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Man Who Had Everything Finally Met His Match Enrique Monteiro, Powerful Brazilian Billionaire, Got Everything He Wanted In Life He Had The Looks, Wealth, Power And Women He Often Traveled With His Private Jet To Negotiate Business Deals All Over The Globe His Godly Looks And Reserved Attitude Made Women Chased Him He Had Everything He Wanted In Just A Snap Of His Fingers Everything Except A Woman Named Sophia í My Possessive Billionaire æ Download by ¶ sweetdreamer33 Castello The book is great It had the right amount of jealousy and a very appreciative female lead I love how the Female lead is stubborn and can get what she wants.
Plot It s about a man who got everything he ever wanted He was this arrogant jerk who thought he could do anything get anything he wanted but, when he meets this lady caught his interest and she was the first person to say no to him.
And that just caught his interestthan ever because now he has something to work for someone who isn t afraid to say no to him And the thing is she likes him but, she sees him for what he is and that is a the jerk who got whatever he wanted but she wanted him to finally work for something And boy did he work for her till she finally said yes.
Personal response If you re looking a heartthrob book that ll make you never want to put it down it s a really good book that never wanted to put down and i think a lot of people i know will love it My favorite part is of this book is how clique this is the Probably the most silliest and stupidest Wattpad novel I ve ever read in my life Would not recommend reading Absolutely horrible and lacks many of the character development in the novel.
ß My Possessive Billionaire ↠´ A romantic fluffy story I hate that his possessiveness is romanticised because it s not a healthy relationship and no one should want an Enrique in their life.
I loved this book, good balance of romance and drama to keep you wantingI recommend it xx There s a lot of books like this on Wattpad and so they re mostly hit or miss Although you know this is a miss when the title doesn t get any reaction from you and you can t remember the contents of the book even from a snippet of the blurb Maybe it s just an over saturated market Dunno.
loved reading this book.
I read it aloooong time ago on WattpaddWell its a story that you would definantely like it in your first read But its not a book that you want to Re read it.
Its a cliche story of a billionere and a billioner s daughter They both reject eachothers But then fall in love with each other As always,it only happens in cliche novels One of the cliches that never gets old We all want this kind of story