Trailer ñ Daddyji PDF by Ì Ved Mehta

Is Ved Mehta S Autobiography Dealing Primarily With His Father, Amolak Ram Mehta, Senior Member Of The Clan And A British Trained Physician The Picture Of Amolak Ram That Emerges From This Memoir Is That Of A Remarkable Man, One Possessed Of Great Courage And Virtue The Book S Value Lies In The Fact That Ved Mehta Translates An Individual Experience Into One That Is Universal Saturday Review Delightfulconceived As A Series Of Cameos Trailer ñ Daddyji PDF by Ì Ved Mehta Of Village And Urban Family Life From The End Of The Last Century To The End Of The First Years Of This, Daddyji Is Intimate, Personal, As Well As A History Of Modern India In The Making The Times, London

Daddyji ä Interesting to learn about Ved Mehta s life, and the upward mobility of an Indian MD during the late Raj years, and an aranged marriage based on lies by the woman s parents, but overall not quite enough to work with.