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A sad and, for anyone living in the west obvious, story of life under the existing prejudices in much of sub Saharan Africa Primarily a tale of a single, hard working mother who has had some lucky breaks a home in a good area left to her by her brother whose interaction with an odd colleague changes her life What is odd to her is clear to us from page one.
We are given a look at the necessities of survival in Harare the sort of benign this trade for that this wee bit of corruption for that favor this bit of greasy palm for that official document this wad of bills for that place in line Lamentably, we also see the worst of that corruption, the malignant how the rationalization for staying in power leads to the worst in people This IS Mugabe s Zimbabwe, after all, complete with two appearances by Auntie Grace herself, at her very best The Hairdresser of Harare, is a touching story written in the voice of Vimbai, probably the best hairdresser in Harare All ladies who have a standing in society visit the salon of Mrs Khumalo to be served by the kind, attractive, professional Vimbai Then, one day, a charming, gorgeously looking young man walks into the salon and, enchanting the owner and the customers present, is hired on the spot It needed just one of Dumisani s creative hair arrangements for Vimbai s life to change forever Two competing approaches to African hairdressing emerge He makes women feel great as women , not giving them the illusion to be like white women Is that what Vimbai has been doing Can two styles co exist, and,importantly, can the two hairdressers work things out between them And who is Dumisani, the mystery man Tendai Huchu keeps his story This Delicious And Devastating First Novel, Which The Guardian Named One Of Its Ten Best Contemporary African books, Caine Prize Finalist Tendai Huchu The Maestro, The Magistrate, And The Mathematician Portrays The Heart Of Contemporary Zimbabwean Society With Humor And GraceVimbai Is The Best Hairdresser In Mrs Khumalo S Salon, And She Is Secure In Her Status Until The Handsome, Smooth Talking Dumisani Shows Up One Day For Work Despite Her Resistance, The Two Become Friends, And Eventually, Vimbai Becomes Dumisani S Landlady He Is As Charming ↠´ read The Hairdresser of Harare by Tendai Huchu Û As He Is Deft With The Scissors, And Vimbai Finds That He Means And To Her Yet, By Novel S End, The Pair S Deepening Friendship Used Or Embraced By Dumisani And Vimbai With Different Futures In Mind Collapses In Unexpected BrutalityThe Novel Is An Acute Portrayal Of A Rapidly Changing Zimbabwe In Addition To Vimbai And Dumisani S Personal Development, The Book Shows Us How Social Concerns Shape The Lives Of Everyday People .
Vimbai, Harare s top hairdresser, is not happy when Dumi walks into Mrs Khumalo s Hair Salon looking for a job Dumi becomes a formidable opponent in the Hair Salon but also a good friend and a potential lover when he moves into the extra room in Vimbai s house Zimbabwe is not a country that I know a lot about so I was very excited to read this book This book can be classified as light fiction but it does cover a lot of heavy topics It covers some of the politics of Zimbabwe and the environment that the people of the country are dealing with The people of Zimbabwe have a lot to worry about Their economy is out of control Unemployment is wildly high Vimbai must check her young daughter for signs of abuse because it s plausible that her daughter could be abused while Vimbai was away at work One of the topics that the book t You can read a dozen nonfiction books about Zimbabwe under Robert Mugabe s kleptocracy and fail to get avivid sense of what life is really like there than from this recent novel by Tendai Huchu In one short work of fiction, Huchu conjures up the sad reality of day to day existence in that beleaguered country the 90 percent unemployment, the ubiquitous corruption, the hyperinflation, the ever present shortages, the barely functional electricity service, the vicious eviction of white Africans from their farms and businesses, the rabid homophobia The people of resource rich Zimbabwe are among the world s most poverty stricken, and average life expectancy in their country is thirty seven, but what does that really mean for the way they live their lives, day after day The Hairdresser of Harare opens up a win Ö The Hairdresser of Harare Ø Vimbai, a brilliant 26 year old hairdresser, meets competition in her place of work when a young gentleman arrives to fill a post He is the best hairdresser Harare has ever seen Vimbai naturally feels threatened by him, until she realises what a good man he is They become friends and he moves into her house to rent one of the rooms She agrees when he invites her to be his date at his brother s wedding, not knowing that she is being dragged into a web of lies Dumi introduces her as his girlfriend His family is overjoyed, and grateful to the girl who has cured their son Vimbai realises after a series of events that Dumi is actually gay a big sin in Zimbabwe She is disgusted She reports to the wife of the man Dumi is seeing, who sets cronies of Dumi to be dealt with slowly, painfully, and permanently.
The book is easy to read It is nicely written in language that is easy to consume, and e

Seeof my book reviews on my blog, Literary FlitsI had seen The Hairdresser of Harare positively reviewed on other book blogs so jumped at the chance to purchase my own copy when the ebook was discounted recently onIt s a fairly light hearted story although with violent episodes towards the end and I thought Huchu portrayed modern day Zimbabwe in a lively and entertaining way I liked his characters, all of whom felt real although perhaps slightly larger than life, and the potentially bitchy atmosphere of the hair salon was great fun Vimbai is a deceptively complex woman Initially I thought her rather vain and shallow, but as I discoveredabout her life and her choices I found myself really rooting for her to succeed.
Huchu describes Harare in a way that made the city appeal to me, but he doesn t shy away from its negative aspects I was shocked by the aggressive male beh The Hairdresser of Harare had a Nollywood feel that was refreshing to see in literature form with the high drama, the wahala, the women gossiping, etc It was easy reading I started and didn t want to stop This book also reminded me of the Aya series, in that it was was in a part of Africa Zimbabwe , did not pretend that Africa didn t have problems, yet showed everyday life i.
e not war, disease, and horrible death and focused on everyday issues I loved this, and it drew me in And it s another book like Chimamanda s Americanah where I loathed the main character, and that was cool It s in first person, so it s an eveninteresting exercise in perspective Plot wise, I could see the ending from a mile away The prose was a bit amateur and there were sections that felt repetitive or useless, but the story flowed well enough This book is pret I almost gave it five stars but because it was obvious what was happening, I think really a 4.
5 Wonderful use of language though some words are African Usually either they are explained or easy to figure out It s a really good book about all kinds of love, some kinds of hate Zimbabwe is a country being destroyed by the very leaders brought to power by the fight for independence There are shortages of everything The money is devalued every day The government ministers have thugs to handle problems to their power or electability But, this book is about the government only as it touches rides over human rights Mostly it s about a beautiful unwed mother whose daughter is a charmer The father is a creep and out of the picture most of the time Her life is poor and she does