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E Bross S Contemporary Romance Debut Is A Fun And Sexy Tale Of Unlikely Lovers Struggling To Leave The Past Where It Belongs Behind Them And Embrace A Bright FutureMelanie McAllister S Brand New Copy Of Home Improvement For Dummies Doesn T Even Begin To Cover The DIY Advice She Really Needs How To Put The Pieces Of Her Life Back Together Her Cheating Ex Husband S Insider Trading Scandal Destroyed Her Family S Multi Million Dollar Company And Left Mel With Nothing But The Run [L.
Bross] ✓ The Do-Over [libya PDF] read Online ↠´ Down Oceanfront Cottage She Inherited From Her Parents Biscay Beach, Maine, Seems As Good A Place To Start Over As AnyHot As Hell Carpenter Eli Stuart Understands New Beginnings Once A Rising Star In The Art World, The Former Sculptor Has Been Secretly Carving Out A New Existence In The Small Coastal Town Ever Since The Sheen On His Old Life Turned To Rust He S Willing To Bet The Feisty Brunette In Need Of Major Home Repairs Has Never Lifted A Tool Heavier Than A Nail File Until Mel Is Racing The Clock To Make Her Ramshackle Home Fit For Winter And, Facing A Near Empty Bank Account, Decides She Can Do It All HerselfSo Eli Offers Mel A Deal If She Helps Him With The Renovations, He Ll Cut The Bill In Half Soon Mel And Her Damned Home Improvement Book Are Driving Eli Mad With An Explosive Urge To Return To His Studio And Fire Up His Torch Once His New Work Is Crude And Raw, And Before Long, He Can T Keep His Hands Off Mel, Either But A Muse From His Past Could Ruin It All For The Second Time If Eli And Mel Can T Let Go Of Who They Used To Be And Trust Their Hearts With A Do Over original review The Daydreaming Bookworm I received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewAfter completely falling in love with Bross s writing with her New Adult debut, Right Where You Are, I knew that I NEEDED to readbooks written by her The Do Over was one of my most anticipated releases for this month and this romancing read about second chances and starting over did not disappoint Let s get this review started When her ex husband is found guilty for insider trading, Melanie McAllister is forced to start over in the small town of Biscay Beach With nothingthan the clothes on her back, her mother s old BMW and a run down beach cottage left to her by her parents, Melanie hopes to somehow she can pull her life together to find a way back to New York, back to I got the email to read this and after seeing the synopsis, it seemed cute I liked Mel and Eli They have sort of similar backgrounds in the betrayal that happened to them And while Eli is a different place in his life, it was amusing to see him sit back and watch Mel Their chemistry was palpable and I really enjoyed seeing them push each other s buttons Sure, parts of the plot were predicable and the let s not communicate properly thing is annoying, but all in all, it was a cute, quick read Huge thanks to Pocket Star for the invitation to read I love it when I find a book that starts out in such a way that you know it s going to be a great read Simple and straightforward, this Romance novel has all of the qualities we look for in this type of book and this author delivered the goods.
A hot as hell, swoon worthy, carpenter and a straitlaced New Yorker that needs to relax and let go come together in this hot and steamy read Humorous and sexy together, with plenty of heart pounding moments are found in this new book.
The author takes great delight in telling the story and while the storyline is not complicated, it is full of detail, emotion, passion, and thankfully, fabulous sex Plus, a beautiful happy ever after that was definitely worth the wait.
A delightful read that leaves you with that feel good emotional high that makes Melanie McAllister s return to Biscay Beach after years away isn t exactly triumphant She s lost her company, her job, her husband, basically everything, including her faith in humanity Her return to the relaxed little seaside town isn t meant to be long term She just needs to sell the ocean front cottage she inherited from her parents, and then she ll return to New York to re build her shattered life.
Eli Stuart has just started patching together the pieces of his own fractured life when Mel comes blowing into it He s bearing the scars of his own failed relationship, and he s not even remotely interested in anything romantic He s definitely not interested in some career driven, money hungry, uptight city girl who has a way of getting under his skin no matter how much he tries to push her away To say that the two did not experience love at first sight is putting it lightly Are you looking for a well written classic small town romance In the mood for classic romance tropes like opposites attract, secrets from the past coming to light, or just plain ole starting over Well, this story has them all and believe it or not, Ms Bross made them all work together wonderfully This story was the perfect short distraction I needed to cleanse my palate in between heavier complicated books.
Melanie McAllister has lost everything her job, her husband, and just about most all of her money The only thing she still has is an old, dilapidated cottage her parents left her on the coast of Maine So she packs her bags and slinks off to Maine to hide.
Her estranged younger sister lives in the town and owns her own cafe so this gives Melanie a chance to get closer to her baby sister While Melanie is working on getting the cottage fixed up and ready to sell, she works at the cafe t ë The Do-Over ã This isn t my first book by Bross but as the books continue to come out thefond I grow of her writing In this new contemporary story by Bross we meet Mel who is back in Maine to get her life back on track Mel thought the scandal of her ex husbands cheating and insider trading would break her but she isn t ready to give up yet There are somethings she needs to do first and by fixing up the cottage and selling it might be her ticket back to New York but that was before the handsome Eli shows up Now she has to choose her if she wants her old life back or does she want a new life with Eli Eli returned to Maine with his tail between his legs Not only did he find out his fianc was unfaithful but that his art work just wasn t he thought it would be Since he 3.
5 stars ABOUT THE BOOK Release Date March 28, 2016Melanie McAllister s brand new copy of Home Improvement for Dummies doesn t even begin to cover the DIY advice she really needs how to put the pieces of her life back together Her cheating ex husband s insider trading scandal destroyed her family s multi million dollar company and left Mel with nothing but the run down oceanfront cottage she inherited from her parents Biscay Beach, Maine, seems as good a place to start over as any.
Hot as hell carpenter Eli Stuart understands new beginnings Once a rising star in the art world, the former sculptor has been secretly carving out a new existence in the small coastal town ever since the sheen on his old life turned to rust He s willing to bet the feisty brunette in need of major home repairs has never lifted a tool heavier than a nail file until Mel is 4 Summer Love StarsThe Do Over is a sweet contemporary chick lit read When you are in that type of mood it hits all the right spots There s a romance, adorable side characters, quirky Heroine and a yummy Hero Melanie has a tough life Her ex husband is going to jail and Mel s assets are frozen She s use to having money and living in the fast city of NY She s now going home to refurbish the only thing in her name, her cottage She doesn t know what she is doing, but she s willing to do anything to get back to NY.
Mel was a tough cookie to crack She has an OCD personality that I can t relate to, but I found interesting reading She gets defensive really quickly, but she has a heart and feelings She doesn t like to show her weakness, read full review HERE I ve become a fan of L.
E Bross writing, because I loved her two previous books, Right Where You Are and Whatever It Takes The Do Over, like the other two, is all about second chances, so I was super excited when it became available for request on Netgalley.
I loved that this book once again had alternating POVs, I like my romances from both perspectives It was a 3rd person narrative, but I can live with that The writing is funny and easy to follow, and did I mention funny The beginning of the book felt a bit slow, but the pace picked up a bit when the two main characters started interacting , and for a while it was so much fun to read Then around 86% of the book I just wanted to throw my phone someplace not nice I didn t, because C tia told me not to