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Samejima Works Alonebecause No One Will Work With Him Shunned By His Peers, Scorned By His Superiors, And Feared By The Yakuza, The Shark, As He Is Called, Works The Dangerous Shinjuku Section Of Tokyo This Second Installment Of The Popular Japanese Series Finds The Shark Embroiled In A Conflict Among A Professional Taiwanese Killer, Called The Poison Ape The Taiwanese Detective Who Pursues Him And The Hard Hearted Boss Of The Taiwanese Mafia At Stake Shinjuku, The [Arimasa Osawa] º Shinjuku Shark 2: The Poison Ape (Shinjuku Shark) [x-men PDF] Ebook Epub Download ☆ Already Treacherous Streets Of Which Will Semm Like An Esplanade Compared To The Battlefield They Will Become If War Breaks Out Between The Japanese And Taiwanese Mafias The Shinjuku Shark Series Carries With It An Atmosphere Unique To Tokyo, Which Has Been A Selling Point For Such Pop Phenomena As Gwen STefani S Entourage Of Harajuku Girls, Films Like Lost In Translation, And The Edgar Nominated Outby Natsuo Kirino ↠´ Shinjuku Shark 2: The Poison Ape (Shinjuku Shark) ✓ Sho with a big breast Doesn t sound like the Sho kun I know Well, maybe if you throw in a fishnet stocking This is so not a review of the book It just reminded me how much I missed Sho.
Here Samejima san seemed to lost some of his sharp teeth Or maybe the Taiwanese was too good that I d better switch to Taiwanese thriller.
Sensitive, grisly, culturally interesting Book cover by the awesome Chip Kidd Translation by the ever awesome Deborah Iwabuchi You can check out her opus here And even here And the best one here I kept looking, because one of my favorites is Beyond the Blossoming Fields, a biography of the first Western style female doctor in Japan she had to be tough as nails and it drove her over the edge.
Apparently there are books in this series in Japanese than just Shinjuku Shark and The Poison Ape, but I can see why only two were translated into English There was no mystery involved in this installment featuring a highly trained Taiwanese assassin for hire out wreaking havoc in the Japanese underworld as he seeks personal revenge The story seemed a bit flat and predictable, but it might still be an easy and worthwhile read for Japanophiles.
japanese pulp fiction it s like reading a b movie but there s something about the setting and the tone that s different from US pulp.
A sequel to Shinjuku Shark In this, Samejima teams up with Guo, an assistant inspector from Taiwan to track down Poison Ape aka Du Yuan who is essentially a killer for hire who is after Ye Wei, a head of a gang in Taiwan, after he betrayed him, and in the course of tracking him down, the yakuza begin to flip out and start a mini war with the Chinese and Korean people.
Although there was the odd thing that I had little interest in, and I would have preferred the ending to be from Samejimas POV, I found this book quite interesting and much better than Shinjuku I kind of hope this becomes a movie unless it is In which case, anyone know where I can find it , and I hope they translate the next book in the series before I go blind or die They probably won t thoug