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Day That S How Long It Took For Fourteen Year Old Faye Martin S Ordinary Life To Take A Dramatic And Unexpected Turn First, She Gets Struck By Lightning Second, Benjamin Parker, The Object Of Her Obsession, Witnessed Her Near Death Experience Finally, Her Parents Force Her To Leave Her Hometown Of Seattle To Attend An Overnight Summer Camp, Aptly Named Camp Milestone Only, Camp Milestone Is No Ordinary Camp Before She Knows It, Faye Finds Herself Caught In A Whirlwind Of Uncertainty, Torture, Calamine Lotion And Romancel ò read Ú Milestones (Camp Milestones Trilogy Book 1) by S.
Hodges À In The Name Of Summer Camp But As The Summer Unfolds, She Realizes There Is Much To Camp Milestone Than Meets The Eye Will She Be Able To Unravel The Mystery That Surrounds This Unusual Camp And Importantly, Will She Be Able To Survive The Madness Long Enough To Put The Pieces Together In A Delightful Story About The True Meaning Of Self Discovery, Love And Friendship, Part One Of The Milestones Trilogy Takes Readers Into An Imaginative And Amazing New World Which Gives A Whole New Meaning To The Phrase Summer Camp