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This was a quick and fun novella from Sabrina Jeffries, so this will be a short and sweet review Escaping to The Widow s Auction was a perfect way to spend my lunch break today, and it was just the right length to finish in under an hour.
Lady Isobel Lamberton, widow to Viscount Kingsley, was made director of the board of her late husband s charitable organizations, including Lamberton School In this role she often finds herself facing off against Justin Antony, Lord Warbrooke, who has lofty political aspirations Dealing with men such as Lord Warbrooke require that Isobel maintain the utmost morality and decorum But when Isobel and her gal pal start talking about the pleasure or lack thereof of the marital bed, Isobel realizes she might have missed something in her marriage, and she allows herself to be talked into entering the annual Widow s Auction where masked m Loved it What a wonderful little novella Isobel and Justin were totally delightful and while this was a novella, their story didn t feel rushed or incomplete The writing was wonderful, the story interesting, the relationship between Isobel and Justin developed at a believable pace and the love scenes were well done warm but not too spicy for a novella It was a great read and I would happily recommend it Cute, cheesy, unlikely and featuring as underdeveloped a plot as most shorts but the characters were quickly and definitively established, quite relatable, and the novella serves as a nice stop gap between books.

She and Lord Warbrooke together The very idea was absurd, impossibleEntrancing FINAL DECISION I thoroughly enjoyed this novella The story is very compact and tight and thus it works well I enjoyed the characters interaction which covers a lot of ground for such a short story.
THE STORY Isobel, Lady Kingsley is a widow who has dedicated herself to charitable causes Her nemesis is Justin, Lord Warbrooke The two strike sparks off of one another as they take opposite sides Isobel, however, also has several secrets One of them is that she found the marriage bed unsatisfying with her deceased husband Convinced by her dear friend to participate in the notorious Widow s Auction, Isobel hopes to find some passion Isobel is shocked when Lord Warbrooke purchases her favors Received an ARC via NetGalley3.
5 starsA short read that is a love story between two people who both do a lot of charity work, but came from different backgrounds Lady Kingsley Isobel and Lord Warbrooke Justin are on the same charity board and tend to irritate each other a lot Many times they say no to the suggestions of the other just because of who said it and not its quality They think each other is attractive, but that seems to irritate them to think any good thoughts about the other Lady Kingsley gets talked into going to the widow s auction by a friend She gets talked into it because her deceased husband never took a lot of time with her during their intimate moments and she wants to know if other men are better at it than he was Lord Warbrooke gets dragged to the club where the auction is taking place and realizes quite quickly who it is up there on the sta Catnippy subject material for me with the rather saucy set up between the heroine and hero I loved that they were bickering rivals on the board of a school and were lighting each other s fires before they collided saucily at the widow s auction So this was a fun read.
↠´ The Widow's Auction Ü Isobel Lamberton, Lady Kingsley and Justin Antony, the Marquess of Warbrooke couldn t be in the same room for longer than 5 minutes without setting off sparks Everyone in the room with them wanted to duck for cover when these two got together They were on the board of directors for Isobel s late husband s fortune and they both have different ideas on how the monies should be spent.
Isobel owed her late husband for picking her up and saving her from a life of poverty so she felt very loyal to him but he never showed her how it could really be between a husband and wife When Isobel s friend, Phoebe Chambers, tells her of a Widow s Auction where she could go and sample what good lovemaking was all about, she decided to check it out To her surprise it was Justin Antony who purchased a night with her.
Sabrina Jeffries never disappoints This was a gre Sabrina Jeffries New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Study Of Seduction And The Art Of Sinning Comes A Sumptuous Tale Of A Woman Whose Affection Comes At A PriceThough Isobel Lamberton, The Widowed Lady Kingsley, Is Confounded By Her Dealings With The Obstinate Justin Antony, Lord Warbrooke, His Commanding Presence Sparks Something Deep Within Her But Such Romantic Thoughts Are For Naught For Justin S Political Aspirations Always Come First And [ Pdf The Widow's Auction æ words PDF ] by Sabrina Jeffries ↠´ Isobel S Own Secret Past Could Damage Both Of Them Permanently So When Isobel S Friend Talks Her Into Participating In A Scandalous Auction Of Masked Widows At A Gentleman S Club, She Reluctantly Agreesand Soon Begins To Relish Being An Object Of Desire But None Desire Her Than Justin, Who Recognizes The Outspoken Isobel In Disguise And Sets Out To Teach Her A Lesson Worth Far Than Money It starts off a little slowly but gets really good I am a long time fan of Sabrina Jeffries, and I liked this novella The first chapter felt slightly incomplete or could use a little improvement I did not feel like I got a good enough idea of what was going through Lady Isobel Kingsley s mind I did not relate to her at first, and also the idea of the widow s auction seemed to me to be too dangerous for any woman in her right mind to participate Consequently, I could not really believe that it was remotely in character for Isobel to participate in the auction to give a strange man one night of her sexual favors However, when her acquaintance Viscount Justin Warbrooke won the bidding war, sparks flew between these two, and I became totally captivated by the novella There was witty dialogue, spicy love scenes, powerful emotions, and a grea Isobel is a beautiful but proper widow still adjusting to life without her late husband, a boring yet generally kind older man who rescued her from obscurity as a common orphan To be honest, the idea that her origins was the huge burden she was carrying was a bit boring to me, as was the predictable storyline that she never experienced pleasure with her late husband Isobel is talked into attending a Widow s Auction by a friend of hers, where Justin bids on her and wins an evening with her The idea that Isobel would do this just did not seem plausible I wish she had desperately needed the money or something equally compelling, as her participation just didn t seem to track with her character development up to that point But the idea of the auction was interesting.
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