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Slow start for me.
I received a digital copy of this book from Net Galley in return for an honest review.
This is the seventh entry in the Hugh de Singleton series Somewhere along the way, I managed to miss the fifth and sixth entries, but will definitely go back and catch up with them Happily, having read the first four books, I knew the characters that form the core of the series.
Hugh de Singleton is bailiff to Lord Gilbert Talbot of Bampton originally, Hugh, the fourth son of a knight, had taken education as a clerk, preparatory to taking holy orders However, he realized this was not the path for him, and he went to Paris and trained as a surgeon He then got his position as bailiff and surgeon in Bampton.
In this entry, Hugh and Arthur, a sturdy groom to Lord Gilbert, are on their way to Oxford Life Would Have Been Tranquil In The Days After Martinmas Had I Not Seen The Crows Whatever It Was That The Crows Had Found Lay In The Dappled Shadow Of The Bare Limbs Of The Oak, So I Was Nearly Upon The Thing Before I Recognized What The Crows Were Feasting Upon The Corpse Wore BlackMaster Hugh Is Making His Way Towards Oxford When He Discovers The Young Benedictine A Fresh Body, Barefoot Not Half A Mile From The Nearby Abbey The Abbey S Novice [ Pdf The Abbots Agreement (Hugh de Singleton, Surgeon Chronicles #7) î true-story PDF ] by Melvin R.
Starr ↠´ Master Confirms The Boy S Identity John, One Of Three Novices But He Had Gone Missing Four Days Previously, And His Corpse Is Fresh There Has Been Plague In The Area, But This Was Not The Cause Of Death The Lad Has Been Stabbed In The Back To Hugh S Sinking Heart, The Abbot Has A Commission For Him Reviewed at The Power of Words an interesting and unusual story I have long been a fan of British mysteries and am delighted to discover the medieval mysteries of Mel Starr Seventh book in the Hugh de Singleton series, The Abbot s Agreement is centered around Eynsham Abbey in the fall of 1368 It s a world of castles, knights, monks, heresy, creative doctoring, and my favorite type of detection methods questioning and observation This is not an action packed, fast paced novel, but rather a steadily moving drama set during the 14th century, and all these elements are fleshed out by a narrative that contains some profound insight Strong secondary characters Abbot Thurstan, Brother Gerleys, and Arthur added much richness The Abbot s Agreement fascinated me and completely held my attention.
Master Hugh, surgeon and bailiff to Lord Gilbert Talbot, is a husband and father, with anot A light, easy reading historical series featuring bailiff and surgeon Hugh de Singleton in Bampton, near Oxford, UK The series takes place in the 1360 s, with the country still reeling from the devastation of the Black Death two decades earlier, and despite a number of small problems I have with the author s writing style, remains a solid series and one I enjoy, not least because it occurs during one of my favorite time periods in history.
In this book, Hugh is off to Oxford to commission a copy of the Holy Bible for his own book shelf when he and Arthur, Lord Gilbert s groom who accompanies him, discover a dead body in a copse near the road, being slowly devoured by a murder of crows And it s clear that the young man, who appears to be a brother from the nearby abbey, was indeed murdered The abbot requests that Hugh discover the murderer of John Whytyng 3.
5 4 starsIt s been eighteen months or so since I read my last Hugh de Singleton novel, and I have to admit, despite some of the entirely legitimate comments made by other reviewers, this was one of my personal favourites Provided expectations are not placed too high, its generally quite good of course there is no high drama, political intrigue, and little in the way of real action or tension, but this is not something the series generally contains Those expecting such things or a series to the level of another Cadfael may be disappointed The Chronicles of Hugh de Singleton are aslow paced with the occasional foray into Medieval Medicine and surgery which I for one appreciate as someone personally fascinated with the subject I personally enjoyed the descriptions of life in and the working of a medieval Benedictine Ä The Abbots Agreement (Hugh de Singleton, Surgeon Chronicles #7) Ä I have to confess that I forced myself to finish this book I didn t want to But I did I really like the writing style, time frame, setting, and research that went into this story The story itself is what didn t work for me in this instance This tale was very slow paced with much idle time, back tracking, endless conjecture and some repeated phrases I had an advanced copy so I m not sure if this was on purpose or not This seemed like the Seinfeld of Mystery novels A book about nothing It has a plot, but it takes so very long to get there with so very little happening There isn t the swirl of crossing story lines that keep you entertained while you head towards the conclusion This really is an excellently written piece, just without enough substance.
Another wonderful medieval mystery set in Bampton or near Bampton, in this case, for this seventh mystery in the Chronicles of Hugh de Singleton, Surgeon Also bailiff to Sir Gilbert, Hugh de Singleton is on his way to Oxford to purchase or commission a Bible his trusty personal guard Arthur traveling with him for safety Nearing an abbey where they have helped solve a mystery previously, they come across the body of a young man which has been set upon by ravens and other forest creatures Despite the body s level of decomposition and damage from birds and other creatures, Hugh discovers that the cause of death was murder The aging abbot, recalling Hugh s facility in solving past mysteries, offers to comm

My life would have beentranquil in the days after Martinmas had I not seen the crows Whatever it was that the crows had found lay in the dappled shadow of the bare limbs of the oak, so I was nearly upon the thing before I recognized what the crows were feasting upon The corpse wore black Seeking to buy a costly Bible for his own use, Hugh de Singleton, surgeon and bailiff, is on his way to Oxford when he discovers a corpse, only a few days old, nearby an abbey Unexpectedly, Hugh finds himself in service to the Abbot, seeking to discover who has murdered the former novice by stabbing him in the back three times Hugh sets out with both skill and speed, as his lovely wife awaits at home soon to give birth to their second child As he tracks down the truth, Hugh finds himself embroiled in the midst of a conspiracy Melvin Starr is wonderfully knowledgeable about this period of medieval history, but I find this series slow going and plodding, lacking in excitement I actually stopped reading the series a few years ago for this reason, but was recently approved for the 11th in the series by Netgalley I thought I would catch up with the books I hadn t read first Well it s reminded me why I stopped reading them The stories seem to have no dynamic to them Three stars then almost totally for the attention to accurate details that this author brings.