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This is a well written book, a crime and conspiracy thriller Through the use of current day events interspersed with the back story it tells of the rise of a Ukrainian oligarch from humble roots into a position of power The hero is really an anti hero and as such is intriguing We see the changes he undergoes as he struggles to rise out of poverty and we are witness to the levels of corruption undertaken to achieve that.
This is a novel that draws heavily on the authors expertise involving the political situations in Ukraine, Russia and Israel, among the global markets involved For me, the back story is imbued with convincing realism due to the life experiences of the authors and I found it a fascinating journey into the lifestyles of people i First of all, the negatives I hate the title and I hate the cover I ve come across this book a few times when trawling for something to read and, never having heard of an Oligarch and looking at the cover, which shows a devil type guy reflected in a mirror, I simply assumed it was one of these vampire beelzebub lucifer kind of books, and not my choice at all, so I always moved on.
Having read the book, I get it, but I think a book of this calibre deserves a better thought out cover.
What possessed me to purchase the book this time around, I ve no idea, but I m really glad that I did It is brilliant An Oligarch is a Russian term for a rich businessman who uses his wealth to gain political power, and after reading the book I m unsure whether the so called Russian Mafia even exists, or ever did exist Indeed, the Mafia, as we know it in the West, consists of crime families conside Bullet One Billionaire Mikhail Lies In A Coma For While Mikhail S Methods Were Ruthless, His Arrogance Left Him Vulnerable His Associates Can Shoot, But They Cannot Manage The Financial Empire He Built So Painstakingly Is There A Way To Avoid Its Rapid Descend Into Turmoil Rise Of An Oligarch Is A Thrilling Historical Fiction Set Against The Background Of The Big Bang Of The USSR This Is The Book That Tycoons Don T Want You To [ read Online Rise of an Oligarch (The Way it is #1) ä greek-mythology PDF ] by Carlito Sofer ✓ read This book pulled me in very quickly, and that s the kind of book I like best So often it takes the author pages and pages to lay out the story before very much finally starts to happen Sofer and Krasno s book gets right to it, and with solid suspense from the get go As soon as the small circle gathers, we re on the edge of our seats as we wait to see what s going to happen, having already seen that Mikhail, the protagonist, is in a coma As the story weaves, we are taken on a journey of the rise to power.
I love characters who are complex, and Mikhail is exactly that He has enough good in him, as we see in how he takes care of his family, but without that we would have an oligarch like so many we read about in the news, and we would simply hate him Complexity such as that in Mikhail forces a contradiction of feelings in us, and the reason I like t Misha is a poor Jewish boy, born in Kiev, Ukraine just before the breakup of the Soviet Union After having everything he owns taken from him by crooked officials as he emigrates to Israel, he learns to play the game Soon enough, he s rising in the ranks of the criminal element in Ukraine and moving into other countries But he s not the only crook in the game and a new kid on the block isn t exactly welcome And that s where all the fun starts The story starts with Misha being rushed to a hospital in Israel, with a bullet in his head We see his rise in flashbacks from Misha s viewpoint while he s in an induced coma We also see what s going on around him as he lies between life and death in the hospital.
It s one of those stories that hooks you me included and won t let go.
Synopsis blurb.
When Ukrainian oligarch Mikhail Vorotavich is close to achieving his ambition of topping the Forbes rich list, an assassination attempt leaves him in a coma and his vast business empire rapidly descends into turmoil.
Lying in a hospital bed, Mikhail s uncensored life story from a poor Jewish boy in communist USSR to disgustingly rich businessman in independent Ukraine, full of corruption, scheming, sex, drugs and violence, flashes in his mind s eye He has done it all racketeering protection, drug trafficking, arms dealing, raiding privatised factories, dodgy infrastructure projects and money laundering.
Aspiring to get legit he moves to London, but behind his new pretended fa ade nothing really changes And the higher Mikhai ↠´ Rise of an Oligarch (The Way it is #1) í Oligarch takes you in a tour de force that only few who actually been there can describe so vividly, through the point of view of a young ambitious boy turned man, growing up in one of the roughest and non forgiving places on earth, to becomes a master of his own destiny Risk does have its reward, and if one makes it through the enormous difficulties, there is no limit to success But with success come enemies, jealousy, rivalry, and betrayal Survival of the smartest, and sometime of the cruelest, is the law of the jungle in Kiev, and we get to see that from up close while we also witness history in the making as the iron curtain falls And fear not along the way, you enjoy some unimaginable pleasures with our young Oli, going out, getting high and getting laid All in all a great book, makes you want to jump on a

Misha, was a young Jewish lad living in the Soviet Ukraine under Russian rule after his father was kidnapped from his home, in front of his family, taken away and eventually murdered by the KGB This experience began to change Misha s perception of the world as after his father was taken, they took his family home and he, his mother and sibling became one of the poor families of Kiev.
Taking place primarily in Kiev, Ukraine this story traverses the time period just before the fall of the communist USSR through the independence of Ukraine, when armed with his lessons learned in life, he manipulated the system and became an extremely wealthy man, still harboring deep feelings of resentment towards the KGB USSR that had stolen the life of his father, when Misha was just a young kid, thereby his comfortable lifestyle, up to that time.
Misha moved through life with schemes to achieve Part historical fiction and part political thriller, Rise of an Oligarch almost hearkens back to the 1980 s greed is good era of New York City, but actually it s set in Russia and gives readers an in depth story of power, conspiracy and ruthlessness with some of the most complex and well developed characters I ve read in a long time Mikhail has big dreams to fulfill, but with big dreams come big danger as an unknown assassin attempts to put an end to him With the fate of both his life and his business empire s life on the line, this story becomes a high stakes, fast paced thriller that s completely unforgettable It was on my to read list for a long time so I m glad I finally got around to it, and I d recommend it to any r Oligarch a politically powerful group or person, involving great wealth, wielding great influence and power.
Mikhail was a poor Jewish boy in the communist USSR He vowed that one day he hold the power so ruthlessly hung over his head With the demise of the USSR, he grew to become a corrupt and extremely wealthy power in the new Ukraine, a land where money bought alliances from the highest bidders, drugs, arms dealing and money laundering were rampant At the top of the heap stood Mikhail, but it is a dangerous world, and the top dog was always a target for takeover and death Would becoming a legitimate businessman change that or would it increase his vulnerability to attack An unknown assassin s bullet nearly ended Mikhail s dreams, an