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I thought the erotic aspects of this book were jarring and detracted from what would have been feel good and charming otherwise Review Meet Me at the Gates by Kelly WyreMeet Me at the Gates is a heartwarming romance about eternal love With an unusual cast of characters and a unique narrative, Kelly Wyre tells us the story of Theodore Monk and Hydee Silver Two people living worlds apart but connected through lifetimes.
Theodore Monk is a well known star in the entertainment industry, and he was worse than burned out Suffering with severe anxiety, he leaves his home and heads toward a place he s never been Hydee Silver owns an eclectic shop in North Carolina and has dreamed of Theodore Monk all her life She d spent a lifetime waiting for him to find her, but he didn t Then fate brought them together, and magic happened Hydee was h The idea that love might be eternal is one of the happiest ideas that I have seen in a long time, but getting an opportunity to actually experience this sense of the eternal is one of the most refreshing approaches to a romance novel that I have ever come across in my life.
Wyre has offered the reader two completely relatable main characters, added a full range of the kind of personal issues we ve all dealt with in our lives, then woven in a cast of hilarious and endearing support characters, and given them all something to fight for love Honesty Connection.
This is a romance without the clich character banter without the snark, angst without the woe is me, and erotica without the bodice ripping and chest heaving It was truly a delight to read in moments even laugh This novel was so sweet and sexy I barely ever read these kinds of novels any but I loved it and I m so glad I did I was skeptical because this is a het novel unlike Wyre s others but I like her style and gave it a go So glad I did The way this author puts words together is nothing short of magic And the message of thi sbook is really nice I liked the past life stuff and the journals Would have likedat the end and not less and I was surprised In a good way I rec d it to a buddy s wife and told my friend he probably like it too lol

A Adult fiction romance contemporary book about soulmates I know sometimes when you read past life or soulmate in the same sentence you have hesistation Well i know i do due to how hard the concept is it can either turn out marvellous or a total flop In this case its a magical full of hope , fluffy, cosy warm feeling read The author was being realistic here which i loved the most about the book She never made it seem that all problems in the characters life revolves around the fact their apart So when they meet bam intense chimestry, flash backd and all life problems disappear No the author really put hard work in the characters relationship She developed their relationship and slowely let it flourish like you would do with plants.
Ô Meet Me at the Gates Ä Reviewed here first believe my love of science fiction and time travel was what drew me to this story The idea of a forever love through many, many lifetimes was intriguing add to that, that one of the characters always knows who their soulmate is and I very much wanted to see how this played out How do you make the person you know is soul mate fall in love with you This story unfolds by introducing us to all the characters involved Hydee runs a very unique type of bookstore, The Silver Fox, that also features art by local artisans from her community Her partners are her very best friend Lynne, who has the gift of sight, though she calls it luck and a young Native American man named Adir who brings a lot of This is a new to me author but the description made me want to read the book It sounded unique and right up my alley Theo was a man at his breaking point My heart aches for him Through his inner dialogue we learn that he wears a mask on the out side and the inside is a jumbled mess Even with that I really liked him He was super sweet, Hydee was unique and spunky, with an amazing personality We get to see her past lives in a manner of specking and I really enjoyed it In this life and seeing the past ones, I could see similarities in her soul if that makes sense I really liked this authors story My only complaint would be a lot of descriptions, as opposed tocharacter interaction at the start The interaction picks up about half way though This didn t make the story bad, I just really love character interaction.
I enjoyed the idea of soul mates and the way the author did this was unique and Thank you so much for your interest in Meet Me at the Gates Here s an extra scene that didn t make it off the editing floor, but I still enjoy it, and I hope you will, too.
Light love to you and yours.
Love is Infinite Kelly Prelude in DreamsHydee s JournalI need to tell you about him I have to write it down as close to how it happened as I can I have to remember There are so many details, and so many of them are lost on me, a child of the here and now, but a dreamer of the there and then.
I dream every night, and we re together The landscape and the era swap out behind us like scenery in a play Our names change, and so do our bodies and faces and circumstances, but intrinsically we re the same And we remain We re old friends, lovers, parents, and sometimes siblings We re enemies, competitors, saviors, slave Banks bookstore Owner Hyacinth Silver Fox Has A Secret Millennia In The Making Her Soul Was Magically Entwined With Another, And At Night She Dreams Of Every Lifetime They Ve Ever Spent Together The Rules Of Their Magic Are Simple Hydee Always Knows Her Lover, But He, Or She, Doesn T Remember Her It S Up To Hydee To Find And Make Her Soulmate See They Are Destined For Each Other, And This Lifetime Is No Different, But There S One Problem Her Soulmate Is [Kelly Wyre] ë Meet Me at the Gates [culinary PDF] read Online Ù Theo Monk, Heartthrob Actor And Hollywood S Sometime Infamous Badboy Hydee S Hope Of Reuniting Is Wearing Thin, But She Has No Idea How Dire The Situation Really IsBecause Meanwhile In California, Theo Monk Is Losing His Mind Anxiety And Paranoia Rule His Life, Along With His On Again Off Again Girlfriend And Her Entourage When Fear And Frustration Push Him To An Edge, Theo Cuts And Runs As Far From His Problems As He Can Without Knowing Fate S Giving Him One Last Shot To Unite With The Only Person Who Can Help Him Hydee And Theo Must Save One Another Before Hope Runs Out And Hydee S Despair And Theo S Fear Keep Them Apart Forever