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This was the exact sort of fluff I was looking for I really liked Winnie I loved how devoted to her family she was, how passionate she was about film, and how she went back and forth between wanting to follow the prophecy Her BFF Bridget was adorable and I loved everything about Dev Plot wise, it was good There is a little bit of push and pull, but for the most part, Winnie knows what she wants and doesn t waiver Her family was fantastic and the entire story is a great mix of old world culture and modern application Overall, it was a sweet story with characters who were easy to root for I have a feeling I ll be using this for a pick me up when needed Huge thanks to Nisha for providing a finished copy free of charge I m so bummed that I didn t like this much I adored the Bollywood references, the Shah Rukh Khan dream sequences, and the unapologetic use of Hindi in the dialogue I loved the familial relationships, and Winnie Mehta s voice was so snarky and distinct But it fell flat for the most part Winnie s life is driven by romance, which isn t a fault in my opinion, people are motivated by different things and it s not anyone s place to finger point but EVERY page in the book is saturated with her thinking about one of two boys Whether it s her breakup or her budding relationship, her life revolves around them, and it s disappointing.
Let me illustrate Winnie and her best friend ONLY talk about Winnie s love life and occasionally Bridget s love life There isn t a single full conversation in the book between these two women that doesn t revolve around a dude Winnie Mehta Was Never Really Convinced That Raj Was Her Soulmate, But Their Love Was Written In The Stars Literally, A Pandit Predicted Winnie Would Find The Love Of Her Life Before Her Th Birthday, And Raj Meets All Of The Qualifications Which Is Why Winnie Is Shocked To Return From Her Summer At Film Camp To Find Her Boyfriend Of Three Years Hooking Up With Jenny Dickens Worse, Raj Is Crowned Chair Of é read ↠´ My So-Called Bollywood Life by Nisha Sharma ↠´ The Student Film Festival, A Spot Winnie Was Counting On For Her Film School Applications As A Self Proclaimed Bollywood Expert, Winnie Knows This Is Not How Her Perfect Ending Is ScriptedThen There S Dev, A Fellow Film Geek, And One Of The Few People Winnie Can Count On To Help Her Reclaim Control Of Her Story Dev Is Smart, Charming, And Challenges Winnie To Look Beyond Her Horoscope To Find Someone She D Pick For Herself But Does Falling For Dev Mean Giving Up On Her Prophecy, And Her Chance To Live Happily Ever After To Get Her Bollywood Like Life On Track, Winnie Will Need A Little Bit Of Help From Fate, Family, And Of Course, A Bollywood Movie Star Instagram Twitter FacebookPinterestYou only care about yourself and your stupid movies88.
This quote is brought to you by Jenny Not all heroes wear capes.
Wow, I am kind of blown away by how bad and stupid this book was because my expectations were so high, and I had been looking forward to this books for months When I was approved, I was so happy, I immediately downloaded it so I could begin reading and I didn t get further than 13 pages before I inwardly went, Oh no It had that overly aggressive, overly perky style that s so typical of Tumblr that, oh, I m so different and so special and I hold myself to different standards than I do other people self indulgent vibe that really drives me up the wall I don t know how to explain it well, but go look at a handful of popular Tumblr posts and you ll quickly get the ✓ My So-Called Bollywood Life ✓ Full Review This book is so corny, it pops No now I am being corny What I liked As a Bollywood fan, I liked some of the Bollywood movie references, especially the ones that I have watched The referenced movies I haven t watched act as great recommendations and I would check them out I loved that the MC kept having dreams about SRK because I love him so much lol I liked the plot of destiny because I believe in destiny and fate What I did not like Although I was a fan of the Bollywood references, I wasn t a fan of how the MC kept referencing a movie in every sentence It just seemed unrealistic to me If you don t watch Bollywood, this book would be frustrating Hell, I do, and I found it too much It s okay to speak like a normal person, sis It was highly predictable It was obvious I NEED TO WATCH BOLLYWOOD FILMS full review at Give me all the Bollywood, the dramatics, the laughter and cheese I m so here for the premise of this book A gifted copy from Stripes Publishing.

Yes, I know I m rating my own book, but since I put blood, sweat and tears into every word, I think I should be able to give it 5 stars admittedly, I m biased Important StuffFor a limited time while supplies last for readers who purchase copies of my book from Hooray for books in Alexandria, VAbooks of Wonder, NY, NYChildren s Book World in Haverford, PAPorter Square books in Boston, MABarnes Noble TriBeCa, NYBarnes Noble Arena Hub Plaza, Wilkes Barre, PABarnes Noble Bridgewater, NJ And send a receipt to contact nisha sharma.
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com, I ll send you swag plus a pretty awesome I 3 Bollywoo You had me at dream sequences featuring Shah Rukh Khan This book was just absolutely adorable Even as someone who has never watched a Bollywood film in my life, it was super accessible and interesting And now I want to check out some of the movies referenced in the book I really loved the main character, Winnie She was funny and headstrong, and stood up for her dreams time and time again I loved her interest in films, especially the parts with film splicing.
This was just good, you guys I wishpeople were talking about it