É The Very First Christmas Stocking & the Gifts of the 7 Coins Ý Download by ¹ Terry Paul LaFargue

I wanted to like this I m sorry, but I was disappointed in the story The thing is, it alludes to being about the first stocking but that has a very brief mention The coins are an interesting touch with them representing things such as love, forgiveness and kindness It borderlines on taking much away from the glory of the story of the nativity It upset me enough to talk to my husband about it as I wondered if I were overreacting He wasn t happy with the overall concept either I realize the author is trying to give a modern touch to the story of the birth of Christ but this is too much In all honesty I would not read it to my grandchild It is too fantasy like to make sense with the real story of the nativity which we are beginning to teach her about I always hate to give a nearly negative review of a book because The Very First Christmas Stocking the Gifts of the 7 Coinsby Terry Paul LaFargueDog Ear Publishing You Are Auto ApprovedChristian, Children s FictionPub Date 23 Sep 2016 I am voluntarily reviewing a copy of The Very First Christmas stocking through the publisher and Netgalley Cerina is an angel who lives in the Heavens She has two angel children Gabriella and Gabriel who had an earthly adventure a long time ago, on the night of what was to be the very first Christmas.
On The Very First Christmas Eve a good Sheperds and his five children were gathered in the Meadow keeping watch over their flock.
Gabe and Gabriella were sent from the Heaven s to tell of Jesus es birth.
They were given seven coins a coin for forgiveness, Kindness, Love, Friendship, Truth, Integrity, Laughter, and Joy.
I give The Very First Christmas Stocking five out o The Very First Christmas Stocking the Gifts of the 7 Coins by Terry Paul LaFargue The Very First Christmas Stocking the Gifts of the 7 Coins by Terry Paul LaFargue is a charming children s story that tells about the magic and meaning of Christmas I found it delightful and my favorite little boy enjoyed it and wanted me to read parts over and over again I gave it five stars Gabriel and Gabriella, two angels from heaven arrived at the home of a shepherd family They gave each member of the family a blank magic coin which would reveal a virtue written on their hearts when they were born Gifts from the heart are the best gifts that one can ever give and receive The family realized these were the perfect gift to take to the baby born on Christmas I recommend this

I liked this story about the shepherd family, the fun angels and the nativity The story of the angels coming to earth on a shooting star that crash lands in the middle of the shepherd family s herd of sheep is a fun and entertaining opening The shared trip to Bethlehem to see the newborn baby was cute The idea of the gift of the seven coins is wonderful I am definitely going to use this with my students in Sunday School Once they arrive, meet the Holy Family and present their gifts to the baby, they head home I like the idea of the magic of Christmas enabling them to learn new songs and have similar ideas The downfall for me was that I would have liked the story to end there I think it went on too long for young children When I read this to my own grandchildren, that is probably where I will end the story Th Thank you Netgalley for this copy in exchange for an honest review.
This is a charming and simply written version of the Nativity By focusing on the family and having angel children who can be a bit naughty joyriding on a shooting star and also go to school the author has made the story very accessible to today s children My 5 year old loves Bible stories and knows this one by heart so she enjoyed the alternative telling The illustrations are very sweet and totally suitable for this story My only criticism which had me wavering between 4 5 stars was I felt it was a little long, however my daughter who is the one that matters insisted on 5 stars A great story which will be a lovely bedtime story for Christmas, in fact we already have a reread booked in.
THE VERY FIRST CHRISTMAS STOCKING THE GIFTS OF THE SEVEN COINS, was a wonderful story along with amazing characters that truly moved me I loved the way the beginning started out with that touch of suspense that makes you ask, what s going on Then when the children wanted to know about the coins and how they were used, that part fascinated me And then how the stocking first came about was awesome I not only read this great little story, I devoured it From the first page all the way through to the last page I loved it A must read The Very First Christmas Stocking & the Gifts of the 7 Coins ¸ Quit halfway through wasn t really feeling it Might try again later.
Very First Christmas Stocking And The Gifts Of The Seven Coins Is The First Christmas Story Ever Written Placing An Entire Shepherd Family Squarely Into Prominent Roles In The Telling Of The Nativity The Shepherd Family Of Seven Includes A Mom, Dad And Five Children Ranging From Tots To Teens, All Of Whom Experience And React To The Events Of The Very First Christmas As Individuals And As A Family After All, Christmas Is All About The Children, The Family And The Joyful ExperienceThe Story Opens When Two É The Very First Christmas Stocking & the Gifts of the 7 Coins Ý Download by ¹ Terry Paul LaFargue Angels Come Down From The Heavens On A Shooting Star And Land In A Meadow Near The Town Of Bethlehem They Invite The Shepherd Family To Visit The Nativity And Celebrate The Birthday Of A Special Baby To Be Born That Special NightThe Angels Give Each Member Of The Shepherd Family One Of Seven Magic Coins The Family Learns The Coins Are From The Heavens And Each Represents One Of Seven Unique Virtues That Were Written Onto Their Hearts The Day They Were Born Gifts From The Heart Are The Best Gifts That One Can Ever Give And Receive The Family Realizes The Coins Are Truly Valuable And Would Make The Most Perfect Gifts For Each Of Them To Give The Baby For His BirthdayGuided By The Angels, The Shepherd Family Arrives At The Stable To Meet Mary, Joseph And The Newborn Baby As They Begin To Give Their Coins, Joseph Hands Mary A Christmas Stocking She Made For The Baby She Places Each Coin Into One Of Seven Pockets Sewn On To The Outside Of The Very First Christmas Stocking During The Exchange, Each Family Member Learns The Meaning And Importance Of Each Coin They GiveWhen The Family Returns Home Christmas Morning, They Return To Find Special Christmas Gifts These Gifts Included A Christmas Stocking, A New Coin And Their Very First Christmas CardThe Christmas Card Is The First Ever Christmas Card From The Baby Jesus The Card Tells The Family They Are To Learn, Share And Practice The Ways Of The Coin They Each Received During The Coming Year Then As A Family They Are To Gather And Return The Coin As Their Gift To Him On The Next Christmas Eve And So Begins The Tradition Of The Very First Christmas Stocking And The Gifts Of The Seven Coins Truly a magical read that pulls you in and keeps you there until the story ends I loved that it was in two parts and the illustrations are amazing.
The Very First Christmas Stocking and the Gifts of The Seven Coins is the first Christmas story ever written placing an entire shepherd family squarely into prominent roles in the telling of the nativity.
I have to say I was very conflicted by this children s story First I felt it was a little long for most young children It would have to be read in sections to keep their interest The illustrations are absolutely beautiful and would delight young children And I loved the concept of telling the story from the shepherd family s point of view and the value of the gifts for which the coins stood But, and this is a big BUT, this story is a mix of fact and fiction The facts are based on the Nativity story and the fiction is based on the s