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Great book for giving ideas for small gardens ideas for flower boxes, pots, garden boxes I will need to buy this book.
Loved this idea Already use 12 layers of newspaper or really thick cardboard bicycle boxes are excellent to kill off lawn before making them into bigger garden borders But used this idea taking sod from neighbor s driveway expansion or trimming around edges of things to layer UP and makecontours on otherwise flat or gently sloping lawn to make thingsinteresting Also within raised beds to make the footing upon which I then built good growing soil for vegetables Or with lots of pellets to make the raised bed acidic enough for the blueberry bushes there Still using this idea technique all over my garden Up is good when you have thin soil with a glacial terminal moraine s worth of rocks underneath that potatoes can t grow in Or to make berms to catch water from gutters or runoff.
With Lasagna Gardening for Small Spaces You Can Create The Garden Of Your Dreams, No Matter How Limited Your Growing Space Is Pat Lanza S Proven Lasagna Gardening Method Produces Amazing Results In Pots And Small Plots Even In Beds JustInches Wide, You Can Grow Bountiful, Beautiful Gardens With No Digging, No Weeding No [Patricia Lanza] Á Lasagna Gardening for Small Spaces [world-history PDF] read Online ✓ Kidding So I don t know much about gardening at all, and a friend loaned this book to me It s extremely practical and fantastic for those starting at zero It also covers a way to garden that is EASY and low maintenance Right up my alley It s easy to understand and wonderful to use as a practical guide I was sad I had to give it backbut the information it gave me is super helpful to start my garden This book is best read when getting ready to START a garden space bed not after you already have one It s possible to still find valuable information if you already have one, it s just most helpful for those starting a space And don t worry that it s Lasagna Gardening for Small Spaces You can take the principles and apply it to bigger spaces The original book isn t for small spaces but in general, but I didn t like it as much it didn t see as practical or easy Lasagna Gardening for Small Spaces by Patricia Lanza Rodale books 2002 635.
0484 is a good starter book about composting The focus is on building the layers in place to plant directly into them, whether seeds, plants, or bulbs My rating 7 10, finished 4 3 11.
I really wanted the info for layering in containers, but the book really didn t have this info Having read her original lasagna gardening book, this one was a disappointment, but would probably be good for someone s first book Her original book was for really large spaces, so for most of us this would be the better choice She has a good amount of info on what you can combine in containers how to use the herbs and vegetables you might grow I ll definitely use the book.
ï Lasagna Gardening for Small Spaces ï I ve only read this one in snatches when my container gardening roomie isn t , but a great guide to small space, indoor and container gardening great illustrations, accessible facts and helpful advice on how to grow what well where.

More great ideas and nspiration from Patricia Lanza, the mother of Lasagna Gardening.
Excellent book for those looking to garden both flowers and vegetables in small compact spaces Includes a wealth of information on types of plants, how to establish and maintain garden spaces, use of pots and other planting devices, and where to go to get things Better than the old Square Foot Gardening book.
A surprisingly up to date book that teaches the no till method of gardening using nutrient rich layers to maximize your garden space The latest soil research indicates the beneficial nutrients and microbes are contained in the upper few inches of soil Tilling, double digging and even mixing in compost and other soil additives is of little use and possible harm as they churn up weed seeds, leave poor soil exposed, and diminish the gardener s enthusiasm The theory is that in a nutrient rich soil bed the earthworms will rise up in a fevered army and churn through the layers mixing them thoroughly as they add their own compost.
Seems to working in my own garden If you follow the directions in the book checking to make sure you have not created a compost pile that will burn your seedlings you can create lush veg