↠´ The Waitress Ï Download by â Melissa Nathan

This book was really just a filler to read over the Christmas break I didn t develop any empathy for the characters so really didn t care what happened to them All in all it was a pretty predictable story.
C mo hac a tiempo que no me le a nada de chick lit, me decid por esta novela que ten a buena pinta.
En realidad, he salido algo escaldada y no es que la autora escriba mal El libro, al igual que mis favoritos de Marian Keyes, tiene puntos buenos de humor, temas interesantes de los que tratar y unos personajes que no pod an ser m s sacados de la realidad ni hechos a medida yo misma me he sentido identificada con uno de ellos pero a n con todo y eso, la historia no me ha terminado de convencer Me reitero en sus puntos buenos pues no ha habido nada flojo que le hiciera cojear Lo divertido del libro es como la protagonista que trabaja en una cafeter a y es agria con todo el mundo, sigue teniendo a los mismos clientes que la aceptan tal cual es Para que luego digan que los ingleses no son rarosTal vez sea la saturaci n de tanto libro le do I am not quite sure what to say about this book I enjoyed the book, but found it tough to get going It isn t the best chick lit option out there, but it had some good qualities that kept me reading until the end I think the best part was the last few pages which helped tie it all togetherit is OK to take your time to figure out what you want to do in life the journey is just as important as the destination.
I I think I know what I want to be when I grow up Katie took up waitressing after college as something to do until she was sure of her dream job The problem was that she couldn t make up her mind and just kept on waitressing Her aunt is going to change her will and leave her money once she finally figures out what to do with her life, but even with that, she can t seem to make a decision Then, the caf she works for is bought out by two men and one of them is Dan, whom she had one date with where she had an anxiety attack and left him alone at the restaurant with no explanation She faces losing her job, but instead is made manager and has to work with Dan day after day It proves to be the catalyst she finally needs to get her life moving somewhere.
I found The Waitress at our local library book sale and thought it looked interesting I chose it for the D I like the way The Waitress written by Melissa Nathan is written in Following the format like a menu in a restaurant With appetizers, main courses, desserts and of course don t forget there is the bill These subcategories are separated from her life For instance, the main courses are what the protagonist Katie s ideals are such as her idea of romance is a goodbye kiss However, the bill which she needs to pay up are her ex eager to find her Nathan ended with the novel nicely The mood she sets up for the reader at the end, The sound of cheering drowned out her crying Nathan 367 She uses imagery to create the mood sounding cheerful to cover the protagonist s sadness.

after reading the learning curve by melissa nathan i thot tht any book wud b bettr thn this bukbut unfortunately this buk was evn worsethe only gud thng abt melissa nathan s book is tht the outlining plots or the storyline is gudin ths book the outline girls strands a guy in the restaurant on their first date and ends up owrking with him is interesting n one might evn look forward to it wid excitementbut thr is absolutely NO chemistry between the lead pairhow cn they fall in luv without tlkng or evn spending tym wit each otherits frustratingn the second most irritating thng abt this book r the stories revolving arnd the secondary charactersthe story involving jon n sukie is still ok bt who cares abt matt or hughit ws highly irritatin ê The Waitress ê Perfect i just love Melissa Nathan s style Getting to know something about everyone in the book You always find a way of identifying with at least one of her characters.
In my case that was the main character Katie Simmonds In her twenties, not knowing what to do with her life, that job she really wants to do and having her parents at her back, trying to get her to make a decision A decision, they would approve of.
Well at least her mother does Her father only wants, what s good for her He wants her to be happy.
A great laugh out loud book It was my first English book I ever read being from Germany , and it was witty enough to keep me reading, even when I got stuck on a word now or then I had a lot of fun, liked the characters, enjoyed the plot, and had a really good time being entertained.
I can really recommend it to all fans of chick lit like Kinsella When I read this book, I wasn t so into reading thick books because I get impatient and most of the time ending up jumping to the last chapters after reaching the middle, but this is one of those books which I patiently read through all chapters.
I actually wasn t expecting anything about this book I bought it on a whim actually while I was on a date with my husband And yes, to be honest it was because of thebecause of the cover than the blurb, hahaha DBut after reading this book, I was amazed I liked it The story was written nicely and I smiled a lot It was because of this book that I bought The Nanny but after 3 chapter I got tired of it and place the book aside haven t touched it again The Waitress is better.
AppetizerKatie Has Lofty Career Aspirations That Seem To Change Almost Hourly Writer, Film Director, Teacher, Educational Psychiatrist In The Meantime, She S Waiting Tables And Waiting For Mr Right To Arrive Out Of The Blue Which Seems Unlikely, Considering Her Romantic Track Record Is As Pitiful As Her Job HistoryThe Main CourseStill, A Girl Can Dream, Even When She S Rushing A Hot Plate Of Linguini Over To The Nasty Customer At Table Six So When Gorgeous, Sensitive, Perfect Dan Crichton Asks Her Out, Katie S Over The ↠´ The Waitress Ï Download by â Melissa Nathan Moon But Once Again, Commitment Phobia Rears Its Ugly Head And Dinner Turns Into The Great First Date Disaster And Katie S Ideal Romance Is Over Before The Goodnight KissThe Just DessertsThings Are Tough When A Woman Wants It All And Will Not Settle And Has A Little Trouble Making Up Her Mind But It S About To Get Really Complicated For The Queen Of ComplicationsThe BillNot Only Is Dan Coming Back As Her New Boss And Engaged To Someone Else But Persistent Ex BoyfriendHugh S Back Too, With A Vengeance And Suddenly There S A Lot On Her Tray Than Even The Most Able Food Service Professional Could Safely Handle