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I have to start by saying I am not a health nut I am not that person who believes essential oils and mediation is going to help me I m far too impatient and not gullible enough for that I m just not I really struggled with this book because it feels like it s coming almost from the anti vaxxer group who will tell you that these things are going to ruin you and you re better off eating an apple or something I should also note that I m not that person who doesn t trust her doctors Yes, I get incredibly frustrated at how over the top charged I am for things and how I sometimes feel like nobody is actually listening and processing what I m saying but just going through the next step they know to do out of their medical book Like a gut feeling means nothing any I have found it to be incredibly frustrating to This book is a rollercoaster of oh wow that s really interesting to oh wow, what a nutjob.
I liked the beginning where she dissects big pharma and how they play with studies to sell pills, the analysis of the placebo effect There s some good stuff in there like how the average depressive episode lasts up to 13 weeks, depression is the mind channeling all its resources to cognition to figure something out, and SSRIs can actually diminish the benefits of exercise on improving mental mood so healthy people telling someone with depression to try exercise isn t actually that helpful.
There was also an interesting discussion on how SSRIs actually push your brain in the wrong direction as seen by newer studies on serotin update enhancers and that the benefit may just be because your brain is fighting so hard t I ve been trying to get off SSRIs for years I think I ll finally be able to Everyone should read this book.

This book quite literally changed the trajectory of my family s health I stumbled across this book seeking answers to help my daughter who was struggling with anxiety, depression and an eating disorder The fact that Kelly is a trained psychiatrist who has rejected drugs as a viable therapy to treat her patients intrigued me The anti depressant that our daughter s psychiatrist prescribed wasn t working so she just kept upping the dose until our daughter self harmed At that point an anti psychotic drug was additionally prescribed, allegedly because she was too underweight for the prescribed SSRI drug to work properly This med is one that is usually prescribed for schizophrenia our daughter is not schizophrenic This med didn t do anything either so the doc upped the dosage on it too At that point, our daughter self harmed again while becoming almost catatonic in her demeanor Wha Ugh How to review a book that says so many things you want to support, but for all the wrong reasons I m absolutely, positively, 100% in favor of attempting a lifestyle based cure for what ails you Start there Especially if you are American Our nation has gone completely off the rails when it comes to medicating This isn t even remotely at question I simply suggest that you choose a different guide I borrowed this because it was recommended on the A Delectable Education podcast, and an interesting conversation began amongst a group of us who listened to the episode Before you read any further be aware that there are no serious, professional book reviews to be had Everything is from bloggers, and I struggled to findthan a handful of negative or ambivalent discussions I have no issue with bloggers yay for the internet but not a single review from a reputable so I agree with the premise that depression is complex and pills only one narrow approach But I cannot agree with the radical approach that the author than proposes including her stance against birth control and vaccines.
ã A Mind of Your Own Ú This is one of the worst pseudo science books I have ever read She criticises Big Pharma for using studies with small sample sizes and for failing to control for placebo effects but then the studies she posts as sources for her truly outrageous claims are so completely flawed it s hard to know where to begin in criticising them I was hoping for a book that explained some of the science behind depression, and had some of the studies of the recent links between the microbiome and mental health What I got was an angry, controversy theorists rantings about the evils of antidepressants, antibiotics, statins, vaccines and painkillers Her healing plan seems to be a version of whole30 paleo, with some meditation and exercise thrown in Though, disclaimer, I quit this book 40% of the way through because I just couldn t take any .
One Of The Top Health And Wellness books ForBy MindBodyGreenDepression Is Not A Disease It Is A SymptomRecent Years Have Seen A Shocking Increase In Antidepressant Use The World Over, WithInWomen Starting Their Day With Medication These Drugs Have Steadily Become The Panacea For Everything From Grief, Irritability, Panic Attacks, To Insomnia, PMS, And Stress But The Truth Is, What Women Really Need Can T Be Found At A PharmacyAccording To Dr Kelly Brogan, Antidepressants Not Only Overpromise And Underdeliver, But Their Use May Permanently Disable The Download Epub Format ✓ A Mind of Your Own PDF by ↠´ Kelly Brogan Body S Self Healing Potential We Need A New Paradigm The Best Way To Heal The Mind Is To Heal The Whole BodyIn This Groundbreaking, Science Based And Holistic Approach, Dr Brogan Shatters The Mythology Conventional Medicine Has Built Around The Causes And Treatment Of Depression Based On Her Expert Interpretation Of Published Medical Findings, Combined With Years Of Experience From Her Clinical Practice, Dr Brogan Illuminates The True Cause Of Depression It Is Not Simply A Chemical Imbalance, But A Lifestyle Crisis That Demands A Reset It Is A Signal That The Interconnected Systems In The Body Are Out Of Balance From Blood Sugar, To Gut Health, To Thyroid Function And Inflammation Is At The RootA Mind of Your Own Offers An Achievable, Step By StepDay Action Plan Including Powerful Dietary Interventions, Targeted Nutrient Support, Detoxification, Sleep, And Stress Reframing Techniques Women Can Use To Heal Their Bodies, Alleviate Inflammation, And Feel Like Themselves Again Without A Single PrescriptionBold, Brave, And Revolutionary, A Mind of Your Own Takes Readers On A Journey Of Self Empowerment For Radical Transformation That Goes Far Beyond Symptom Relief If you have ever taken medication for anxiety or depression, if you re currently taking them, or if you re considering taking them, I strongly urge you to read this book I have been struggling with anxiety and depression for about 18 months now, and it is one of the most physically and mentally painful and debilitating things a person can experience But I am here to tell you, and so is Dr Kelly Brogan, that anti depressants are not always the answer Despite what pharmaceutical companies would have you believe, we don t actually know how the brain works and the effects anti depressants have on it These are essentially chemicals that we think help, despite the fact that many people who are on anti depressants never actually get better If these medications are supposed to work, then why areandpeople taking them but not becoming happier people T Quite fascinating and enlightening For a nonfiction it is very readable and practically helpful I had already given up dairy for two weeks before starting it and had seen a remarkable improvement in my allergies Now after reading this book I m taking my allergy testingseriously and have given up wheat and sugar and flouride toothpaste and am drinking filtered water And am going to bed at 10 00 pm I m very thankful for this book Different people will get different things from it as she covers a multitude of problems with antidepressants, statins and many other medicines.