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Not what I expected I enjoyed the twist at the end.
Not what I expected, AT ALLSo I gave 2 stars because the writing itself seemed decent However, as others have stated, this was not a dark romance It wasof a stalker suspense with a twist I realized 30% in that we were not getting a hot alpha anti hero Which I was like ok, fine, not my usual cup of tea, but I can stay open minded Yes, open minded, because what we got was a sniveling, inconfident, weak hero who dresses tacky and has an unimpressive manhood in his pants The heroine comparing him to the douche bag fiancee, by saying the fiancee is bigger in that aspect, doesn t help the hero either But still, even with all that, I stayed on board The book ends up going off in a crazy direction Things are not as they seem, apparently Was this story horrible No But I thought I was getting dark romance.
Was Just A Game A Silly Little Game I Ll Admit It I Was Bored And Lonely, Being Left By Myself On Movie Sets And Ignored By My Jerk Fianc Of A Film Director I Was Supposed To Be The Star, Right The Guy On The Internet Seemed Harmless Enough An Obsessive Fan Who Commented On And Liked All Of My Posts And Wrote Me All Kinds Of Dirty Messages Along With Them It Felt Good To Know That Somebody Cared About Download Epub Format Ð Coveted PDF by Ý Ryleigh Stone My Films So I Thought I D Message Back One Day To Kill Some Time By Being A Little Filthy With Him Just For Fun, I Swear I Just Never Thought He D Get So Serious About It I Never Thought He D Go So Far With It I Never Thought He D TAKE Me Coveted Is A Stand Alone Dark Romance Novel With Mature, Graphic, And Explicit Content Do Not Expect To Find Sappy Love Scenes And Heart Felt Cuddles Not All Love Comes With Chocolate And Flowers Sometimes It Comes With Rope And Blindfolds That blurb LIES There s no chemistry, no heat, no dark intense passion.
The guy is like a wimpy awkward boy.
Not a sexy captor.
Not the hero or anti hero or compelling villain.
The sex scene is seriously sad.
Even her Inattentive fianc might not be so sad in bed I think.
Story was so bizarre I just had to read it to the end.
WARNING This is NOT a Dark Romance2 1 2 Stars rounded to 3I am quite upset after reading the authors blurb saying this was a Dark Romance, to find it is NOT I struggled trying to read this book as I found it quite boring and it was all over the place.
This book was not what I thought first of all it wasstalker and that was ok but it kept changing directions I didn t like any of the character s in this book heroine comparing him to the douche bag fianc What did she expect she met a stalker fan of hers the ending of the book was also crazy and confusing The book was well written with no errors in grammar or spelling This was my first time reading this author and I wished that this book was better but it just was not the dark read that I was looking forward to reading.
Î Coveted º Was a ok book, not a dark romanceThe writing was a little all over the place The characters weren t endearing Just really drawn and then a romance, not quite.

Gripping romanceThis book was about Gia starlet Justin and Susan.
Susan stalking Gia pretending to be someone else Susan brings Justin into it This book full of suspense, murder and romance Also one deranged person named Susan.
It s definitely one of those books can t put down til the end Great writing What I don t know I really don t have words to describe this Did I actually spend time reading this Did someone actually spend time writing this This book was so incredibly STUPID, I ve temporarily lost the ability to recall anything If you want an almost ethereal nirvana like experience where you are left temporarily brain dead from reading something SO MORONIC, please read this Kudos to the author for writing something so spectacularly bad It takes special talent to write something so terrible that the reader does not DNF just to see how much worse the story gets.
Beyond disappointed This book is a prime example of lack of effort, lack of research, lack, lack, lack