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This was somewhat disappointing I love a good food memoir, but this one was pretty depressing It was about the author s constant dissatisfaction with her life and less about food Food did factor in, so as an adult, but overall it was kind of a downer I liked the premise of the book that attempting to cook is important even if your results don t match the picture with the recipe and that is obviously a metaphor for life that it s important to try new things than always take the safe route There were a few recipes in the book, but not as many as you would expect for a book like this Overall, it wasn t terrible, but I wouldn t recommend it.
The title drew me in on Netgalley, so I requested a copy I ve never read the blog, but the book was easy enough to follow I just found Amelia to be a rather unlikeable protagonist Reminiscent of Julie in Julie Julia I appreciate her honesty, but she came across as pretty harsh sometimes, especially to her grandma And some of the mundane details about her schooling and her part time jobs were just dull All in all, I m not really sure why I finished it.
Although I may have to try toasting Cheerios like she mentions Sounds quite yummy Amelia Morris writes a food blog called Bon Appetempt, which is a little play on words about attempting recipies that seem pretty fancy It was something that she fell into doing while struggling to find a career in her mid late twenties, and she s been doing for than five years now I had never heard of the blog I m just a sucker for a good memoir about young women finding themselves and I love cooking, so I thought this would be interesting.
The thing is, though, this book is probably interesting to regular readers of Morris s blog who have some sort of investment in her life and her story But as someone who had never heard of the blog before I got approved for the book on NetGalley, I was struck by howhumdrum the book was.
Morris is a spectacularly engaging writer She s very conversatio I was disappointed, and I SO did not want to be I love the voice behind the blog, though I ve read only it a few times Reading this has caused me to add another shelf to my goodreads Blogger I have realized that when the publishers are publishing blogger books, the standards for the book are somehow lower than standards for the blog That said, the writing is quick and light, in short chapters, for when that is what fits best I know she will keep writing and I will read the next book By her 3rd book, I may love her I will check in often on the blog I like the recipes she chooses and I like her voice when she is positive In her good moods, she is funny and smart and interesting The book will be inspiring for folks who are intimidated by cooking Amelia is absolutely clueless about food cooking feeding to begin I spent this evening waiting, and waiting for this book to get better I have decided that Morris will continue to be self centered which is fine, it is her book and I will continue not to care enough to keep reading.

Perhaps someone with NO life or cooking experience whatsoever might find this whiny, narcissistic drivel interesting I did not I continued as it was kind of entertaining wondering what forehead smacking thing she d say next, but I was relieved when it was over.
Bon Appetempt: A Coming-of-Age Story Ø I liked Amelia from the start We meet her at 5 years old trying to get into wrestling because that is what her very adored brother loves and her less adored but still loved father From there we go through her parents divorce, custody arrangements, stepparents, high school, college, and discovering that life doesn t always turn out exactly how you expected Through it all she manages to not take herself to seriously looking back I mean, I have a feeling the young Amelia was pretty melodramatic and is incredibly honest with her mistakes and missteps I did really appreciate that she never fails to take responsibility for her actions even when she can understand why she reacted or did what she did she also doesn t take on unnecessary blame I e When Amelia s writing career was slow to take off, she decides to take up a food blog and in the process finds her new found love of cooking This book follows Amelia from her childhood, the struggle with her parents divorce, moving to LA, marriage and beyond A typical, lighthearted memoir, this book adds yet another story in the category of food memoirs I didn t all together hate the book, but it s not something I m going to run out and recommend It s one of those I can t quite put my finger on why it wasn t the best but I know I didn t enjoy it that much It has an audience for sure and I know fans of her blog will enjoy hearing her story I almost felt that Morris is looking for pity and she whined a bit too much for my liking It lacked a clear purpose or theme She does tie in a few points of emphasis at the end, b I avoid memoirs as a rule of thumb, but I was intrigued by BON APPETEMPT because it promised cooking misadventures and author Amelia Morris s ill fated twenty something job at the School of Rock in Los Angeles I think I shall continue avoiding memoirs, because they make me feel like I m judging someone s life in a bad way.
If you came for the School of Rock story, it lasts about a chapter and can be summed up thusly Aging musicians rarely show up to work on time, bum money from people, and eventually Morris was fired for someone with the administrative and accounting experience to keep people in line Fascinating As for the cooking, Morris doesn t reach that life interest until halfway through the memoir I can t even imaging that fans of her book turned blog Bon App tempt are that interested in a litany of jobs she worked for a bit in her twenties while she and h Amelia Morris Saw A Towering, Beautiful Chocolate Cake In Bon App Tit And Took The Recipe Home To Recreate It For A Christmas Day Brunch She Was Hosting, It Resulted In A Terrible But Tasty Mess That Had To Be Served In An Oversize Bowl It Was Also A Revelation Both Delicious And Damaged, It Seemed A Physical Metaphor For The Many Curious And Unexpected Situations She S Found Herself In Throughout Her Life, From Her Brief Career As A Six Trailer è Bon Appetempt: A Coming-of-Age Story PDF by à Amelia Morris Year Old Wrestler To Her Brady Bunch Style Family Minus The Housekeeper And The Familial Harmony To Her Ill Fated Twenty Something Job At The School Of Rock In Los Angeles As A Way To Bring Order To Chaos And In Search Of A Meaningful Lifestyle, She Finds Herself And At Home In The Kitchen, Where She Begins To Learn That Even If The Results Of Her Culinary Efforts Fall Well Short Of The Standard Set By Glossy Food Magazines, They Can Still Bring Satisfaction And Sustenance To Her And Her Family And FriendsFull Of Hilarious Observations About Food, Family, Unemployment, Romance, And The Extremes Of Modern LA And Featuring Recipes As Basic As Toasted Cheerios And As Advanced As G Teau De Cr Pes, BON APP TEMPT Is Sure To Resonate With Anyone Who Has Tried And Failed, And Been All The Better For It