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Genesis Process Blends Sound Biblical Principles, The Latest Understanding Of The Brain, And The Author SYears Of Experience In The Addiction Field Into An Effective Road Map To Changing Lives This Book Was Written For Christians With The Goal Of Making Churches Safe And Healing Places For Hurting People The Genesis Principles And Tools Can Help Those Who Are Willing To Change Be Able To Change Whether The Issue Is Anxiety, Anger, Alcohol, Drugs, [Michael Dye] î The Genesis Process [feminist-theory PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ Food Abuse, Work, A Critical Attitude, Or Spiritual Stagnation, This Unique Process Is Easy To Apply And Simple To ImplementPartFocuses On Understanding And Healing The Wounds From Relationships That Are The Driving Force Behind Self Destructive Behavior You Will Understand Why You Do The Very Things You Don T Want To Do Through Self Evaluation And The Safe Environment Of A Change Group Having Completed The Foundational Concepts And Tools From Part , You Will Be Prepared To Do The Deeper Healing Work In Part , Completing The Journey To Lasting Recovery PartProvides Proven Principles And Tools For Obtaining Lasting Personal Change You Will Learn The Behaviors You Struggle With Are Symptoms Of Subconscious Fear Fear Is Overcome By Faith And Faith Requires Risk These Mostly Subconscious Fears Are Located Deep In Your Heart And Were Caused By People You Trusted Who Hurt You PartFocuses On Exposing And Healing These Heart Wounds, Thus Freeing You From The Destructive Coping Behaviors They Generate If You Want To Change Your Behavior, You Must Change Your Heart