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TW homophobiaMy reading experience of this was greatly enhanced by the fact that Anderson Cooper blurbed this, and I had an out of body yet special experience knowing I was reading something that Anderson Cooper has also read But I also enjoyed this book for what it was The storyline of challenging your own belief systems and culture in order to beaccepting was touching, and seeing how a young girl interacted so positively with her gay uncle in a community that otherwise shunned him was especially wholesome I definitely wanna pick up volume two to see where this goes.
The biggest issue I had with this book is how sexualized the two male characters were, especially when blended with scenes with this young girl The author is well known for writin Single dad Yaichi s estranged gay brother recently passed away In the wake of his death, his burly, friendly Canadian husband, Mike, has come to Japan to finally meet his brother in law and niece for the first time Mike s presence forces Yaichi to confront his own deeply buried prejudices about gay people, as well as address his strangely emotionless and lonely life I love Japan, the people and the culture, but, speaking from personal experience observations, I know many of its societal attitudes are ass backwards to say the least As well as having an insanely brutal work lifestyle that drives too many people to suicide each year, the Japanese in general are extremely racist, xenophobic and sexually repressed though these aspects are hidden from the outside world Years Ago Yaichi S Twin Brother Moved To Canada And Married A Man Called Mike A Month Ago, He DiedNow Mike Has Arrived To Japan To Meet Yaichi And His Daughter Kana Yaichi Has To Face His Own Preconceptions And Come To Terms About Who His Brother Really Trailer Ð 弟の夫 1 PDF by ✓ Gengoroh Tagame Was The art in this manga was BEAUTIFUL and the story was super touching I nearly cried just from reading the first few pages haha I also loved how this demonstrated the huge cultural differences between Japan and North America specifically Canada Woo when it comes to the LGBTQ community This is a beautiful, very important read, and I highly recommend it 3.
5 funny, affirming, sweet stars I read this to celebrate Pride Month and since I am a very wild person NOT I always try something new for this special time I am a No longer a Manga virgin First the illustrations are absolutely vivid and beautiful and it was a joy to flip these pages and follow along Mike, a white Canadian visits Japan after his Japanese husband dies to visit his brother in law and niece All the characters are adorable as they try to grapple with their new relationships, cultural differences and deal with their grief This is suitable for those 13 plus I especially loved how inclusive and affirming this was I am not sure Manga is something I will heavily get into but this was a promising and lovely st This manga charmed me from the very first page I was under its spell for the entire reading duration Actually, it was so well paced and heartfelt that I read it in one single sitting, and it does containthan three hundred pages.
It is true that there exist Yaoi manga with characters somewhat discussing the anxiety of being openly gay in Japan although not as many as needed but I found the clash of two cultures Japanese and Canadian so interesting I even learned some things myself I had no idea gay people could not marry in Japan How did I not know that, after all the Yaoi and Yuri manga I have read There are tons of Yaoi and Yuri manga, but homosexuality is not accepted I find that to be a paradox Or perhaps the government recognizes these manga to be fiction alone, a fantasy for entertainment That would be wrong, but not implausible This is a gr À 弟の夫 1 À I definitely need to re review this amazing, amazing graphic novel about living as a gay person in JapanRyoji came out to his twin Yiachi at age 15 and due to the Japanese way of dealing with homosexuality by not talking about it like ever the brothers grew apart, with Ryoji making a life for himself in Canada and finding a loving husband in Mike Flannagan, a gentle hearted Canadian.
However, Ryoji dies unexpectedly and Mike decides to visit Japan to meet his late husband s family His twin brother Yiachi and his daughter Kana Yiachi has a hard time accepting the foreigner in his home, but his open minded daughter Kana loves her new found Uncle Mike and helps convince her dad that some things he took for granted all his life are actually worth giving a second thought and re evaluating Not to mention Yiachi s own feelings.
I ve hardly ever read a storybeautiful and touching It s not a Heartwarming and fairly innocent, inoffensive manga about Kana, a little girl who s raised by her single father Jaichi, whose identical and gay twin brother Ryoji dies Ryoji lived in Canada and was married to a huge, burly Canadian Mike who pays Jaichi and his daughter Kana a visit in Japan Although this was an endearing all ages story, with many touching moments, for the most part it felt too didactic and conventional to me, and I think it ssuited for teenagers The author attempts to teach us a lesson or two concerning sexual orientation identity and gender roles Lesson 1 Gays are humans tooLesson 2 Single dads are humans too Spoiler warning However, to the attentive, hair splitting reader, there s also a bad lesson to be found a woman who loves her work is

This was so perfect SO PERFECT If you haven t read this yet and you like queer things, read THIS RIGHT NOW YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT Uplifting, illuminating, and endearing, My Brother s Husband is an LGBTQ manga that deserves to be read due to its timely content, impressive illustration, and inspirational message The story ebbs and flows in a sonorous yet pleasurable way accentuating romantic and familial love, cultural and gender divergence, tackling homosexuality in a sexually repressed, homophobic Japanese society, and finally bridging the gap between Eastern and Western identities Tagame gracefully pens and illustrates this comics with considerable warmth radiating love, joy, and empathy amidst grief, loss, and solitude Tokyo Everything starts with the arrival ofWell, as you can see above, our teary eyed Canadian friend, Mike Flanagan.
An awkward way to have some nifty introduction by the way Mike has travelled all the way to Japan to pay