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This might not be the novel you re looking for And that s a very good thing Beyond the standard detective story, and even farther beyond today s avalanche of political thrillers, Phil Brett s Comrades Come Rally is a bracing, game changing read Brett has given us a truly 21st century everyman gender neutral language be damned in his quintessentially reluctant detective, Pete Kalder Tested psychologically, physically, and politically, Kalder is found wanting far too often, but like the better angels of all our natures, he remains committed to a bigger vision, speaking truth and a few white lies perhaps too often for his own good to power as he finesses the border between true duty and the merely dutiful Tasked by the head of his party with conducting an informal inquiry into the suicide of a longtime political colleague, Kalder finds himself making surprising allianc ô Comrades Come Rally ✓ It is a great book.
A gripping Who Done It I recommend it to anyone left of new labour, who likes a bit or lot of class struggle.

I won this book through Goodreads, and I m torn over how to rate it I really liked the main character, and as much as I m not a middle aged British socialist widower, I still managed to identify with him But the ending felt like a cheat It s a very large book, and slogging all the way through it I was hoping for a really spectacular ending Maybe the author s trying to say something grand about socialism that I m not getting, and maybe I m wrong to tie the book into the events that have happened here in Canada this week, but the ending made me a bit sick.
It s given me lots of strong feelings though, and despite its size and relative slowness of pace, I wasn t bored Also, as much as many of the British isms went over my head despite my relative familiarity with British literature, I do know that it s DOCTOR Who, not Dr WhoAlso also, I don t know what the c It really draws you into an alternative Britain You get gripped by what is happening to both the characters and to the country But it is not a dull read, as it has humour and I loved the main character it s good to see that not everyone is perfect It is also a great who dunnit The clues are there as to who is the traitor but you don t find out till the final chapter.
Look, probably would have made a lotsense if I understood or cared about politics, hahaha whoops, but the murder plot line was interesting and keep me guessing till the very end Kalder Battles His Grief With Only His Cat And His Collection Of Suits For Consolation His Days Are Spent Passively Observing The Turmoil Which Is Engulfing Britain And Deciding On Which Tie To Wear The UK Is Neither United Or Even A Kingdom, And Is At A Crossroads, Uncertain Which Direction To Take Classified As A Failed State, With Its Economy Broken And Tanks On The Streets, Revolution Is Looming But Kalder Is Merely A Sharply Dressed Outsider Download Epub Format Å Comrades Come Rally PDF by ✓ Phil Brett To Events Which Will Alter The Course Of History This All Changes When The Leader Of The Revolutionary Movement Visits And Asks Him To Investigate The Mysterious Death Of A Comrade Reluctantly He Agrees, And Is Drawn Into A Dangerous World Of Betrayal And Murder Quickly He Will Have To Learn That Private Eye Fantasies Are Not Enough, If He Is To Find The Killer, Save The Revolution And Prevent Himself Becoming A Corpse In A Fine Three Button Mohair Suit Comrades Come Rally Is A Thriller With Humour And Pace Take The Sharp Hard Boiled Detective Novel And Transport It To A Possible Near Future Britain, Then Add Some Fine Tailoring, And You Have CCR