Trailer Ò Miracle Myx PDF by · Dave Diotalevi

Excellent novel with a teenage hero who happens to have unique abilities of perfect recall and blending of senses The author reminded me of William Blake with his creation mythology, and symbolic imagery I bet he read him before writing this novel.
I actually picked this up to determine if it was a Young Adult NOT It is about a 14 year old boy that has been brought back to life twice, he doesn t sleep, he has extraordinary gifts in that he is almost superhuman in his ability to smell and sense what s going on around him There is a mystery, he solves a friends murder but it is all rather underwhelming I enjoyed the character development of Myx, but not much of the story.
Near Death Experiences Have Transformed Myx Amens He Hasn T Slept For Three Years His First Near Death Experience, A Lightning Strike, Left Him With A Photographic Memory While His Second, Drowning, Induced Synesthesia, So He Smells And Feels Colors, Sees Sounds, And Tastes The Thoughts And Feelings Of Others These Skill Sets Endow Myx To Investigate Local Unsolved Homicides And Ruffle A Lot Of Feathers The Murders Are Disturbing A Beautiful Teen With Her Lower Lip Cut Off Her Boyfriend Sexually Mutilated Trailer Ò Miracle Myx PDF by · Dave Diotalevi And Leave Myx Wondering What Could The Killer Possibly Want With These Body PartsA Third Victim, The Town S Tattoo Artist, Could Be The Clue To Link The Other Two Victims, But A Tattoo Seems A Thin Motive For Murder Myx Discovers A Baffling Puzzle Box Which May Hold Secrets Dating Back Centuries To Town Founder Elbridge Sonnet, And Is Possibly Connected To The Tattoo Murders For An UnblinkingHours, Myx S High Performance Synesthetic Brain Probes The Dirty Secrets Of Miracle, Massachusetts, In Search Of The Astonishing Truth This Thoroughly original, Beautifully Written Novel Introduces One Of The Most Intriguing Protagonists In Recent Literature A murder mystery solved by a genius 14 year old who has special powers gained from having died twice A little fantasy mixed in with the reality, quite well told by a clever writer The main character is extremely likable The one criticism I have is the attraction between the 14 year old and a middle aged woman Not too graphically described, but lurking in the background throughout the story, this theme detracts not only from the story, but also the main character and indeed even the author, since he chooses to end the story with this theme.
Strange mix no pun intended unsure of my thoughts on this one main character is a 14 year old with synesthesia he is no naive 14 year old in fact if we hadn t been told the age by reading it would ve read like a hardened old detective a bit disconcerting mix of things, but i think i enjoyed it some.
I was quite pleasantly surprised by this book It pretty much lived up to the hype I d been seeing mostly on DorothyL While I m not sure a 14 year old boy would have some of the reactions Myx did particularly to a come on from a woman in her 40 s, no matter how toothsome , I found it difficult to put the book down.
Ð Miracle Myx ✓ This book is what i believe to be a wonderful read in which kept me interested the whole way through After placing the book down for the night, i d find myself anticipating the very next time i d pick it up and continue on with the story Its hard finding such quality and unique story telling as Dave Diotalevi possesses and so i m rather glad i happened to come across this book.

This book was alright It was too story like for me and I think I prefer thereality based type of books The entire line of events in this book would never happen in real life For some reason, it also took me about 100 pages to really get into the book so I kind of felt like it dragged on and on, even though it is a fast paced book that takes place over just a 42 hour time period.
If you ve read Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz, this book will be familiar territory for you The teen narrator has been dead twice, once by lightning and once by violence, which has given him some unusual mental abilities synesthesia, which allows him to practically read peoples minds by seeing them through a whole spectrum of sensations, and permanent insomnia, which allows him to break and enter peoples homes while they sleep He s mostly on the side of good, although he has his own moral code to guide him Early in this book he meets the hot mom of a classmate of his who has just been found murdered, and he agrees to help her find the killer, which leads him deep into the secret and guilty lives of many of the townspeople, from his own foster parents to the chief of police to the local mafioso and the town Myx Amen, is truly a unique protagonist Diotalevi debut pulls you right in from the jacket cover with the line Myx Amens has died twice and hasn t slept in over three years Nice blend of urban fantasy and mystery Myx solves the 250 year old town mystery related to Founders Day, along with solving several murders Good plotting and nice characterization of Myx Although Myx was well fleshed out the rest of the characters could of used a bitwork Based on the cover art, for the first half of the book I thought it would be a good read for the YA group However the ending was slightly too provocative for me to give it a thumbs up in this area Older teens I would feelcomfortable letting them read the novel Given the above caveat I hope Diotalevi makes this into a series.