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Good historySolid history of a war that in retrospect was fought on the seam between old and new ways of fighting Written relatively soon afterwards, it lacks some of the details that have come out since and the Argentine perspective, but it s still very much worth the price of admission Highly recommended.
I m giving it three stars because over the course of the book I decided that I should have probably just read the wikipedia page on the Falklands War However, the book was excellently written and contained as much detail as you could wish for The one thing I wish this book would have had is an epilogue that talks about the outcomes of the war I know his entire book is objective, and a review of the war would be subjective, but I would like to know if the Falkland War is considered a success since Britain won or a failure since they loss hundreds of millions of pounds in ships and planes.
For me, I found the 1 sovereignty history of the Falklands and 2 the mechanical logistic problems of equipment to be most interesting T Falklands War Began When Argentinian Troops Invaded The Falkland Islands OnAprilMartin Middlebrook Has Sought Out All The Available Evidence From Documentary And Personal Sources On Both Sides And Comes To Some Controversial Conclusions About The Conflict His Book, Which Contains Material On The Exocet Attacks On British Ships, On The Loss Of HMS Coventry And The Sir Galahad Tragedy, And On The Controversial Sinking Of The General Belgrano, Has Been Revised For This Edition Paced Like The War Itself, Leading To A Tense And Stirring Climax, [ Pdf Operation Corporate: The Falklands War, 1982 ↠´ strippers PDF ] by Martin Middlebrook Ú This Book Will Remain The Definitive Work On This Recent And Most Unusual Conflict This was written soon after the conflict itself, and contains many great sections of interviews with soldiers who fought on the remote and unlikely battlefield Though perhaps the high point was quoting someone talking about the state of aircraft in flight refueling by saying it was like shoving wet spaghetti up a wildcat s bum.
If you re looking for a blow by blow description of this brief war between the United Kingdom and Argentina in 1982, then this may or may not be your cup of tea The author takes us all the way through a summary of the political dispute over which country lays claim to the Falklands, to the war preparations by both sides, to the actual battles and final surrender by the Argentinians For those of you who dote on a chronological narration of the order of battle, the military units involved, and the weaponry used both sides , this has the elements of an expansive SITREP It s obvious that Middlebrook partially intended this book to memorialize individual British soldiers, naval personnel and distinguished units engaged in the conflict But Middlebrook simultaneously took the time to interview not only the British This is one of the better books available on the Falklands War of 1982 Martin Middlebrook does an outstanding job of giving some of the background context needed to understand the causes and calculations miscalculations of the parties involved There is sufficient detail in the book for all but the most ardent war buff The text is easy to read and is interspersed with comments by the participants which add a personal touch to Middlebrook s account The lack of perspective from the Argentinian side, although regrettable, is understandable giving the nature of the junta in charge the the raw feelings of the losing side.
There are two weaknesses in the text 1 the lack of detailed maps I would love for a history to have one moderate sized map with sufficient detail of the terrain being fought over, it does greatly assist the reader in understanding of the conflict I ¶ Operation Corporate: The Falklands War, 1982 Ø Excellent book written in the near aftermath of the war and with an update a few years later This was triggered by The Forgotten Little War Argentine viewpoint and Doctor to Friend and Foe medical viewpoint Interesting to see these three juxtaposed As this year sees the 35th anniversary of the Falklands War, now might be a time to read aup to date chronicle One interesting point that I can t seem to find further details about is Dr Mary Elphinstone, a newly qualified slip of a girl awarded an MBE for her efforts during the War as a Volunteer Medical Officer I believe she is of my vintage and think I may have met her many years ago in my RAF years without realising who she was but can I find a picture on the web No

Excellent bookThis was a great book It was a modern war to try and settle a colonial dispute from a hundred years prior I followed this war day by day back in 1982 The book filled in all the details I couldn t glean from reading the local paper in the US I remember seeing pictures of the fleet sailing Such excitement by the folks in the U.
K An almost impossible task completed by the military 8000 mile from home and operating at the extreme limit of their supply line I really enjoyed the read It was smooth and well structured A very good military history You will enjoy it.
The Falklands War is a very readable account of the military side of the war in the Falklands Middlebrook gives the bare bones of the history of the Falklands, diplomacy, and the political side of the war to set the scene for his narrative of the military buildup and military operations The Argentinians didn t cooperate with the author, so there isn t as much in the book from their perspective but Middlebrook tries to be as objective as possible He also includes accounts from the Falklanders themselves including their experiences under Argentinian occupation It s worth mentioning that this book also has the most detailed account of the Vulcan operations during the Falklands War and the logistics that enabl originally an authoritative account of the war now updated in 2012 Frankly the update seems somewhat lacklustre and leaves numerous questions such as the role of special forces, the logistics challenges, the role of US support to the british forces and the longer term implications and learnings somewhat unsatisfactorily answered considering that 30 years should have providedinsight.
But still the Middlebrook touch is undeniable and if you only want to read one book on the conflict, you are well served by this volume.