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As of 20 50 on July Seventh, Two Thousand and Ten, I m still slightly reeling from finishing this book, roughly twenty two hours ago Like ninety nine point some high number percent of my reading experiences I read this in less than optimum conditions by plowing through the last hundred pages or so at a un Proustian pace There are parts of the text I m sure I missed, little subtleties I could have enjoyed and blah blah blah, but I think the overload was also Proustian, especially in light of what the last hundred, or so, pages are like Jasmine asked if I really thought this was five star book I don t know Probably not Time Regained wasn t the strongest of the novels, but like red headed step child of Recherche, The Captive, what this novel lacks in straight forward appeal it makes up for in being essential to the over all structure of Recherche as the n You made it After 2000 some odd pages, you made it to the end of La Recherche Your reward is a breath taking description of Paris under falling bombs during WW I, one of the most incredible passages that Proust ever wrote, La Bal des Masques The Masked Ball , and an end to the most incredible literary voyage ever attempted by an author He, like Mozart and Bach, literally died with the pen in his hand finishing his blessed cahiers notebooks in a race against death It is a perfect ending to one of the greatest stories ever put on paper and a worthy finish Don t forget to read Jean Yves Tadie s incredible biography of Proust available in both French and English , George Painter s biography in two volumes also translated in French and English and enjoy the world of Marcel even .
Final Volume Of In Search Of Lost Time Chronicles The Years Of World War I, When, As M De Charlus Reflects On A Moonlit Walk, Paris Threatens To Become Another Pompeii Years Later, After The War S End, Proust S Narrator Returns To Paris, Where Mme Verdurin Has Become The Princesse De Guermantes He Reflects On Time, Reality, Jealousy, Artistic Creation, And The Raw Material For Literature His Past Life This Volume Also Includes The Indispensable Guide To Ð Le Temps retrouvé ✓ Download by ñ Marcel Proust Proust, An Index To All Six Volumes Of The Novel Somehow, someway, Proust sticks the landing This is the strongest part of the entire novel even surpassing the wonderful SWANN IN LOVE , unifyiing both plot and thematics in an absolutely magical way If you re considering starting Proust and find yourself lost in the weeds, know that all will become clear in the end There is some amusing and shocking content in this book, which I ll avoid spoiling at all costs, but three instances stand out The famous last party, where a justifiably legendary sea change occurs the very end of the plot s time line, when the narrator somehow unites seemingly every disparate thread of this winding novel in the body of a surprising new character and most of all, pages 281 332 of this volume, the moment The moment I dreaded so much has finally arrived this morning, many after having first laid eyes on Swann s side, I finished reading the seventh volume of Marcel Proust s incredible masterpiece Terminus, everyone goes down, the trip is over, we have found the lost time.
Thus, the time found is the volume that ends the series of research In a Paris overthrown by the First World War, the author reviews all the characters we met throughout our reading Some, like the charming Marquis de Saint Loup, are dead others are always the same others have changed a lot, or maybe the world has changed Oriane, the beautiful Duchess of Guermantes, because of what she began to associate with artists, became a kind of new marquise of Villeparisis, and the new generations do not know that she was for a long time the woman the most sought after capital Madame Verdurin that unbearable old shrew as My clearest memory of reading Swann s Way consists of pouring over one of the large illustrations, softly colored and darkly lit and so muchinteresting than the Biomaterials lecture I was sitting in, an aisle edged seat that necessitated swift cover ups from the professor s gaze as well as ensured a swift getaway at the ring of the bell Now, I am at the close of eleven months on,than three hundred miles away from the beginning and likely to never join in on such a high and mighty science lecture ever again Older, and wiser, I would hope, but as the latter lacks as much concreteness that stuffs the former to a painfully nostalgic brim, I will leave it to others to determine that particular note.
I had been wondering whether I would need two reviews, ç Le Temps retrouvé ↠´ I did it.
May 2014 October 2017 Wow, Proust kills it with this last book in his masterpiece In Search of Lost Time He pulls it all together I loved Proust s reflections on literary and artistic creation, reality, memory, pain, death and time and how in Time Regained he draws all his themes together I m almost sad my stroll with Proust is over There are few books I ve ever wanted to start reading again immediately after finishing Today as I was setting down Time Regained , I almost reached for Swann s Way I feel like there was so much I missed, whole parts and pages I just didn t get in the beginning gems that dropped between the pages of my cognition At the same time, I think THAT VERY loss regret is the essence and core of Proust the recognition that in the end, his novel is just us writing ourselves My same need or desire to go back and re

This is not a review of this book This is a testimony of having reached the end of marcel Proust s La Recherche du temps perdu, as scheduled in The Year of Reading Proust 2013 I started on January 1st and finished it on December 29th.
I have actually read the 53 weekly reading divisions at least two times So, I have read the full novel twice I also listened, while reading, to the 111 CDs of the Th l me audio edition.
If the novel was written in bed with the light from one single side lamp, I have read it in bed with one single side lamp The novel was written during the night I have read it mostly in the early mornings and weekend afternoons I can read other books no matter where, but Proust s work I could only read it in a very secluded environment, with recogimiento or retrospection Apart from Proust s writing, may be it was also the audio edition, with all the pristine diction and take that, proust i have finished you summer of proust is OVER if i were to make a collage of the final volume of proust, i would use the following images this one started off with some really tantalizing situations and then quickly backed off intophilosophical abstractions dammit, proust, when you have gay bondage, stay with gay bondage and war these are exciting themes don t drift off into thinky time the frustration i have with this one is the frustration i have with philosophy in general the confidence to take abstractions and generalize them into absolutes it just seems arrogant to me don t tell me how to love, how to read, how to write don t say we do this, because i think sometimes, prousty, it is just you although i am with you on this one it hurt me to think that i was obliged to look for them within myself, since Time whi