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I m really disappointed with this book C.
L Stone is on my top list of favorite authors although this book is probably my least favorite of all I fell asleep from being bored to death at one point and with her being confused about her emotions and all that going on is to much.
What I don t quite understand is why she s doing all this shit to be honest if I were In her situation I d just ditch the guys even if they kissed hella good and were hotter than Chris Hemsworth face mashed with Robert Pattinson About Ethan well he was just plain na ve and Alice was an unrealistic character the whole plot was unrealistic and expected.
When I m reading a book I want to be like woah did that just happen, not oh of course that happened And with the whole core and two teams going against it with a heroine and some backstabbing I honestly feel like this book is a couple downgrades from her On The Hunt For Her Missing Brother, Kayli Winchester S Life Amid The Academy Team Comes To An Abrupt Halt When She And Brandon Are Kidnapped Mistaken For His Identical Twin Brother, Brandon S Life Is Threatened Unless He Helps A Team Of Criminals Hack Into A Secret Underground Cellular Network And Exploit It The Cunning Kayli Makes A Daring Escape With Brandon Still Held Prisoner, She Turns To The Guys To Help Save Him Despite The Team Of Axel, Marc, Corey And Raven Working Tirelessly, This Desperate [ read Online Fake (The Scarab Beetle, #3) ¸ m-m-aliens PDF ] by C.
Stone Ú Search And Rescue Mission Quickly Changes Into Submission To The Kidnappers If The Team Doesn T Give The Bad Guys What They Want, Someone Will DieIt S Unavoidable They Re Going To Need To Bring In Outside Help Help That Will Come At A High Price Saving The Guys Might Require Kayli To Do The Unthinkable, And May Shatter The Team Forever Always a five star series Always a five start author.
Fake (The Scarab Beetle, #3) Õ Oh Kayliyou make such poor life choices.
I think that all of the characters in C.
L Stone books need the guy who plays the Sassy Gay Friend to follow them around and prevent them from doing stupid shit in relationships.
If you are so concerned with breaking up the team and being a problem THEN STOP KISSING ALL OF THEM I understand that they kiss you first but at least try to say no or I need some space Maybe confide in the one that you sleep in bed with about your concerns and have an honest conversation.
These books are all ridiculous.
I say all of this and yetI still adore these books Why chose one guy when you can have them all Some of the characters were a little AWOL but it allowed other relationships the first book was so good but i m not sure if i still like the series i feel like it s just missing something To be updated Just when Kayli thinks she can focus on finding her brother, she and Brandon get kidnapped in the middle of the night by a group of Germans that want Corey to hack into an underground cell network Kayli escapes, but it seems like everyone she turns to for help ends up in danger It is also becoming clear that she cannot choose between the guys in the group, but continuing on the current path will likely lead to hurt feelings, etc This installment of the series is what I would label a filler Kayli hasn t made any progress on any of her problems she doesn t know where her brother is, hasn t figured out what to do about the Academy guys, hasn t figured out what to do about Blake Coaltar, and hasn t learned anything new about the Academy , but this new adventure distracted her and entertained me at the same time Normally, I hate plots where t

5 starsFake is the third book and I wish I could say this was one of the best work by C.
L Stone but I can t because I was a little disappointed by it I want the romance to be developped instead of being still I hope Kayli will be honest with them and try to deal with her growing feelings We didn t get a lot of the guys together and most of the book was focused on this new plot which I wasn t particulary amazed by I didn t really care about Alice or Eddie And while I m saying this I know the author did lots of other books I really enjoyed This one was good but not the best and I hope I ll love the next one I want of the guys and the series in general.
Blake didn t have a quartet, Brandon said to me as we dove into the thickest part of the crowd He had a band, I said I think that s than a quartet He didn t have an ice sculpture, Brandon said Yes, he did, I said, although I couldn t really remember I just wanted to contradict him Why were we comparing parties This house is bigger, he said.
I looked around the house Yes, I said, noting the rooms were large and open compared to Blake s old fashioned house But Blake s house is an antique built two hundred years ago This one is new And why do you care whose house is bigger Is this a guy thing