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Oooh, I really liked this one It s set right after Return of the Jedi and I really like how it explores Leia post movie You get to see her dealing with Vader being her father which, really, the movie should ve given us and she and Han start figuring things out.
I like Luke in this book, too, but his storyline also made me laugh because it felt like an old school sci fi episode He meets a woman AND THEY HAVE THIS HUGE CONNECTION, LIKE SO SPECIALbut nothing really happens, and they never see each other again I rec this one.
In my opinion, one of the best Star Wars EU novels I found the characterization of Leia and Han particularly good, and I enjoyed the struggles Luke faced dealing with his new identity as a Jedi master She did a good job with the interplay between Han and Leia, considering that at the end of Return of the Jedi, their attraction is obvious, but they haven t spent time together or learned how to resolve disagreements Well done.
No, there s no sex, only thwarted attempts at make outs.
The only real thing I didn t like was Luke s attraction to Gaeriel or how ever the hell you spell that It felt a little Forced waah waaaah Gaeriel has that character undergo emotional development, and she becomes a true, three dimensional person in the novel, which is quite a feat for an EU novel Kevin J Anderson, I m looking at you, bud Callista was the wo Yes, I know, another SW EU novel But they re a special brand of crack, and it s fun revisiting the things I was so thoroughly addicted to in 1996 97 This is probably one of, if not the best, novel which has been written in the Star Wars extended universe Like all the rest of the EU novels, this is really just glorified fanfiction, a fictional romp through the history which the films don t cover however, it s one of the better examples of the genre The storyline rollicks along, the characterisation is solid, and the villains suitably boo hissable Every now and then, there are a few uses of metaphor and simile which made me wince the planet hung in space like a cloud veiled turquoise , but on the whole it s muc Not a day has passed since the big boom over Endor when Luke and Wedge retrieve a distress signal from the Imperials at Bakura Spurred by a vision from Ben, Luke leads a force to Bakura, with Leia, Han, and Chewie of course, Artoo and Threepio At Bakura, our Rebels see the Imperial forces beleaguered in their fight against a strange alien species, the Ssi Ruuk But will Governor Wilek Nereus accept the Alliance s help And can they defeat the Ssi Ruuk anyway NOTE I read the book many years ago and only just recently listened to the highly abridged audiobook.
I Liked Kathy Tyers has created her own little niche in the Star Wars world While not highly crucial to continuity, she nonetheless brings her own flavor to it.
I felt she did a very good job with the main characters Although a tad goofy in love over Gaeriel and a bit overdramatic when injured, Luke is Sooner Has Darth Vader S Funeral Pyre Burned To Ashes On Endor Than The Alliance Intercepts A Call For Help From A Far Flung Imperial Outpost Bakura Is On The Edge Of Known Space And The First To Meet The Ssi Ruuk, Cold Blooded Reptilian Invaders Who, Once Allied With The Now Dead Emperor, Are Approaching Imperial Space With Only One Goal Total Domination Princess Leia Sees The Mission As An Opportunity To Achieve A Diplomatic Victory For [Kathy Tyers] ð The Truce at Bakura [art-design PDF] read Online Ð The Alliance But It Assumes Even Greater Importance When A Vision Of Obi Wan Kenobi Appears To Luke Skywalker With The Message That He Must Go To Bakura Or Risk Losing Everything The Rebels Have Fought So Desperately To Achieve Even As The Alliance Arrives, The Aliens Have Almost Overcome The Bakura Imperial Garrison, Whose Desperate Commander Will Accept Help From Any Quarter Even Rebel Against An Insidious Foe That Enslaves Human Minds To Pilot Their Invincible Machines Of War And Destruction While Marshalling The Tattered Imperial Forces, Luke, Han Solo, And Princess Leia Must Win The Trust And Cooperation Of The Bakurans For Although Imperial Governor Nereus Has Granted The Rebels Temporary Amnesty There Is The Possibility Of Treachery Among Those Whose First Allegiance Lies With The Empire On The Eve Of The Final Explosive Onslaught, Rebel And Imperial Forces Must Finally Come To Terms With Each Other Or Lose The Entire Galaxy To The Hideous Servitude Promised By A Victorious Alien Enemy Capturing The Sweep And Excitement Of The original Star Wars Saga, The Truce at Bakura Plants A Seed Of Hope For Peace, Sees The Formation Of A Timeless Love, And Stands Witness To A Jedi S Undying Sacrifice To Defend Humanity Against An Alien Nemesis

Is this the best Star Wars Expanded Universe novel No.
However, for what it is, it s not bad.
It s interesting to see what happens immediately after the end of Return of the Jedi.
I also found it hilarious that the back matter in the edition I have which I recently purchased used had an ad for The Crystal Star For those unfamiliar with EU books, let s just say that novel will forever go down in the history of the franchiseand not for being the least bit good.
No es ni de lejos mi novela de Star Wars favorita, pero me ha gustado m s que la primera vez que la le , es entretenida, sin m s.
Ö The Truce at Bakura Ö This is, hands down, the worst book in the EU Forget about killing off Chewie or totally improbably enemies or weapons this has got to be the stupidest book in the history of SW Except maybe the one that went between IV and V That one was just weird.
A bit creepy gruesome in places, but overall an exciting story that takes place immediately afterReturn of the Jedi .
This is my first time delving into the written works of the Star Wars mythos and was pleasantly surprised with this So many times, you see the conversion from book to movie and become upset with the movie for not holding up to the same standards as the book In this case, it was the reverse process and providedthan what we could get in the movie Due to the nature of being a book, we are able to view the thoughts and actions of multiple characters including Chewie By being able to see Luke and Leia s thoughts, we re able to understand the nature of the Force and what needs to be done mentally in order to grow stronger The Ssi ruk in this story are a formidable villain, but the extent of their actions and deplorability is epitomized in the human