Ò Thea Stilton and the Star Castaways ð Download by Í Thea Stilton

Stilton Is Out Of This World A Professor At Mouseford Academy Is Organizing A Trip To Outer Space, And The Thea Sisters Are Invited The Mouselings Are Headed On A Fabumouse Mission To The Moon After Much Preparation, The Mice Blast Off But When They Arrive At Their Lunar Vacation Spot, Things Start To Go Wrong, Including Spaceship Wrecks And Rebellious Robots Can The Thea Sisters Save The Day Find Out In An Adventure That S Out Of This Ò Thea Stilton and the Star Castaways ð Download by Í Thea Stilton World Being a children s book, I feel like it s really horrible Kids can barely read and write as it is.
Giving them a book full of nonsense words certainly doesn t seem like it would help matters There would also be pages of factoids stuck in the middle of a sentence, just making it a pain.
Thea Stilton is out of this world A professor at Mouseford Academy is organizing a trip to outer space, and the Thea Sisters are invited The mouselings are headed on a fabumouse mission to the moon After much preparation, the mice blast off But when they arrive at their lunar vacation spot, things start to go wrong, including spaceship wrecks and rebellious robots Can the Thea Sisters save the day Find out in an adventure that s out of this world Weer een doldwaas leuk boek met de Thea Sisters, dit keer in de ruimte Ik heb echt genoten van dit boek, en ik vond het weer leuk om te zien wat de meiden nu weer gingen doen en of ze nog terug zouden komen op aarde.
Ik raak ook meer gewend aan de vreemde kleurtjes, fonts, etc Ook leuk dat ze weer wat weetjes her en der hebben geplaatst, ook aan het einde.
Unfortunately, this one does not measure up to other titles I ve read in the series Clunky writing i.
e a character strokes her fur thoughtfully while she s in a spacesuit and not as exciting.
someone try to kill the thea sisters by sabotaging their plane.
Thea Stilton and the Star Castaways ✓ how do u read books in goodreads Sorry, I haven t read this book, but the cover is so, to co opt a phrase from Linkara, of course, don t you know anything about SCIENCE bad that I just have to critique it First off, the cast is floating like they re in zero or near zero, as true zero G doesn t exist anywhere where there s mass gravity Sure, the moon has lower gravity, but it s not so low that it s basically not there ONE SIXTH DOES NOT EQUAL ZERO, DAMI Also, while the characters are floating, their hair isn t Space is warped and time is bendable indeed Third, LOOK AT HOW CLOSE THE EARTH IS I m surprised the moon s proximity based on how big Earth looks in the picture hasn t wreaked havoc on the tides and weather Fourth, they re on the day side of the moon and somehow STILL facing a fully lit Earth , yet there are stars in the sky I know that the lack of stars is a common claim conspiracy theorists use to try to de I would recommend this book because, at first, the Thea Sisters thought that the mystery would be solved when they figured out why everything was malfunctioning, but then in the end it turns out completely different This took me completely by surprise.
it is the reason why I love this book so much I thought this book was really good because the book has a lot of action in it There was a new mystery and it was not about something that had taken place a long time ago There also was a lot of adventure Also, the book itself was very prettysome of the words actually shine This was a really good book with some really strong twists and turns along the way I hope that you really enjoy the Thea Stilton series.