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Is The Definitive Book For Managing An Incurable Passion For A Decaying, Waterlogged Village Whether You Already Have A Raging Case Of Venetophilia Or Are Among The Fifteen Million People Who Yearly Put Themselves In Danger Of Contracting It, Here Is Where You Get Your Fix Of Venetian Wit, History, Practicality, And [ read Online No Vulgar Hotel: The Desire and Pursuit of Venice ô american-revolution PDF ] by Judith Martin ß Enchantment A bit on the matter of fact side Neither inspires one to drop everything for a Venetian sojourn nor turns one off forever.
This book about loving Venice is by the author of the Miss Manners columns books No Vulgar Hotel is written in the same witty and amusing style as her other books and columns and describes the wonder and pitfalls of being a Venetophile.

My husband is cozy by the wood stove reading an interesting biography and I have this one I love Judith Martin Miss Manners She is witty and smart but I cannot read this dense love affair she has with Venice So, having no other book I want at hand I am reduced to pestering my husband with sighs of dissatisfaction and the loud crunching of banana chips He is impervious.
I smelled trouble when the author first addressed me as gentle reader No real surprise, I suppose, since author, Judith Martin, is none other than Miss Manners Herself, but Dorothy Parker who used the term decades ago , she ain t What I hoped would offer charming, witty, acerbic, brittle insight into a city that I, and most everyone else, find irresistible, was quickly undone by an oh so aloof, self adulatory style that made me want to toss Madame Manners, along with her sorry pretensions, into the Grand Canal There were a few amusing anecdotes here and there, but nothing new given the myriad of volumes on the subject Although her tongue may be planted firmly in cheek in, among other things, crediting not a historian but a cicerone, thank you, the author should stick to proper usage of fish knives and oyster pla