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To The World Of Little Battlers EXperience In The Near Future, A Boy Named Van Yamano Owns Achilles, A Miniaturized Robot Made Of A New Super Strong Industrial Cardboard But Achilles Is No Ordinary LBX Hidden Inside Him Is Secret Data That Van Must Keep Out Of The Hands Of Evil At All Costs Van Enters The LBX World Tournament, Artemis, And Begins To Battle His Opponents He S Trained Well, But He Ù read æ LBX by Hideaki Fujii Ü S Still A Noob Can He Hold His Own Against The Best Of The Best His Father S True Fate Could Hang In The Balance æ LBX Ö Full review will be posted at animenewsnetwork.

While I expected the manga to skip around key events that were important in the game, the sheer change in pace this volume made me pause There is action going on in just about every page of this volume From battles between opposing players, training montages, and arguments, this volume will go by faster than the first one This rushed pace made the volume less enjoyable for me, though the artwork of the characters and the LBX models were awesome as always.