Trailer  Who Flung Dung? PDF by ë Ben Redlich

Simple and funny.
The illustrations are amusing and it would make for a good read aloud.
Cute story.
Perfect for kids, but not so easy for them to read thenselves: Have you ever found yourself being hit by dung and not knowing where it came from? No?
Well this little monkey finds himself on the receiving end of a rather stinky projectile and he doesn’t know where it’s from or who made it.
Furley, for that’s his name, goes on search for the creator of the smelly missile to administer some good oldfashioned retribution.
Along the way he meets lots of interesting (and usually very large and dangerous) characters who all seem equally annoyed by his questioning“Who Flung Dung?

I read this book to my 4 year old nephew who thought it was hysterical, not just because of the toilet humour of the story but also because of the amusing illustrations that go along with it.

Also, there are some nice touches A monkey gets a piece of shit thrown at him and starts going up to other animals and asks "Who Flung Dung?" The illustrations are interesting and the story line would be fairly accurate.
I have seen monkeys throw shit at each other at the zoo.
If you are looking for a humorous book to read to your child then I would recommend it.
The premise of this book is that there is a monkey searching for the animal that threw poo at him.
It is hysterical! The monkey even has a little red bum, and the pictures of the poo are just.
wow! I was going to give this to a friend's kids, but I'm actually going to keep it for myself now! Spoiler: It was the brother (who looks absolutely insane) that threw the poo! And, oh yes, the little monkey gets revengeyou can imagine.
HILARIOUS picture book.
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This picture book is sure to leave them giggling as the little monkey searches the jungle for the creature that "flung dung" at him that morning.
After a frustrating day of no answers he returns home to find the culprit was there all along.
And boy does have the perfect revenge planned.
Funny illustrations add to the silliness of the story.
I love the lion on the cover.
My daughter loves this book.
I enjoy it too.
Something about toilet humour that just appeals.
There is some good words in the story too, helps expand your childs vocab which is useful and surprising from a notsoserious book.
I guess the only down side now is my daughter (who is 4) runs around in public asking loudly "Who flung dung!" Furly the monkey runs around accusing animals of flinging dung on his head.
None of them had, and are disgusted by the idea.
Besides, there are better ways to aggravate a monkey.
Or maybe not.
For when Furly finds the culprit, it's he who flings.