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a fast paced adventure with a historical flare A page turner Edition Is Out Of PrintThe Year IsElectricity Dances Across The Midnight Sky To Hover Over A Majestic Ship Deep Within The Caribbean The Crew Watches In Terror As Their Captain Is Brought Back To Life By A Celtic Witch Impending Doom Setttles In The Hearts Of These Salty Seafarers As They Glance At The Sea And Midnight Sky Sure Enough, Strange Happenings Follow Their Ship Each Night As Clues Are Left About Whom The Silver Moon Omen Is Intended For Only One Understands The [Marti Melville] ✓ Silver Moon Deja Vu [malawi PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ Apocalyptic Sign, The Same Celtic Healer Who Brought The Captain Back To Life Kathryn Must Gather Clues From The Ancients That Includes A Deadly Voodoo Priest From The Isand Of Tobago Captain Phillips And His Crew Sail From Barbados North, Plundering The High Seas Of The Spanish Main And Encounter The Infamous Calico Jack And His Cutthroats Beset With A Malicious Turn Of Events, The Pirate Captains Part Ways Into Unknown Territory That Lead To A Death Is This The End Of Kathryn And Her Captain Only The Silver Moon Omen Knows For Certain ã Silver Moon Deja Vu ã Absolutely loved the second book in this Series Marti give sdetails to how John comes to the future I luved the chemistry between Katherine and John Excitingly waiting for the next book in the series.

I really enjoyed the second book in Marti s series this time we learned about how John came into the present and how the heroine, Katherine, had to go back in time and rescue him It was a little slow at times but I persevered because I knew that Marti would not let me down at the end and I was not disappointed The ending left me yelling out Nooooo and most anxious for book number three.
Wonderful adventure.