Ó Montmorency Returns ✓ Download by Ñ Eleanor Updale

Practically perfect book for this series I thought the bits with Armitage in them were cool since it made you think about how much power he has I hope that Montncy will work with him view spoiler I was kind of happy that Mary wasn t going to marry Montncy Although, I don t know if that s the final decision or not I never liked her I like Montncy and Vi together better hide spoiler Brilliant Christmas present So well written and a brilliant story It felt like only moments since I was last with Montncy and his friends, even thought it s been over a year since I read Revenge, which is unusual, seeing as my brain is actually a sieve books and series like this are hard to find and hard to beat, and it is a real shame that this is the end The end suited the story and the characters perfectly but, thankfully, was not the neat knot of strings which I have become exceedingly bored by.
I cannot wait to reread this entire series, including that elusive first installment which, so far, I have been unable to find.
Five stars, literary perfection.

I loved that we were finally able to see what happens to Montncy However I thought the ending was lacking It built up this great plot, then sort of washed it away and didn t really resolve certain things I was disappointed in the end.
Very frustrating not to have Vi Evans rewarded for all of her loyalty sacrifices ultimately, MontMorency is a self involved, superficial male, who ignores a strong, caring, resilient woman and his only child, whose entire childhood he missed , to pursue a younger rich girl Vi Tom deserve much better than that as do we readers I also prefer the original, elegant book covers Absolutely Delightful, enough said.
Ï Montmorency Returns à A fantastic finale to this series If I say much , I ll probably start to cry again at the fact that my one of my all time favorite series is over, so let s just leave it there Go read it.
After The Cataclysm Of The Paterson Fire, Montncy Faces The Most Difficult Challenge Of His Life To Protect The People He Loves Most, He Is Forced To Do Things That Turn Them Against Him His Own Death May Be The Price Of A Greater Good But, Trapped In A Net Of Lies And Secrets He Cannot Control, Montncy Must Face That Danger Alone Some People Just Write Very Well They Have A Way Of Putting Words On The Page That Immediately Communicates With Ó Montmorency Returns ✓ Download by Ñ Eleanor Updale The Reader, And Updale Certainly Has That Talent In Spades The Guardian