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Not many can resist the power of a really bad man Dixon is fully unleashed in this book the final in this series,using the seductive power of his profession to mind fuck all that stand between him Madison the objection of his obsession.
Definitely worth reading.
Wicked Dix Hard Love Romance 2 by Monica James5 starsWe are never so defenseless against suffering as when we loveWicked Dix is the second and final book in the Hard Love Romance Series This book carries on from the end of book one, Dirty Dix formerly released as Addicted to Sin Therefore, you need to make sure you have read Dirty Dix first.
For those that have read my review of Dirty Dix you will know that Dr Dixon Matthews really got to me He was a man I should have hated, yet ended up loving A man who was in a position of trust and yet abused that for his own sexual gratification A psychiatrist whose speciality was addiction and yet was a self confessed sex addict a total recipe for disaster and it was However, Dixon s addiction was borne from a broken heart and now that he had found his forever love he was a reformed character, however, his Ve Always Been A Bad Boy, With A Very Wicked ReputationBut Then I Met Madison Sweet, Vulnerable, Innocent Madison She Makes Me Feel As If There Is Hope For Me As If I Could Be A Good Man I Need Her Than I Need Air To BreatheThere S Just One Problem Juliet She S A Temptress Who Won T Take No For An Answer If I Resist Her, She Ll Use Our Dirty Secret To Ruin Everything With Madison I Don T Want To [Monica James] Ü Wicked Dix (Hard Love Romance, #2) [star-trek-original-series PDF] Ebook Epub Download ☆ Lose Madison, But Can I Really Change This Is My Chance To Prove That I Can But It S Going To Be One Hell Of A Ride Are You Ready Seriously Sexy And Totally Addictive, Wicked Dix Is The Second In The Hard Love Romance Series Find Out How It All Began Dirty Dix OUT NOW 5 StarsEverything I do, I do for you I loved this book, it was fantastic Wicked Dix picks up where the previous book, Dirty Dix previously titled Addicted to Sin , left off Dixon Mathews has chosen the risky role of the liar to protect Madison, the woman he loves He feels it s the price to pay for succumbing to Juliet s carnal appeal and being the manwhore he was He knows that his past affair with Juliet can cost him everything and that he d be better off dealing with the consequences of his actions and telling the truth to Madison But he can t He is afraid Madison might never forgive him for lying to her.
Dixon made me swoon Of course, he is flawed, but he is also attentive, caring and patient Madison and Dixon are soulmates and ß Wicked Dix (Hard Love Romance, #2) ß ARC provided by the publisher, Bookouture, and NetGalley I have no way to write this review without spoilers, so I have no intention of trying Instead, I am going to talk about the story, about why I loved it, and about the parts that made me cry Be warned, spoilers from here on out I warned you Thank you for being the biggest regret of my life That line broke my heart in the beginning of this book By the time it is what is happening now , I was teary Actual tears And, the line is so muchthan about just one thing, as it encompasses so muchthan something that Madison says to Dixon as she is walking away.
books like this make me want to start a blog, to make sure every single person on the planet reads them Ignore the reality that I don t have the freakishly large amount of time required to start a blog especially one read by everyone on the planet and going with that for a second, I want 4.
5 HEARTS Here we are with the continuation of Dixon and Madison s story We were left with a major cliffhanger in book one where Dixon got himself in a predicament If you haven t read book 1 then I suggest you go and do that before reading Wicked Dix The book starts off right where book 1 ends And let me tell you, you don t want to miss a thing Juliet has dropped a major bomb on Dixon and he s trying to figure out a solution to his dilemma That s where Plan B is hatched and the wheels start turning Oh no, we can t go the simply way and just tell all parties the secret that is looming over all of their heads That would be too easy and there would we no interesting story to read I DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT like Juliet at all She s an evil, manipulative, self centered wench There were plenty of times that I just wanted to reach into my kindle and choke her She had no remorse for anythin 4.
5 starsARC kindly provided by Bookouture via Netgalley in exchange of an honest review This story is about Dixon and Madison, two persons in love with secrets that can hurt them This story is so unique and nice I really enjoy it The writing of Ms James is really good It demands your attention and it s impossible not to get addicted to it I had all kind of emotions during this ride I laughed and I cried The plot is moving smoothly without unexpected twists but with few surprises The book is written basically by Dixon s POV with the exception of a couple of chapters that are from Madison s POV I have to mention that Ms James has made an excellent job writing a book basically from hero s POV His voice was totally believable and fun to me My favorite part of this book is that the heroes don t forgive and forget with one kiss or one look I hated this guy in the first book until towards the end of it but I loved him in this one It takes talent for an author to be able to redeem a flawed male lead and not everyone can achieve it This author certainly did an excellent job of showing me how much he loved the heroine and I totally believe she is it for him The first book was uncomfortable for me to read especially the sex scenes with Juliette and I personally won t be remembering that but I think his character needed that imperfection in order to show us as a reader how he evolved into the wonderful ad loyal man he was always meant to be I really enjoyed this book which I admit I wasn t sure I would On a side note Hunter is just so funny and adorable and the bro rom

Here it isThe French version of ADDICTED TO SIN Book 2 WICKED DIX Release November 10th 2016Pre order Links Hugo CieYou can download the English version now Uk DIX is LIVE on all platforms Download now UK 1 DIRTY DIXUK www.
au dp B015649FAA Overall Rating 4.
5 StarsFirst and foremost, I liked the original title better And the old name of the series fit better as well With that being said, it doesn t affect my rating However, I almost missed this one because I wasn t aware that it was a part of Addicted To Sin Wicked Dix is a continuation of Dirty Dix, formerly known as Addicted to Sin.
This story picks up where the last ended I fell deeply for Madison and Dixon even if Dixon did make it difficult at times lol It was almost as if he liked the torture With each decision he made, I found myself cringing and groaning It s like he was allergic to the right way I felt like as he was digging his hole, that same dirt he dug up was burying him at the same time I found myself yelling at Dixon to stop with the web that he was weaving for himself I just knew that eventually, the web was going to get so big that he d have no way to