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I did not like this book It started slow, but never picked up There was a few small action parts, but they still did not make the book good and did not flow well I also disliked the main character He tried to pick fights, and had almost no personality I also despised how unobservant and oblivious he was It was almost to the point of being unrealistic, and while I will not spoil the book by providing examples, it took him FOREVER to figure out the most obvious things I think this would have beeninteresting from Chay s view Plus, while there was description, there was almost always too much or none I had no idea what most of the characters looked like I would not recommend this book.
I ve found that some authors make me feel good about my own abilities as a writer I read their work, and I think to myself, OK, I m relatively certain I m at least in the same league with this and such author No such luck with Gary Schmidt This guy is an absolute pro Trouble is a gritty young adult novel about a teenager whose all star older brother is struck and killed by a truck apparently driven by a young Cambodian refugee In the aftermath of this tragedy, Henry sets out on a quest to climb Mount Katahdin in Maine only to discover that the one responsible for his brother s death is headed in the same direction There s no question Schmidt writes from a wealth of life experience When he writes about lawyers, he knows about lawyers When he writes about snobby prep schools, h Dog, A Mountain, And An Ancient Slave Ship Are Featured In This Latest Page Turner From A Versatile, Award Winning AuthorClimbing Katahdin, The Highest Mountain In Maine, Is The Goal That Henry Sets Himself When His Brother Dies Following A Car Accident Along With His Dog, His Best Friend, And Surprisingly The Cambodian Boy Whose Car Was Involved In The Fatal Accident, Henry Experiences A Journey That Is Both Physically Daunting And Spiritually Exhilarating The Writing Combines Breathtaking Nature Imagery [Gary D.
Schmidt] Ò Trouble [far-right PDF] read Online Ù And Hilarious Comedy, As Only Gary Schmidt Can Gary Schmidt is probably my favorite children s writer after the venerable Katherine Paterson I love both of them as phenomenal people, and admire them both madly as writers So that s a disclaimer of sorts That said I didn t love Trouble as much as LIZZIE BRIGHT, and I didn t work on this book, so don t have quite the affection for it that I do for THE WEDNESDAY WARS And I do see a few wee little problems in the narrative BUT, they hardly matter b c I think the heart of this book rises far above the narrative itself And there s just so much I did love in this book I loved Black Dog fiercely I loved the entirely real portrayl of a brother and sister discovering each other s separate selves and being both total strangers and absolute mirrors of one another at the same time I love the inherent capital T Truth that s always at the core of Gary s books I loved the line in the last few This is myreview Another amazing coming of age novel from Schmidt, plus SO muchI can t begin to explain how much I adore this book I thought Wednesday Wars was near perfect, but having just finished Trouble, I don t know which one I like better Schmidt is an amazingly gifted writer His imagery is so evocative, yet tangible His characters are accessible, likeable and still complex enough to be real I am a thirty something mother of three daughters and found this book to be an engaging, believable story of a boy trying to make sense of his emotions when his perfect New England, prep school world comes crashing down around him Schmidt draws racial and cultural prejudices into question by encouraging the reader to see the human story behind someone labeled as Other i.
e not like me us And he deftly explores the themes of rede The first few pages were difficult to get through, because the author spent WAY too much time describing the setting However, I enjoyed how the author developed the characters throughout the book, as well as the plot twists that left me stunned.
Now that I think about it, I should have seen them coming from a mile away But since I was so immersed in the story, it was hard to take a step back and look at the big picture.
I liked the characters growth throughout the story particularly Henry s However, some of the characters did not have much of an effect on the storyline, and I wish Schmidt had spenttime further developing characters like Henry s parents.
On the other hand, I enjoyed the impact of Black Dog, and how she tied into the book smoothly was admirable.
Overall, an enjoy Ô Trouble ↠´ The road trip portion is the best part of Trouble because we finally get to know Chay Unfortunately, we only got snippets of the story from his perspective He s a fantastic character and his story is such a compelling one that it seems a real shame we really only just begin to know him The Trouble stuff felt really ham fisted and I wish it had been edited out because it distracts from an otherwise beautiful story.
My favorite sentences from this book are He could see pink and white blossoms in nearby orchards, and farther away, the brief yellow of the daffodils, so bright they looked as if Van Gogh had just come from them with his paint brush still wet in his hand pg 108 A heart that has lost knows every other heart that has lost pg 197 The first let me see what the author was describing, the second is just a lovely way to say what is true And comparing a book to a painting is a wonderful way to provide a visual image of what can be difficult to describe Van Gogh s bright colors can still look freshly painted, but he never paints light without darkness, and this book is about learning to live with the darkness that is Trouble and discovering the light that is Grace Henry s father often says If you build your house far away from Trouble then

Even on the second time through, this book KNOCKED ME FROM MY FEET The plot is smooth and consistent, and it glides along with precision all the way to the shocking conclusion The characters are real and honest The atmosphere is set with careful word choice and vivid settings Every element comes into play, some way or another, weaving together into a poignant, moving book about a boy, a family, a community, a crisis, an immigrant, a death And Trouble PLENTY of Trouble READ THIS IF YOU DARE Just prepare yourself to get socked in the gut emotionally, and remember that things aren t always what they look like I d recommend this for ages 14.
Wonderful YA book Henry s life is pretty golden until his older brother Franklin is hit by a truck, causing him to lose an arm and to be in a coma The driver is a Cambodian teenager, and despite the law finding him to not have been negligent, the incident leads to racial unrest in the town where Henry and Franklin s family has lived for generations.
Their friends and neighbors areoutraged with Chay Chouan s plea bargain than Henry s family is The Chouan s home, business, and vehicle are vandalized, and Franklin sits in his coma, with indeterminate brain activity The pressure builds up until the only thing Henry can think to do is climb the mountain, Katahdin He was supposed to climb it with Franklin, who was an experienced climber Now Henry will climb it himself, with the dog he rescued from drowning, as a tribute to his brother.
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