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And Attractive Poonam Who Lives In Model Town, Delhi Has An Arranged Marriage With Ravinder Who Manages A Shop Together With His Father In Ghaziabad The Boy S Family Have Expectations Of A Fat Dowry From The Marriage Ravinder Hopes To Set Up Shop Independently In An Expensive Commercial Area Poonam S Mother Mrs Bajaj Has Hidden Her Financial Status From The Family Her Daughter Is Marrying Into When That Family S Expectations Of A Large Dowry Are Not Met, Things Turn Sour Very Sour And They [Rajesh Talwar] ¶ The Bride Who Would Not Burn, A Play on Dowry Deaths in India [ancient PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ê Are Now About To Turn Smoky And Acrid As Mrs Arora The Mother In Law Starts To Scheme And Plan On How To Use A Kerosene Stove To Get Rid Of Her Daughter In Law Will Mrs Arora Succeed In Her Designs Or Will Poonam Escape An Attempt On Her Life This Is A Very Serious Theme But The Play Is Written Out Like A Comedy ✓ The Bride Who Would Not Burn, A Play on Dowry Deaths in India × The author writes really well His forte is to write with a sense of humour and I love that about him But these comments about Girls being only a specific way are coarse Please find my full review on

Ravinder is an eligible boy who manages a shop along with his father in Ghaziabad He and his family are extremely impressed by the wealth and lavish lifestyle of Poonam, a girl he is shown for an arranged marriage They have secret expectations of a fat dowry from her widowed mother, Mrs Bajaj, and hope to use the dowry to set up another shop in a posh, commercial area of Ghaziabad.
But Mrs Bajaj has deliberately hidden her true financial status from them.
Post marriage, when expectations are not met and the truth about Poonam s financial status tumbles out Ravinder s mother hatches a plan to set her daughter in law on fire and pass it off as an accident, and after a decent mourning period marry Ravinder off to another richer girl In an entire list of books up for reviews this book caught my eye and the title and cover both made me want to read it As soon as I receiv I m not someone who likes to read plays Most of the time I just get lost This one was very different The Bride Who Would Not Burn is a play which talks about a big issue in a nice humorous way This is a story is an Indian girl called Poonam Bajaj, who like a lot of other girls follows her parents and gets married to Ravinder Arora Their match was not made in heaven but was made by a nearby Pundit priest whose entire interest is to fill his pockets and has no interest in look at compatibilities of the two individuals Like any other Indian wedding, it isa marriage of the families than two individuals Rajesh Talwar has tried to educate the readers of a serious issue in a really simple and humorous way Maybe over a period we might be able to get rid of such dirty practices from our society I truly enjoyed r