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SECOND MACHINE DYNASTY Javier Is A Self Replicating HumanoiD On A Journey Of Redemption Javier S Quest Takes Him From Amy S Island, Where His Actions Have Devastating Consequences For His Friend, Toward Mecha Where He Will Find Either Salvation Or Death File Under Science Fiction VN Island In The Streams Failsafe No More The Stepford Õ read ä iD by Madeline Ashby ä Solution It wasn t terrible, but I had to take off a half star for every really unsubtle Blade Runner reference So many So painful.
After being forced to poison his wife Amy, vN Javier goes on the run to find her backup Can he find it before his enemies find him and shut him down permanently Disclaimer I got this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for reviewing it.
iD takes place in a future where men and machines live side by side While it s the first book in a series, following vN, it didn t take me long to get up to speed I love the concept of self replicating androids Hell, there are a lot of great concepts in this one, like 3D printers capable of printing organic matter, for instance.
Javier lies and fornicates his way around the world, looking for his wife s backup, all the while avoiding the legions of vNs looking to kill him From what I gather, Javier was some kind of sexbot before he settled down with Amy and

Disturbing, fairly nuts, and good for pushing buttons The whole robot angle is a side issue Most of this novel has a lot of sociopathy and exploration of emotional triggers as its main focus It helps that there s institutionalized pedophilia that s all right because it s just robots Yuck.
But that s not even the main focus, either.
It s Javier s PoV It s a rather wild journey, literally swinging every which way, eventually becoming a quest to redeem himself That was all kinds of all right This book was definitely better than the previous, but there was still something about it that was off And it wasn t just the ick factor That was explainable by the general theme of the novel It had a place It was an ugly place, but it had a place.
The things people do to people Especially we downgrade them into robots 3 3.
5 stars, I think, mostly because like with book one, the ending epilogue confused me somewhat I liked how Javier dealt with his emotions and situations Though, if certain things had happened in this book, Javier would not have had to run all over the country trying to fix the initial situation.
And now we have a rather dire situation coming up in book three, after all the setup in this book.