↠´ Xoe (Xoe Meyers, #1) ¼ Download by ↠´ Sara C. Roethle

I actually read this because I needed a book starting with X for a challenge and there are not many of them around It turned out to be an okay read but it irritated me in the many ways it copied Twilight Is this another of those many books based on fan fiction It certainly reads like one.
Leaving that to one side I found I was not especially interested in any of the characters and I did not feel any sparks between Jason and Xoe There was a lot of excitement towards the end which kept me reading but I do not feel the need to continue with the series.
Xoe s life has been normal aside from the dreams of fire but with the arrival of a new guy in school who can t stop watching her everything is about to change Raised by her mom she s never known her dad but she s alright with that and doesn t need him since she has two best friends However, her friends are all over the new guy even though Xoe knows something isn t right with him When a girls movie night turns into inviting the new guy who s attached himself to one of her friend Xoe has to go to protect her friends When Lucy ends up scratched they find out that she is going to start turning furry with the full moon At least they have some help by a handsome stranger who s shown up just in time to protect the girls from the rogue wolf, but they will have to work together if they want to get rid of him for good I like Xoe a lot she s a sweetheart who is wil Alexondra Meyers, or Xoe as her friends call her is a seemingly normal teenager who lives with her single mother in a small town, she s never known her father Lucy and Allison have been her friends forever and that s all she needs, she hasn t been interested in boys or expanding her social circle When a new boy enters the cafeteria and stares at the girls Xoe immediately thinks there is something strange about Dan but Allison invites him over to have lunch with the trio Lucy and Allison then proceed to invite Dan out with them to the movies despite Xoe thinking it s a bad idea Things don t go as planned of course and the girls are introduced to a world they never knew existed outside of the movies.
My first WowI am really surprised by the high ratings that this book gets I didn t find that there was very much character development In the end, I found myself not caring about what happened to them I almost didn t even finish.
I had a little trouble with the writing as well It didn t really seem to flow or transition easily between conversations.
I would definitely say this book is geared strictly toward YA I didn t get much out of it.
Meyers Had A Normal Life So She Was Stuck Going To High School, And She Only Had A Few Friends To Call Her Own She Liked Her Normal Life Things Were About To Change Though, Because There S A New Guy In Her Small Town, And He Is Anything But Normal Before Xoe Can Say, Werewolf, Her Best Friend S Life Is In Peril, And Xoe S World Is Turned Upside Down Then, Of Course, There S Jason Xoe Doesn T Trust Him As Far As ↠´ Xoe (Xoe Meyers, #1) ¼ Download by ↠´ Sara C.
Roethle She Can Throw Him, And Given That He S A Vampire, She D Have To Be Able To Catch Him First

I finished this book in about a day and a half I was hooked I love the characters and the surprises I wasn t expecting This is a great book to read I really would love to see xoe ask her mother about her father ð Xoe (Xoe Meyers, #1) ¶ Another book for my favorite shelf, as I absolutely LOVED it from the beginning This book seem to call out to me from the others and I m so happy I went ahead and read it next Even though I had just gotten it Even though their teens, the characters were strong imo Alexondra was a strong young woman, and I look forward to watching her grow and mature in the upcoming books I was so glad all worked out with Lucy I enjoyed how this author gave her characters the ability to Believe Roethle had a good story, in addition with your writing flow mixed with wittiness that pulled you along It was hard for me to lay the book down, and when I had to do so I wished I d gotten the audiobook Oh btw Roethle, I also liked your cover very much This review was originally posted to Jen in BooklandI was excited to start reading Xoe even though it is not my normal read, but oh my goodness were these kids stupid It was like every two pages I was just thinking seriously Why, why would you do this This makes no sense Do you want bad things to happen to you Yeah, it was not for me spoilers ahead Xoe is a high school girl who only has a few good friends Nothing special, until a new guy, Dan shows up He creeps Xoe out Something is definitely off with him He keeps staring at her and is just not right He says things that are not cool, but then tries to be like they were just a joke She doesn t like him.
If only her two friends wouldn t throw themselves at him and invite him Xoe was an interesting adventure with paranormal characters galore Even with the many characters, Roethle managed to give each one an unique personality I really enjoyed the variety of paranormal characters Vampires, Werewolves and Demons in the story And others were mentioned, too Maybe that is a hint of what is to come in the rest of the series Roethle punches you in the gut with overwhelming emotions as the characters respond to their unbelievable situation Believable characters, real emotions, and adrenaline packed fight scenes have me jumping and screaming for Xoe Meyers