayer, meets her biological father and has to save him from Zatar, the Earl of Hell It turns out that Lizzie, on her father s side, is half angel well, fallen angel, but details She still hasn t had her first official date with her smoking hot griffin changer boyfriend Dimitri Her talking dog, Pirate, is trying to teach Flappy, the orphan dragon, to do tricks And Grandma and the Red Skull gang of biker witches is still tagging along everywhere Lizzie goes So what else is new Lizzie finds her dadLizzie meets her dad in a column of fire, and that s just the beginning He s in servitude to the Earl of Hell, and this is not a deal he wants In fact, he wants his demon slayer daughter to help him get out of his deal Lizzie, Dimitri, and the biker witches set off cross country to save Lizzie s biological dad Along with her dog, Pirate, and a lovable, adolescent dragon, Flappy, Lizzie once again travels to Hell and back The story is entertaining and well written, with loads of humor The reason it isn t five stars is that Lizzie hasn t learned the lessons one thought she had learned by the end of the third book It s like she learns them, then immediately forgets them when the next book comes around Her poor little me routine is starting to wear thin I have high hopes for the next book, though, just looking at the title I m hoping the lessons stick this time.
Still a quirky seriesI really do enjoy this series, even though Lizzy drives me crazy I completely understood her need to help her dad and her need to connect and come to terms with his abandonment, but I wished she would have heeded everyone s advice She is always so sure what s best for them, but gets angry when they do the same with her.
Lizzy has never met her biological father, never heard anything about him, but when he shows up in a sneaky way to ask her for help, she doesn t hesitate to get everyone to drop everything and run off to help him The one good thing is she learns she isspecial than she thought and Max helps her learn she isn t as alone as she thought I just wish she would stop trying to tell Dimitri what he needs and maybe she wouldn t be a Didn t enjoy this one as much as the others The heroine s penchant for going against her best interests even when the fate of the world is not in her hands is starting to grate on my nerves I ll continue with the series but I think I need a break at this point.
Angels and demons slog it outStunningly brilliant Helping family should be easy, but not when your angel dad is turning into a demon As if that wasn t enough there s the dragon, her talking dog, her shifter boyfriend and the biker witches to keep under control Great funny series.
↠´ The Last of the Demon Slayers (Demon Slayer #4) ↠´ So enjoying this series In this book Lizzy Brown s father askeds the demon slayer for help.
he made a deal with the wrong demon.
Now Lizzy must use every trick and ally she s ever learned and found, to rescue her dad.
Fast becoming a favorite series of mine Looking forward to reading the next book in this series.
All the crazy I wanted plus family I also really enjoyed the mystery of the house This book was written for me.